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America's #1 Car Shipping Services Company | Move Car

Move Car Auto Transport is the leading car transport company across the country in less than a decade!

Innovation & Engineering Team

Innovation & Engineering Team

Looking for the best car transport companies? Move Car auto transport has a dedicated innovation and engineering team that is always looking for innovative ways to make the car shipping experience more smooth and comfortable for our customers. The responsibility of this team is to bring innovation in our customer interaction strategy and make use of engineering methods to ensure the ultimate safety of vehicles being shipped from one place to another.

US Based Fanatical Support

US Based Fanatical Support

Move Car works relentlessly to create a strong and trusted bond with its customers and ease them in every situation. Therefore, we have a dedicated customer support team to handle the queries of our customers and resolve their issues on an immediate basis. The objective of this team is to provide fanatical support to customers of Move Car and this team leaves no stone unturned in doing so. Get a quote from the best car transport company



We provide our auto transport services across the states to thousands of customers with different requirements. However, our Headquarters is based in the city of Sunnyvale, California. We started our car shipping company as a simple brokerage years ago from here and now we are considered as one of the best auto shipping companies across the US because of our smooth and safe services and the trust of thousands of our customers.

Operations Team

Operations Team

Looking for the best car transport companies? The operations team of Move Car auto transport consists of real heroes, we rely on this team for the handling of the vehicle shipping process. This team picks up the vehicles from a specified place and then after the shipping process delivers these vehicles to their specified destination while focusing on the ultimate safety of shipped vehicles.

Why Move Car

Move Car offers a smooth car shipping process of vehicles at an affordable price and makes sure every single vehicle is delivered safely to the intended destination.

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This is why we have earned the title of being the best amongst a number of auto transport companies across the country. As an Auto Transport company we have grown to become one of the largest vehicle shipping companies in the country in the recent decade.



Large Network of Auto Shipping Carriers

Move Car Auto transport maintains a network of more than 5000 auto shipping carriers that can be used for various modes of transport. These car carriers are either ready to haul the cars or already on their way to loading or unloading loads.

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With this large network of auto shipping carriers, customers of Move Car auto transport don’t have to wait for long. Regardless of their specified locations or the auto shipping method they choose, they are most likely to be updated about the assigned auto shipping carriers for the shipping of their vehicle in 24 hours at max. A large number of auto shipping carriers in our network are suitable for the open car transport method, but it doesn’t mean that our customers who opt for the enclosed car shipping method or want to ship their exotic cars with added safety have to wait for several days, we make sure there are auto shipping carriers available to take on the task of shipping their cars to their desired destination as safely and quickly as possible. 

Despite the large number of car haulers present in our network, we have made sure that every single carrier working for Move Car auto transport is totally safe for this purpose and compliant with safety rules and regulations imposed by safety authorities across various states. We also make sure that the drivers running these car haulers are physically and mentally fit for the job and have substantial experience of driving auto shipping carriers on highways and urban areas. Get in touch with the best car transport companies.



Auto Shipping Carriers

Our objective is to keep our customers free of hassles

With our years of experience, we have improved over time in terms of our services and efficiency. We tend to make sure that our customers remain free of hassles while our professionals handle the job safely. We have made the life of our customers easier with our option of getting a quick auto shipping fare price quote online.

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We are always looking to make the auto shipping experience smooth and hassle-free for our customers, and we have incorporated new methods in our already excellent services to make it possible. The introduction of the on-site car transportation fare calculator tools makes us one of a few auto shipping companies across the states to ease their customers with the option of a quick price quote without the limitation of time and place. Customers just need to reach our website, find the calculator, enter the details and get their required information in literally no time.

customers free of hassles

Achievements of Move Car Auto Transport


Forbes List

Move Car was able to make it to the Forbes lists and was named as the fastest growing start-up of the year 2019. This title reflects our passion to grow and serve people in the best way possible.


America’s # 1

We are proud to tell our customers of Move Car Auto Transport and other people that we were voted America’s #1 best car shipping company for the previous seven years in a row.


Trusted Car Shipping Vendor

We are trusted by all major OEMs and car manufacturers for the shipping process of vehicles across the states which is a result of our reliable and safe services.


Licensed by FMCSA

Move Car Auto Transport is licensed and accredited by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. Our shipping process is totally ensured to compensate losses due to any unforeseen event.

Core Team and Shipping Network

Move Car Auto Transport is known for its efficient team members and a large network of shipping carriers. 

Our core team consists of 37+ passionate members who are always looking to provide our customers with the best car shipping experience to be the best moving car company. Regardless of the shipping mode our customers choose, they will get the same quality of vehicle shipping services. We don’t want our customer to wait for too long, therefore, we have a network of around 4000+ shipping carriers that is available to relocate vehicles across the states safely.


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