Posted on 03/17/22

Car Transportation From One State To Another

Car Transportation From One State To Another

The car shipping business is extremely lucrative. There are many vehicle transport companies in every state that offer the same services for customers who want to move out of their state or even the country.

As a new customer/client it can be daunting, especially when you consider other aspects that can be stressful and overwhelming. A car shipping company provides regular services for car transportation, but they also provide peace of mind to their customers.

Since decades, Move Car has offered customers peace of mind and affordable vehicle transport services. We have always adhered to responsible business practices and basic common sense, no matter if we are shipping a vehicle to another country or transporting multiple vehicles internationally.

This allows us to be trusted by customers for car delivery services and makes us one of America's top auto shipping companies.

These are the steps to follow if you want to ship your car to another country.

Locate an auto transport company

Many people are now into DIY and saving money. It's not always a good idea to transport a car from one state to another using a tow truck or drive it yourself, especially when you are traveling over long distances. You can avoid the wear and tear on your vehicle by using a vehicle shipping company to ship it where you need it.

It is easy to find an auto transportation business. You just need to type "auto transport services near me" or some other similar phrase into a search engine. There will be a lot of results.

This does not mean you will find the best car transport company if you just pick one. Do your research if you are concerned about how your shipment will go. There are many car shipping companies that have a history of disingenuous and disappointing. Avoid them like a disease.

How to choose the best car transport company

The best car shipping company for you is one that you can afford and has a track record. These are the top things to look for when looking at car shipping companies.

Many years of experience

It is always better to choose a large auto transport company that has a lot of experience in shipping cars. It doesn't really matter what kind of car it is. These shipping companies are proud of their history and will continue to provide quality service. They aren't like other auto transport companies, and they don't make the same mistakes.

Modern customer interface

If you find an outdated or poorly written auto transport website, run for the hills. They may also have very little information about shipping cars and their history.

American auto shipping companies are trustworthy and professional. They will have modern customer interfaces and options that enable you to give all details online without the need to go to the terminal.

Customer reviews that are positive

Check out the customer reviews, no matter how good their website is or how affordable they are. You can see what customers have to say about the company's shortcomings or how they felt about their experience with the auto transporter.

Flexible payment and transport options.

Most companies require a deposit to transport your vehicle. However, many well-established businesses offer installment payment options. While this can add up to more, it allows you to be flexible when considering the other costs involved in moving to another country.

Open transport is the most basic method of transport and is offered by most auto transport companies. Reputable companies will have more options for vehicles with higher prices, so they are more likely to be reliable.

All car shipping companies will have a designated delivery location, but a major company may offer the option to have your car delivered directly to your home.

Ask about the available service options and the shipping costs for the service you choose.

Coverage for insurance

In the auto transport industry, insurance coverage is an absolute must. All American auto shipping companies will provide some coverage for any accident that may occur while the vehicle is theirs. They also offer guidance on how to file a claim.

You may be able to buy supplemental insurance in certain cases if your auto insurance doesn't cover auto transport.

Avoid auto transport companies

Unfortunately, not all auto transport companies meet industry standards. You should be able to spot red flags before you ship your vehicle to these companies. These are some of the most commonly seen red flags:

Shipping costs for cars cheap

Although low prices are not necessarily a red flag, they might be a sign that the company is doing something wrong. You can recognize the lies in life, especially when it comes to auto shipping. The lowest prices are usually offered in off-seasons or for select members of society, such as military personnel or students.

It is best to compare low prices with other auto transport companies online to determine if they are legitimate.

Get a Move Car estimate today to start comparing auto shipping prices in the area.

Communication and customer service are poor

Poor customer service is always a red flag for any business. This is an indicator of the quality of your auto transporter, and how it will handle the shipment. Poor customer service can be reflected in the following:

  • Slow response times
  • Unable to answer any questions about your car shipment
  • Staff with negative attitudes
  • Recalls delayed
  • Customer reviews are negative

Poor communication from car transporters is also something to be considered. It's not easy to contact someone about vehicle shipping. You can bet there will be communication gaps when transporting a car with them. This can be nerve-wracking, especially if your vehicle isn't delivered on time or you don't know where it is.

Requests for a wire transfer of large deposits

What legitimate company would ask you to wire deposit a large amount of money upfront? These are often trademarks of scammers and businesses trying to make a quick buck.

Reputable companies will request a check from you or allow you to use your card. Although wire transfers are an option in some cases, they are not the preferred method.

