Posted on 01/12/22

Cheapest Way to Ship A Car

Cheapest Way to Ship A Car

Which is the most cost-effective way to ship your car? The cheapest way to ship your car is via open car transport. This is because car transport drivers can haul 10 cars in one truck. Open car movers can transport almost any vehicle because there are so many of them. Open car transport is best if you have a vehicle that you use every day. It is also the most economical way to ship a vehicle. However, the cost of shipping a car depends on which type of vehicle transport truck you need. Do you want to ship an exotic or collectible car? In enclosed auto transport is the best way to ship such a car. Although it is more expensive than open vehicle transport, enclosed auto transport protects your car from the elements. This is especially important if you have a rare or valuable car.

This breaks down car transport trucks. But what other ways of shipping a vehicle are there?

The Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping is the cheapest way to ship a car

It doesn't matter how you look at it: terminal-to-terminal car transportation is the most cost-effective way to ship your car. This is cheaper than door-to-door car shipping. This cheap option for auto transport is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. These services can be slower and less convenient than door-to-door auto transport services. It is still a convenient way to transport vehicles. Nearly all major cities have at minimum one car transportation terminal where you can drop off your vehicle. You will need to wait for your car mover to arrive, which can mean that your car could be left there for several days or even weeks. You are always at risk. It is recommended that you ship your car via door-to-door car shipping using an open-air auto transport truck. All transporters are required to be insured for $750,000. This is the minimum amount of truck insurance that federal law requires.

Use our online car shipping calculator to get a price quote and more information on the best methods of shipping cars. We are sure you'll be thrilled with the auto transport quote you receive. We have been able to offer the best vehicle shipping rates for our top-rated services. For a free quote on auto transport, you can call us. You can be assured that our friendly operators will answer all your questions and address any concerns.

Door-to-Door is the cheapest way to ship my car

Open transport trucks are the most common method of shipping vehicles today. This is the best method to get cheap shipping and the lowest price to ship your car. For anyone shipping a vehicle that they drive every day, we recommend door-to-door transport. Transporters are required to be insured up to $750,000. Many transporters will only need $1 million of insurance. We stand by that open transport car shipping is the most cost-effective way to ship your car safely and securely.

Fill out our car shipping cost calculator if you are interested in shipping your car, whether it is terminal shipping or door to door. The entire process should take less than 30 seconds from start to finish. Move Car will provide you with a no-obligation and cheap auto shipping quote. We only work with the best-rated carriers and are licensed and bonded. We are the best car shipping company and will move your vehicle within a reasonable time. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be handled with care. You can reach us if you have any questions.

The cheapest way to ship a luxury or vintage car

Open car transport services are the most cost-effective way to ship vintage or luxury cars. Open shipping is not the best way to ship cars. Car movers that are enclosed protect cars better than open movers. Roll-on/roll-off auto transport services using an enclosed trailer for transporting vehicles to the port are highly recommended.

Customers would prefer enclosed auto shipping to open auto transport. Why? The reason is simple: enclosed car movers offer their vehicles the best security and protection against the elements. Although it is about 60% more expensive than open car transport, enclosed auto transport protects vehicles better and is highly recommended for luxury or vintage cars. Although it may not be cost-effective, it is much safer than open car transport.

Enclosed car shipping is more convenient than open auto transport because of the many ways that enclosed auto transport trucks can load cars. Many have lift gates or ramps that are extra long, so your driver won’t need to drive your car onto the truck like they do with open-air auto transport trucks. You may be able to select enclosed auto transport services depending on the vehicle shipping company that you choose. ).

For a vintage or luxury cars, enclosed auto shipping trailers can also be equipped with modern luxuries like smooth ride suspension and air-cushioned suspension. These extras help to protect the vehicles they transport from damage. It is much less likely that vintage or high-end car will get scratches or dents when it uses liftgate elevators instead of ramps.

You will love door-to-door vehicle shipping on an enclosed truck if you want complete protection for your luxury vehicle, from pick-up to drop-off. Although it may cost more than open transport options, you can avoid serious headaches in the future.

The cheapest way to ship a car that does not run

Non-operational cars cannot be loaded onto the car shipping vehicle. Your auto shipper will need to find other ways to load your vehicle onto the truck. These methods may vary depending on which car transport carrier you choose. Here are some examples:

  • Open car transport- A winch (hand-cranked, or manual) is used for loading the car onto an open carrier. The attached chain is used by the carrier to lift the car onto the carrier. Open car shipping companies may be able to load and unload non-operational cars as long as there's a forklift available at pickup and delivery. Open car transport carriers are the most affordable option for non-operational vehicle shipping.
  • Enclosed automobile transport - Carrier that uses enclosed car shipping usually uses a liftgate to load unoperational vehicles onto the vehicle. Although winches are sometimes used on enclosed car transport trucks, they aren't as common as on open cars transport trucks. However, a liftgate is more beneficial for most vehicles, particularly running ones. They are especially useful for low clearance cars because they protect them against damage during loading or unloading.

