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Reasons to Choose Move Car’s Classic Car Transportation Services

Why Move Car’s Classic Car Transportation Services?

Move Car has established itself as a leader of the vehicle shipping industry in a very short time as compared to other companies. We have years of experience in providing safe and smooth classic car transportations services.

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With our wide network of 4000+ carriers, we are always ready to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our super friendly team provides our customers with ultimate ease they have never experienced before, this is why we are regarded as the best auto shipping company for years.


No Need for Gamble with Classic Car Shipping

Move Car Auto Transport offers its reliable services for safe and secure shipping of classic vehicles across states.

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Move Car understands how difficult it is to acquire your long-desired classic car through long-distance purchase. However, once this challenging task is accomplished, the next difficulty is moving this classic car to your place in a safe manner. There are a number of shipping options available, however, it is totally logical to go with one that possesses a strong track record of safe and smooth classic car transportation services. Move Car is proud to boast its clean track record of classic cars transport over years.  Choose the services of classic car transport specialists and enjoy a smooth shipping process by Move Car Auto Transport for your classic cars. 


Once you have confirmed the booking for the shipping process, just sit back and relax, your classic vintage car is in safe hands and will arrive at your doorstep safely. We understand how important a classic car or a fleet of vintage cars is to our valuable customers. Therefore, we make sure these cars are handled with extra care as there should be no compromise on the safety of these hard-to-find vintages. Our large network of carriers includes a number of dedicated carriers for this purpose which gives an additional surety to us and our customers about the safe handling of these vehicles.



Your Decision will be the Ultimate Authority

Move Car has plenty of logical reasons to reflect our clean classic car shipping services. Our free shipping price calculator will guide classic car shipping cost.

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The most sought after factor is the price that influences the decision of choosing a vehicle shipper. There are many options available when it comes to car shipping. However, not all of them are specialized to handle classic cars transport and accomplish it safely. Move Car, on the other hand, has an experienced team that has a vast experience of shipping classic cars safely. Additionally, we offer an unbeatable classic car shipping cost to help you maintain the balance of your pocket. We also believe the owners of classic cars should receive the same amount of care their cars are getting. That’s why our customer support representatives guide the classic car owners through each and every step of classic car transportation services


Classic Car Shipping Experts | Move Car Auto Transport


Careful Classic Car Shipping

Classic car transportation services involve immense care of shipping vehicles. These vehicles are handled with safety and proper care to deliver them cleanly to their owners. In special cases, we ship classic cars beyond the borders to selected destinations.


Save your Classic from Elements

Some people may think driving their classic car across half the country to bring it to your place is a good idea. However, it will expose your classic car to the elements and there are risks of accidents as well. Shipping your classic car will protect it from such risks.


Compliance Standards

Move Car Auto Transport has a dedicated compliance team to inspect all classic car transport carriers available in our network thoroughly. This helps us make sure that your classic car is being hauled by an experienced and professional trucker.


Stay Updated

The classic car transportation process across states takes time and we know how concerned owners are about the delivery of their classic cars safely. Our dedicated customer support will keep you updated regarding the process. Additionally, you will also get the contact number of the trucker who is shipping your classic car.

Years of Experience

Move Car as a pioneer of the vehicle shipping industry has years of experience in handling classic car shipping.

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We tend to make your classic car transportation as smoother and safer as possible through our years-long experience.


Friendly Claims Team

Classic car transportation can become complicated, our super friendly and helpful claims team is available to resolve

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the issues faced by classic car owners during the shipping process. Our team tends to make sure your vehicle experience remains good, no matter what.

Friendly Claims Team

Licensed and Approved Carriers

Move Car Auto Transport considers everything in detail and takes it seriously when it comes to shipping of classic cars.

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We make sure that every carrier used for the purpose of classic car shipping is approved, licensed, and reliable for the process.

Licensed and Approved Carriers

Totally Insured

Although every single carrier in Auto Move’s network is already insured, we still carry contingent cargo insurance to

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make sure if there is transport damage to your classic car it gets compensated easily and quickly.

Totally Insured

Preferred Transportation Option of Classic Car Community

Move Car offers a wide range of transportation options, however, it is observed during years of our classic car transportation services that classic car enthusiasts are more likely to choose enclosed car transport.

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Our recommendation is also the same as it offers ultimate safety for your classic cars. Your classic car will be enclosed in a container to keep it safe from exposure to elements. Additionally, if the car being shipped is a low ground clearance one, then we can offer an enclosed container with hydraulic gates. We can pick up your car from any auction across the country and deliver it to your doorstep easily and safely.

Preferred Transportation Option of Classic Car Community

Shipping a classic is not a gamble

The modern way to buy a classic car is long-distance. However, once you have the vehicle you want, you will need transportation.

There are many options for auto shipping, but it is important to select one with a track record of safe and smooth vintage car transport. Once you have decided to purchase that rare vintage vehicle, the next step is research.

Move Car has a vast network of carriers that covers the whole U.S. and is proud of its quality record. We understand how important a single car or a fleet can be to customers. This is why we offer a personal approach, including in-house customer support, monitoring around the clock, and insurance coverage.

It is up to you to make the right choice

You should not consider the shipping cost to transport a car. You will find that there are many auto transport companies competing for your business. However, not all of them specialize in classic car transport. There are many companies that are so focused on shipping cars that they neglect the needs of their customers. Your investment in a classic car is a good investment. Owners deserve the same high-quality care that their cars receive. You can be sure that your vehicle arrives safely at its destination. Our representatives are here to help you every step of the way.


Exotic car transport is why you might choose it:


Shipped with care

All types of cars are shipped, including luxury and classic vehicles. We also offer international classic car transportation to select ports.


Avoid direct exposure to the elements

We understand that your car should arrive in perfect condition. Our enclosed auto transport option will protect your vehicle from the elements and extreme weather.


Interstate compliant

To ensure that we only work with professional classic car hauler companies, we have a compliance team.


Call your driver anytime

Move Car makes international car transport easy by providing status updates and contact information for your truck driver.

Move Car is the best choice for exotic car transportation:

Many years of experience with classic cars

Long-distance and highway travel can be unpredictable, even in the best of times. The industry leader in exotic car transport.

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Team of super helpful claims

It is possible for exotic car transport to be complicated. Move Car's helpful and friendly claims team will help you make the most of your classic car transport experience.

Move Car is the best choice for exotic car transportation:

Only work with approved car carriers

Move Car Auto Transport is a serious company when it comes to exotic and classic car transport. Each of our 15k+ carriers is vetted to make sure you get the classic car transport service you have paid for.

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Auto transport fully insured

Cargo insurance will cover your car against damage during transport. Our compliance team makes sure that all carriers comply with our insurance standards.

Only work with approved car carriers

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