Do not use an auto shipping company if you feel pressured to wire transfer or if there are other red flags.

Negative reviews

Negative reviews are usually a sign of trouble. These reviews can be used to distinguish the good from the poor auto shipping companies.

You should be aware that not all customers are troublemakers and 'Karens,' and may exaggerate certain situations. Pay attention to what they have to say or the reason for their negative reviews. Maybe their shipment was delayed due to bad weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of the vehicle shipping company. The customer vented their frustrations by leaving a negative review.

No valid USDOT or MC number

It is illegal to run an American auto shipping business without a valid USDOT number (US Department of Transport) or an MC number (motor carrier). Any company without these numbers is either operating illegally or fraudulently.

Any reputable company will provide proof of legality on any ground. To fool unsuspecting customers, some companies might even offer fakes.

You can verify these numbers by visiting the U.S Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Electronic Records website.


Condition of the vehicle:

Car operable

Your vehicle will be considered operable unless you explicitly state otherwise. A vehicle that is operable can stop, steer, go forward, and reverse on its own.

The car doesn't run

Before the pickup date, inform the car transporter that your vehicle is not in use. You will likely be delayed and charged an additional fee to load your car onto the carrier.

Shipping to your car:

Transport of autos enclosed

We recommend an enclosed carrier if you are shipping a dream car or a classic car. All carriers can safely transport your vehicle to its destination. However, enclosed auto transport provides extra protection.

Protect modified cars and luxury vehicles from the elements, as well as passersby and motorists, with enclosed transport Because there are fewer vehicles that can be carried in an enclosed vehicle, it is the more expensive option. It is worth it considering how far the vehicle must travel, and the possibility of getting a scratch from stones or other particles during transport.

Transport open

Auto-shipping is best done via open transport. It's very simple. The truck driver will load your vehicle and multiple other vehicles onto the truck before setting off.

Open transport simply means that there is no roof or wall on the truck. They are placed and transported open to the elements.

Open transport is a safe way to keep your car secure, but it might not be the best choice for a classic car in good condition.

Contact us if you're still unsure. We'll help guide you to the right decision.

Type of delivery:


The most expensive option is door-to-door delivery. This involves a professional driver coming to your house or business to collect your vehicle and transport it. The vehicle is either loaded onto a truck or driven to the terminal. It is not delivered to the terminal. Instead, it will be brought to your home or to a location of your choosing.


The cheapest way to ship your car is terminal-to-terminal. If you're able to transport the car to one of our terminals and then pick it up at the delivery location, it will help reduce the final cost.

Mixed (door-to-terminal/terminal-to-door)

You can have your car picked up at your house if you are unable to bring it to the terminal by the pickup date. Once you are settled in your new place, you can take it to the delivery terminal.

The professional driver will also bring it to your new residence if you are okay with it being taken to the terminal in your state.

To reduce shipping costs, you can use a mixed delivery method.

Delivery address

Shipping costs are affected by the delivery location. It is more expensive to ship your car farther away than it needs to. The shipping cost to a neighboring country is usually less than to ship your car across the country.

It is cheaper to ship a car from Salt Lake City (UT) to Las Vegas, Nevada (420 miles), than to transport it to Los Angeles, California, over 700 miles away.

International car shipping is the most costly service. If you need international car shipping, we are more than capable.

Date of pick up

Move Car is a national auto transport agency that has multiple auto transport carriers. We require sufficient time to accommodate all requests. Pick-up dates should be chosen in advance so we can ensure car shipping services and reliable delivery dates.

Last-minute requests may be possible, but this is not always possible, especially during peak seasons when there is high demand and other customers have already scheduled pickups.

What is the cost of shipping a car from one state to another?

After you have provided all the information, we can provide a precise price quote to transport your car. There are a few factors that will affect the cost of shipping a car from one state to another.

If you are on a budget, make sure to ask about the best way to ship your car out of state. You don't have to sacrifice your financial plan for auto transport.

Seasonal Demand and Discounts

There are a few reasons why the vehicle shipping industry sees a surge in demand during spring and summer. Good weather is a major factor, but other important events such as the start of academic semesters or job openings also play a part.

Winter is the most difficult season due to the severe weather and dangerous road conditions. Because fewer people want to ship cars, vehicle shipping companies will offer lower rates and discounts to try and attract customers.

These discounts are available all year, especially for students and military personnel. Ask about discounts when shipping your car.