Open auto transport is significantly more affordable than enclosed auto transport. Open car transport is the best option if you are looking for cheap car transport services.

How to save money when you ship a car

Shipping cars is about timing your car shipping services. You can save money on car shipping services if you don't need your vehicle shipped immediately and wait until the busy season. Coast-to-coast auto transport companies are most busy between May and September. Car transporters that operate north-south routes are busiest in fall and spring.

There are other ways you can make car transport as affordable as possible.

  • Choose terminal-to-terminal car shipping Almost all car transporters will pick up your vehicle from its current location and then deliver it to its destination. This service is door-to-door and, at the very least, it’s cheap compared to other auto transport services. Although it's not as affordable as terminal-to-terminal car shipping services, cheap auto transport services can be a good option. If you choose to use terminal-to-terminal cheap car shipping services, keep in mind that too much time at a terminal can lead to daily charges. However, terminal car transport services are less common than they once were. To learn more, contact one of our car shipping agents.
  • Be flexible about car shipping pick-up and drop-off dates. Most car transport companies will allow you to choose the best dates for you (both with respect to the pickup and dropping off of your car). If you don't want to have the car picked up and delivered on a specific date, do not hesitate to request lower prices. There may be a discount available. You may be eligible for a discount on auto transport services. They will schedule pickup and drop-off in a way that makes sense logistically.
  • Use open car transportation - Open car shipping via a door-to-door route for auto transport is approximately half the cost of enclosed shipping, at around 60-60%.
  • Compare price and reputation It may seem tempting to choose the lowest auto shipping price, but that company is not always the best. Low-cost auto transport services are not always the best. The car shipping industry is an industry where you get what you pay for. It is important to do your research before you choose a car shipping company. You should not only avoid cheap auto transport prices but also research online reviews about the various car shipping companies that you are considering. What do other customers think about them? Was their vehicle moved on time? What was the cost? Are there many positive auto transport reviews? You might feel that some car shipping companies are too good to be true. It is best to choose an auto transport company that has a good reputation. Then, discuss any offers or discounts you might be eligible for.

To find out how you can save on your next car shipping service, use our online price calculator. Or call us.

Factors That Determine Car Shipping Prices

The following factors can affect the cost of shipping your car:

  • Distance - This is partly what determines how much it costs to ship a vehicle. The cost of shipping your car increases if you travel longer distances. It is usually more affordable to ship your vehicle via popular auto transport routes between major cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and New York. This is actually where you will find the most affordable auto transport services. A car shipping truck driver must be able to transport a vehicle from their main route to smaller towns and rural areas. Car shippers must drive longer distances to transport cars, which means they have to spend more fuel and time to pick up and deliver them. It is possible to transport your car from rural areas to meet the driver at a place that is not too far from the main road.
  • Summer is the busiest season for car transportation. Summertime is when east-west vehicle transport routes are most common and customers have more desire to ship cars. In the winter months, there are fewer people shipping cars. However, snowbirds often lead to an increase in north-south routes. This is especially true along the east coast. Winter weather can cause some routes to see their prices rise. These are most common in the northern regions of the country, where snow and ice is more common. Generally speaking, it is easier to find affordable car transport services in fall and winter. However, we can help you find low-cost car shipping no matter what time of year.
  • Types of shipping - Enclosed car transport services tend to be more expensive than open vehicle transportation services. Open car shippers are the best option if you want to maintain your goal of affordable car shipping. This holds true even for terminal-to-terminal shipping. However, terminals are difficult to find and only found in major cities.
  • The delivery period - The faster you need to ship your vehicle, the more expensive it will become. It is just like other express shipping services. You need to plan and execute it properly. Before embarking on long-distance trips, car transport companies must have full trucks. This will allow them to manage everything quickly. They must be efficient. Vehicle transport companies want to be efficient, which means having a fully loaded trailer. However, expedited or priority vehicle transport services can often get your vehicle moving much faster than standard rates. We do not recommend expedited or priority services for those who need their cars moved quickly.
  • Vehicle modifications Modified vehicles require special shipping and handling. This will require extra work and attention from car movers. It will also affect shipping costs. Modified vehicles, especially those heavier or larger, can cause the car transporter to be unable to accept other loads. You will be charged more if the vehicle shipper must forgo a load in order to transport your vehicle.
  • Vehicle specifications- The more heavy and large the vehicle, the more expensive the shipping service. These car shippers must jump through hoops to ensure that your vehicle is safely transported.
  • Cars loaded with personal items- Personal items can increase the vehicle's weight. Federal government weight limits apply to vehicle shipping carriers. Some states may also have weight restrictions. To protect infrastructures such as highways and bridges, weight restrictions for heavy vehicles have been put in place. Auto transport vehicles are not allowed to carry household goods, only vehicles. Some vehicles allow certain items to be stored in the trunk. You can have up to 100 lbs or less of any item, but we recommend that you read our FAQ section.

