Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is gives special protection to your exotic car.


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How Enclosed Car Transportation Works

We understand the anxiety that comes with decisions like shipping your car across the country. Our enclosed car transportation service is designed to put you at ease.

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Get an instant quote now to check how much it will cost you to ship your car. Check out our schedule and prices to see what fits your budget and plans.

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Step 2: Dependable Enclosed Auto Transport Car Carriers

Choosing enclosed auto transport means you sit back and relax once you have handed over your car to us. Your car is the second most valuable possession after your home, might as well invest in its safety.



Step 3: Cheer up and relax, we will handle your exotic car transport

Your car delivered in perfect condition. You spend quite a lot of time, energy, and money looking for the perfect car for yourself. A little more investment to make sure your valuable car is delivered safely to your doorstep is worth it.

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Go for enclosed auto transport to keep your exotic car scratch-less. Want the process to be quicker? You can choose expedited delivery as well.



Safe from road chips and bad weather

Enclosed car haulers will keep your exotic car transport or luxury car transport spotless. Bad road conditions will not affect your car and it will be a hassle-free vehicle shipping experience.


Ship multiple exotic cars

Move car Auto transport specializes in luxury auto transport with our state of the art enclosed car transporter in our network. Enclosed car transport companies work with Move Car to haul thousands of loads with their  enclosed car haulers who provide the best car transport service to your doorstep.


Low clearance cars require enclosed car haulers

Special equipment is required for loading and unloading a vehicle with low ground clearance. This option is only available with enclosed auto transport services. Our enclosed auto transporters take special care of your vehicle and will ensure that your enclosed vehicle shipping is well taken care of.


Safe and hassle free

Go for enclosed auto transport to keep your exotic car scratch-less. Want the process to be quicker? You can choose expedited delivery as well.

Why choose Move Car Auto Transport for enclosed car transport


Insured Car Haulers

Our network of car haulers carries at least $100,000 insurance. You may ask for additional insurance if your car is worth more than $100K. 


Fanatical Support

Our car shipping experts are always ready to help you and are only a single call away. We make sure your car transport services are exceptional from the time when you call us for your exotic car delivery.


History of exotic car shipping

We have a rich history of transporting exotic cars for over a decade. We have done this over and over again to perfect the art of luxury car shipping. Some of our customers include former NBA players to famous Hollywood celebrities.


Expert in enclosed car transport service

Our enclosed car haulers are experts in enclosed car transport. They do this for a living and some of them have generations of family within this business winning customers like yourself who move quite often with their baby following them across the country.

Ready to ship your exotic car with an enclosed car transporter?


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Enclosed Car Transport

Our car transport experts are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.