Size and condition of the vehicle

You will be charged additional fees to transport your car from one state to the other if your car is not in operation. This is because the driver will need to use different techniques and specialized equipment in order to transport your car to the carrier. It takes longer and more effort to get your vehicle onto a carrier than it does for a vehicle that is fully functional.

Shipping to another state can also be affected by the size of your vehicle. Larger vehicles may take up more space than the regular vehicle and could even take up two spots. The extra space will cost you extra. Heavy vehicles will require more fuel to transport than standard.

Shipping and delivery

The cost of shipping your car can be affected by the way you ship it. While open transport is generally the most cost-effective way to ship a car, especially if it is long distance, enclosed shipping is the best option if your car is a rare or expensive one. You will pay an extra fee for enclosed transport.

The delivery method can also affect car transport costs. If we have to pick it up from your old home and bring it to your new home (door-to-door shipping), you will have to pay more than if you brought it to us and picked it up yourself (terminal-to-terminal shipping).

Distance covered

Car transport companies must take fuel consumption and mileage into account when shipping cars to other states. The company will spend more on fuel and travel costs, so the customer will pay more.

Additional carrier's insurance

You may need to buy additional insurance if your car insurance doesn't cover car transport.

Although it does add cost to shipping, the added security can provide valuable peace of mind.

Choose the company to ship your car

Certain car transport companies can be more expensive than others. This is true for all industries, not just the auto shipping industry. It is important to do your research.

Online quote tools are the best way to estimate how much shipping a car to another country will cost. It's important to remember that the cheapest option is not always the best and that the most expensive one isn’t always the most effective.

Move Car offers a free quote tool that's easy to use and available to all customers. To access our quote tool, click here.

What is the time it takes to move a car from one state to another?

Four factors will determine how long it takes to move a car from one state to another:

Distance between states: The further away you are, the longer it takes for your car to arrive. This is also true for shipping cars to remote locations.

Road conditions and other factors beyond our control - Weather, traffic accidents, construction, etc. - may cause delays or detours.

Driver's Hours - Drivers can only drive six days per week, and must take breaks every day.

Preparation by the customer - Without proper documentation and preparation for transport, no shipment will be possible.

Transport preparation

After you have made your decision about when and how you want your car shipped, you can start preparing for your car transport. Move Car makes car shipping simple.

To ensure that your car shippers can transport your vehicle and the shipment goes smoothly, there are some things you should do. These are:

Collecting all the documents

You must have the legal ability to ship a car legally. Most likely, you already have the majority of these documents. Here's a list that Move Car requires.

Vehicle registration and title - These documents are required to prove that your car is yours before we can ship it. If you don't own the car and are helping someone else, they must be authorized to move it on their behalf.

Certificate of insurance - A vehicle without insurance cannot be legally moved.

Photo ID - A current passport or driver's license can be used as proof of identification.

After an inspection of your vehicle, a bill of lading is created for car shipping purposes. This document must be signed by you and the truck driver. It can be used to prove that anything happened during auto transport.

Preparing your car

To prepare for car shipping, there are many things you should do. These tasks can be done in an hour or less and require very little effort on your part.

These are the things that you should do before you ship a vehicle.

Before you ship a vehicle, remove all personal items. These items are not covered by your vehicle transport company. You should remove any other accessories that could be a problem during vehicle transport.

Clean your car and make sure it is clean inside. We recommend that you wash your car before shipping your car. Ask for a free car wash prior to pickup. If your car is clean, it will be visible for any scratch, dent, or discoloration. This should be taken as proof. This will allow you to create a bill of lading.

Deactivate GPS and alarm- An alarm or GPS that goes off in the middle of transport can cause distractions and even nuisance for truck drivers, especially if it happens on the freeway.

Make sure you check your fluids. Your gas tank should not be full to the top. This should be enough to allow you to use it for shipping purposes. You will be charged an additional fee if the tank gets too full. You should ensure that other car fluids are at the right levels to be used during shipping.

Spare keys - A set of keys is required by the driver to operate the car during shipping. You can get an extra set of keys to ensure that you don't lose one.

Be ready for pick-up day

After you have submitted all the required documents, your car will be ready for pickup.

You just need to hand the keys over, have a conversation with the driver about the inspection, and then send it off.

You will receive an update on your car shipment after pickup and you can track its location. You will see a message that states "car arrived" at the delivery date.

Move Car offers the best value

Our online quote form is the fastest way to find out how much shipping cars will cost. It is a good idea to speak to someone who can walk you through the process and help you understand which services will be best for you.