Posted on 01/06/22

Great Advice On Car Shipping Lead Provider Sites

Great Advice On Car Shipping Lead Provider Sites

How do Auto Transport Lead Providers work?

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between legitimate websites that ship cars and fake ones when a customer is looking for a car transport company. Multiple auto shipping quote websites pretend to be car transport companies. They collect personal information such as name, phone number and email address, and details about the shipment (pickup, delivery, and vehicle type), then sell it to almost 10 auto transport brokers. The customer is often left in chaos and confusion by the next step. Unwanted emails and phone calls come pouring in from auto shipping agents who won't accept no for an explanation. It will make you cry!

There are likely to be around ten ex-auto transport brokers who have decided to stop shipping cars. It was probably because they were not very good at shipping vehicles. Owners of auto transport brokers are highly competitive, which can be very stressful. So they move on. These guys are now the dominant players in the numerous auto shipping quote lead market on the internet. Lead providers often have multiple sites they optimize for specific keywords. Many lead generation websites employ people whose sole job is to get their auto transport sites higher on Google and Yahoo. Customers may have a difficult time distinguishing the true car shipping companies from fake ones and may accidentally submit their personal information online. In seconds, visitors' personal information is sold to auto transport brokers for around $1.00 to $2.00. A typical lead for multiple car shipping is worth approximately $10 to the website owner. Sometimes higher.

The $10 per lead collected if the site that generates auto shipping leads has a natural or organic website position is pure profit. If the site generated traffic using advertising companies like Google Adwords, the advertising company usually gets the majority of the $10. Most lead providers mix both of these methods. It's all about numbers. Some lead providers are sharper than others.

What auto shipping brokers buy multiple quote leads?

The leads are often bought by highly aggressive, possibly desperate, auto transport brokers. Lead buying brokers know that the lead they received was sent to up to 9 other auto shipping brokers simultaneously. Each broker paid $1.00 for the lead. Let's assume he buys 100 leads per day. That's $100, regardless of whether or not he orders an order. However, the customer was offered 9 quotes. People gravitate towards the lowest quote. The competition pushes the auto shipping broker to lower his price. A car shipping broker would have spent his time buying leads if he didn't. Guess what? These quotes have an incredible 70% cancellation rate Then there's the service to the unwitting customer.

What about the incessant emails?

As soon as the lead is received, the auto transport broker will send an email to the potential customer. Nine other brokers do the same. Ugh! The car shipping broker who quoted too much for his order will likely be removed from consideration. He knows that it is unlikely that the order will ship soon enough to send less than his quote. They keep coming in...and coming...and...

What about phone calls?

It gets worse. Because his 9 other competitors will be calling the customer, the lead buyer car shipping broker will call them as well. He may be the first to call the customer, and he might get a very angry customer who is constantly irritated by rude salespeople who won't accept no for an answer. He may regret filling out the multiple quote form and providing his number.

Wait, there's more! Many auto transport brokers make confusing statements about the process and trash talk to each other. What should you do? Why is the other guy so bad? Who is the customer to believe? Even if a broker books an order, he will have to contend with nine other brokers who have the customer's information.

What Happens Usually?

As we have already mentioned, lead buying brokers are under tremendous pressure to lower their prices. If the vehicle is priced too low, carriers will drive by it and find a better-priced vehicle. In every industry, there is market pricing. This is true for auto shipping. Although there aren't any official statistics, many brokers know that almost half of multiple quote lead orders end up being canceled due to low pricing.

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