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Move Car Auto Transport offers Dealer to Dealer Car Delivery

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Move Car Auto Transport offers Dealer to Dealer Car Delivery

Online Car Delivery Made Simple | Move Car Auto Transport

Offer Home Delivery Directly from Your Dealership

Looking for car dealerships that deliver vehicles. Make your business easier and efficient by getting instant auto transportation quotes. Offer buyers a safe home delivery and sell your cars online across the country with Move Car at your service. Contact Move Car today for bulk car transport.

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Move Car auto transport makes it easier and smoother for car companies and dealerships by transporting cars for dealerships and companies in the safest way possible. You can also exchange cars through dealer to dealer transport using Move Car’s service, as we have a vast experience of handling the shipping process for any dealer shipping car to other destinations.


Get Instant Auto Transport Quotes

Move Car offers free shipping price calculators that will enable you to get instant quotes as a dealer shipping car across states. Get a free quote for bulk car transport.

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You can calculate prices for various modes of auto transportation like open, enclosed, and expedited transport.


Track the Transportation process in Real-Time

Once you reserve the transportation process for a vehicle from your dealership to anywhere across states. 

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Our car dealerships that deliver vehicle & you can calculate prices for various modes of auto transportation like open, enclosed, and expedited transport.


Book Direct Dealer to Dealer Auto Transport

Move Car offers you the facility of booking shipping processes for vehicles from one dealership to another.

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Our team will pick up the vehicle from one dealership and after careful shipping drop the vehicle off at the receiving dealership’s specified location. It is that easy for us. Get in touch today for bulk car transport.


Order Placement for Multiple Users

Looking for car dealerships that deliver cars. If multiple users are buying a car long distance from the dealer then there is nothing to worry about!

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The dealer can book a multi-user vehicle shipment process and get the vehicles delivered safely and quickly.


Why Move Car for Dealer to Dealer Auto Transport

We have a team of professionals that are specially trained to handle and take care of shipping processes across states. Our team is capable of handling vehicles of all sizes for transportation. Therefore, instead of making experiments, it is better to leave it to our team of professionals. We have years of experience in hauling vehicles safely across states.

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We have a vast set of expertise in shipping vehicles for multiple leading car dealerships, manufacturers, and other business solutions. Make use of our expertise and offer your clients safe and instant home delivery of vehicles. We are regarded as the leading car shipping company across states and we have been named as #1 auto shipping company across states for years. Whenever you think of shipping a vehicle, always go with a trusted vendor that is Move Car Auto Transport.


Facilitating dealerships across the states

Move Car does not only focus on serving individual consumers, but it also serves a wide variety of businesses including dealerships and helps them deliver vehicles safely across the country. We have years of experience in shipping vehicles for dealerships which makes us the right choice for shipping vehicles from dealerships to the doorstep of buyers.

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Move Car auto transport is one of the leading vehicle shipping companies across the states. We have earned a credible reputation because of our quality services, safe shipping process, and timely delivery of vehicles. Whether you are shipping a vehicle to places at a short distance of 500 miles or even below, we will make sure the vehicle you have shipped through us reaches its destination as safely and quickly as possible. Our motto is to keep our customers fully satisfied. Businesses like dealerships can rely on us for shipping of vehicles from their location to the address specified by the buyer of any vehicle. We keep both parties updated regarding the progress of the shipping process and the expected time of arrival at the specified location. This will help dealerships put more focus on their business instead of worrying about the delivery of shipped vehicles. Additionally, the vehicles shipped through Move Car auto transport are protected with the help of insurance to compensate for any kind of issue that occurs during the shipping process of vehicles.



Handling bulk auto transportation is not a problem

Looking for car dealerships that deliver vehicles. We are capable of handling bulk transportation needs of dealerships as Move Car auto transport has a large network of safety compliant auto shipping carriers that are capable of fitting the requirements for the shipping process of any type of vehicle. We offer auto shipping carriers according to the specific requirements of dealerships.

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More than 4000 trucks specified for the shipping of vehicles are managed by Move Car. All these auto shipping carriers are approved by all local vehicle safety authorities and are safety compliant according to the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities across states. This large number of available auto shipping carriers makes us capable of handling the bulk auto shipping process for dealerships. Whether you are shipping a couple of vehicles or an entire batch of vehicles to various places across states, we have substantial resources to handle all your vehicle shipping needs. Call Move Car today for bulk car transport.


Choose auto transportation modes as per your needs

We offer a number of auto shipping modes to fit the various transportation needs of dealerships situated across the country. Dealerships can choose any type of transportation as per their needs.

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We offer open vehicle shipping, enclosed auto transport, and even expedited car transport to handle the needs of dealerships and their valuable customers who purchase vehicles from them. If you are looking to deliver vehicles to your customers at an affordable package, open car transport is your best bet. On the other hand, if you are looking to deliver the vehicle to your customer without an effect from external elements like dust and harsh weather then enclosed vehicle shipping will be the right choice for you. Similarly, the best way to deliver a vehicle on a specified date is expedited car shipping. Move Car auto transport offers all these auto transportation modes to make the process of shipping vehicles easier and hassle-free for dealerships.


Stand Out Features of Services Offered by Move Car


Real-time Updates

Customers receive real-time updates of the shipping process for their vehicles. Additionally, customers will also get contact information about the trucker responsible for hauling their vehicle.


Reliable Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is 24/7 available to communicate with businesses and individual customers and resolve their issues instantly. Our team is super friendly with our customers and leaves no stone unturned in satisfying them.


We have Centralized Management System

We believe in serious management of every shipping process going on, therefore, our management team monitors and regulates the whole vehicle shipping process until it is delivered at its intended destination.


Large Network of Carriers

We have a large number of carriers in our network, 4000+ to be exact! All these carriers are readily available for vehicle shipping. We make sure that all these vehicles are compliant with safety regulations to ensure the safe delivery of vehicles.


Dealerships car delivery made simple with Move Car Auto Transport

Deliver cars to your customers at their doorstep with Move Car.