What is the cost to ship a car to another state?

Averages are important when calculating how much it costs to ship a vehicle. Every auto transport company charges routes differently so prices may vary depending on who you are speaking to. Based on a California-to-New York move, average vehicle shipping costs are between $500 and $1100 for a 4-door sedan and around $750 to $1400 for small SUVs and pickups. Shipping larger vehicles will be more expensive, and rates will vary depending upon the route. Car shipping services in the off-season will usually be cheaper, which can lead to more affordable car transport services.

The prices shown are for services within the United States. Shipping a vehicle to Hawaii costs between $800 and $11,350. Car transport between Alaska (Juneau), Washington, and Seattle costs about $1,300. If you don't live near a vehicle transportation terminal or the vehicle is not in operation, you will be charged extra for vehicle shipping services.

Car transport services can be required for vintage or exotic cars. They can cost as low as $800 but can run up to $3,000 depending on what type of trailer you choose and how heavy your vehicle is.

It costs approximately $0.60 per mile to ship a car over long distances. This is for trips greater than 1,000 miles. The cost per mile for shorter distances is higher. It costs approximately $1 per mile for trips less than 500 miles, but it can cost as low as $0.30 for shipments from coast to coast.

Use our Auto Shipping Rates Calculator to get an accurate estimate of the cost to ship your car.

How can you ensure that your car transport and shipping dollars are the most affordable?

1 First, make sure you get a binding price quote.

About 1 in 5 car shipping companies won't give you a binding price quote for car shipping that doesn't go up. Four other car shipping companies will give you a non-binding estimate or quote that may, and often does, go up. Move Car provides a binding price estimate with every car shipping quote.

Problem is, vehicle transport companies who offer low, non-binding quotations do not disclose this upfront. You can only find out the truth by searching for customer reviews and Googleing the company. Look for reviews about car transport that say they were charged one price and end up paying more. The vehicle transport company charges $800 for the total cost. The company then calls the customer to tell them that they have found several car shipping companies to transport their vehicle. However, they still want $300 more. Many customers will tell you in their reviews that they couldn't wait and paid more to have their cars picked up. Customers will write negative reviews to warn others.

It may seem strange that car transport costs vary so much. We have just shown you why so many quotes are less than ours. Many quotes are higher than ours! These are the companies that provide binding price quotes. However, they don't have the experience nor the employees to offer the lowest binding car shipping rates. These vehicle shippers charge too much to be safe. Move Car has an auto shipping rates calculator that monitors over 500 points of vehicle shipping data in real-time. This allows us to make sure our prices are competitive and still allow for the possibility of moving. The calculator keeps track of current shipments and the supply and demand for various routes. This is how we are able to provide an auto transport price quote that is both cheap and binding.

2 Make certain you're visiting a site owned by a federally licensed auto shipping company located in the United States.

Our industry is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation. They require a valid Federal License and a $75,000 bond. The Motor Carrier (MC), the number must be displayed on all websites of companies that transport cars. Our MC number is located at the bottom of every page of our website. If you don't see an MC# on the website of a car shipper, it is likely that they are a lead-generating site. Lead generation websites sell your data to car shipping companies, which usually offer non-binding price estimates. Some of these companies aren't even located in the United States.

It is important to research the best car transport company for you. The reliability of companies that are based in the United States and can provide binding quotes for car shipping is far greater than those based abroad.

3) Check that the auto transport company offers a free rental car for any delays.

The vehicle transport company that transports your vehicle will not be held responsible for timely delivery. They are therefore unlikely to have a financial incentive to deliver your vehicle in a timely manner. Move Car offers a free rental car for any delays and has built-in protocols that deter car transport companies from delaying the delivery of customers' vehicles. This is why all our quotes are binding.

4) Check that the car transport company offers a damage-free guarantee or helps you pay for your insurance if necessary.

Move Car offers a 100% damage-free guarantee or we will pay for you! Although it is rare for damage to occur during transit, it does happen. We can help if any of the following happen:

  • In the event that your vehicle sustains damage during transit, or is available.
  • Make an insurance claim on the carrier's insurance, or;
  • They refuse it for any reason, or;
  • To file a claim on an auto insurance policy, or;
  • This claim has been approved.

A deductible may be required. We will reimburse you up to $500 if you have to pay a deductible. This is our "damage-free, we help pay" guarantee.

5) Check that the vehicle shipping company you choose is open seven days per week

Auto transportation is a seven-day industry. Vehicles are picked up and delivered on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

It is important that you can reach someone if there are any problems with your car shipping service. It could be costly for you to not reach your auto shipping company. We strongly recommend that you don't hire anyone who doesn't advertise their availability on their website or Google listing.