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How Expedited Car Shipping Works

How expedited car shipping works

Very little wait

When you book for expedited auto transport, your vehicle is picked up on a priority basis.

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The trucker assigned with the task of shipping your car has to place some other pickups in the pipeline as well. Your car will be picked up first with expedited shipping. We offer this service at an extra cost because it often means that the trucker will have to reschedule other pickups.


Continuous updates

We will make sure that you get timely updates through phone and email regarding the progress of the shipping process.

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However, you should also keep in touch with your carrier and designated trucker.


Additional carriage is allowed

Customers booking for expedited auto transport are allowed to ship one package containing personal items and weighing under 100 lbs. No additional cost to ship one suitcase or box with personal belongings.

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In the trunk Remember that the trucker assigned to the job has the right to inspect the trunk for illegal items.

Additional-carriage-is -llowed

We just need your car and its keys

You won’t need to give the assigned driver a vehicle title or registration as long as we aren’t delivering to a place that requires such documentation.

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Just be ready with the car and the keys, simple as that.


Insurance and Discount guaranteed with Move Car

As the leader of the auto shipping industry, we make sure that our customers have their vehicle delivered safely and return back to us for the quick shipment of their vehicles in the hour of need again.

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We take vehicle shipping very seriously and make sure that even if a vehicle is transported at an immediate basis for quick delivery at the destination through expedited car shipping process, it reaches there safely without any damage. However, if because of any unfortunate and unforeseen event the vehicle gets damaged during the shipment process, Move Car take its full responsibility and compensates the losses through insurance coverage as every vehicle shipped by us is covered with cargo insurance. We are available to help you ship your car again if you need it. Move Car offers special discounts to returning customers. Our returning customers will get special discounts as we don’t forget our valuable customers ever.


Instant Shipping of Vehicles, No Problem

If you need instant car delivery from one place to another, Move Car has got your back. Our expedited car shipping mode will help you deliver your car by an exact date without any hassle. Once you opt for expedited care shipping, we will prioritize the shipping of your vehicle and make sure it is delivered to its intended destination on the desired date.

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Customers opting for expedited car shipping will have their car delivered to the specified location in the said timeline even if it involves changing the routes or schedule. We have introduced expedited auto shipping to handle the vehicle shipping tasks of customers who need their vehicles delivered as quickly as possible. Once a customer selects the expedited vehicle shipping mode, we make sure that a truck is instantly available to carry out the vehicle shipment process. Once a truck is assigned with the task of expedited car shipping of a vehicle, it will make sure that the vehicle reaches its destination in the said timeline. This means the trucker will change the route and schedule if needed and deliver the expedited car first before anything else. 

Generally, shipping of multiple vehicles at once is the most feasible option according to the perspective of an auto shipping company and the trucker. However, it is not the fastest one. The fastest vehicle delivery is possible when a shipping carrier is hauling fewer vehicles. This explains the working of expedited car shipping, the less the number of cars, the fastest will be the delivery of those vehicles


Pricing for Expedited Car Shipping

If you are looking to ship your car from one place to another through expedited car shipping, you have to pay slightly higher shipping charges. You can calculate the shipping charges for expedited car shipping using our on-site shipping price calculator or contact our customer support to get the price quote for expedited car shipping of your vehicle.

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There will be a number of factors influencing the cost of expedited car shipping of your vehicle. The final price quote will take account of various factors like the schedule and route of the truck that is assigned to handle the expedited shipping of your vehicle. The price quote will also take account of the truck that is used in the shipping process, whether it is an enclosed truck or an open one. Additionally, it will also take account of the supply and demand factor.


Perks of expedited car shipping with Move Car


We deliver door to door

With Move Car you can ship your car expedited and door to door. Just make sure that you have enough space for the parking of our truck in front of your home to pick up your car and then safely load it off at the specified destination.


Communicate freely with the assigned driver

We aim to maintain open communication with all our customers. We want to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Open communication is one of many ways to do that. Our customers can connect directly with the trucker in order to get information regarding the shipping process faster.


Hassle-free expedited car shipping process

We have a vast experience of hauling vehicles of people. This is the reason we have shipping carriers readily available for expedited car shipping processes who want their vehicles to be transported immediately. Our customers will experience no hassle during the shipping process of their cars. Everything will happen in a simple and super smooth manner.


Experience zero hassle while claiming money back

Move Car Auto Transport believes in comforting it's customers no matter what. In case if you change your mind and don’t want to use our expedited auto transport service due to any reason, you will get a full refund. However, this full refund is only applicable if you communicate your change of plan before our team assigns a driver with the task of shipping your vehicle.

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