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Step By Step Process Of Shipping Your Car With Move Car Auto Transport

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Step By Step Process Of Shipping Your Car With Move Car Auto Transport

Car Shipping In 3 Easy Steps | Move Car Auto Transport

What is the process of auto transport?

This guide will help you understand the basics in just 3 steps.

We understand that your car is your child. We are eager to answer your questions about auto transport. While other companies may be reluctant to help, we will. Move Car is the best auto transport company, whether you are going on a great adventure, or selling (or buying) a car online.


What is the process of auto transport?

Step 1: Get an Instant Quote

Get an instant online quote within seconds. Call us or chat with one of our advisors. You can then compare our prices and services. We know you will! We are confident that you will find our prices very competitive.

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You can book us by clicking the link in your email, on-page quote, or call to schedule your vehicle pickup.

We will immediately communicate with you while we secure one of our more than 40,000 insured and vetted professional truckers to transport the vehicle.

Did we mention that you don't have to pay anything until your pickup date? Our advisors are available to answer any questions you may have about financing or to provide information about secure payment options. Simply open a chat window to ask them.

Instant Car Shipping Quote

Step 2: Car Pickup

Our carriers come at the location of your choice to pick-up your vehicle.

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Could be your doorstep, parking lot a mile away, or just about any place you find convenient. Your comfort is our priority and we place it above everything we hold dear.

You select the place and our teams will be there at the agreed time. Punctuality runs in our veins and our word is our commitment.

Our teams of professional car shipping experts are reliable and dedicated to keeping your valuable possession safe.

Once you hand over your vehicle to us, you can get the burden of worries off of your shoulders and count on us for delivering your precious car scratch-less. 


We will take care of your vehicle. You can also check in whenever you like via our online chat or by calling your trucker to check where it is on its journey.


Step 3: Vehicle Delivery

Be ready to receive your car right where you want it!

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Our carriers will be right at your doorstep or any location of your choice to deliver your car safe and sound.

Choose your preferred place, and be there to get your baby just the way you left it. 

Just moved to a new place? You have one less hassle to worry about, and one more thing to look forward to.

We'd be more than happy to assist you in starting the exciting journey of a new life with our car shipping services.

This is how to move a car 0r shipping works at Move Car. We believe in making life easier and better for you.

We're confident that everything will be fine after a thorough inspection. To accept delivery, you will simply sign the Bill Of Lading. That's all!


Auto Shipping as easy as a Ride-Sharing Service

With Move Car auto transport at your service, you don’t really have to worry about anything. We make sure that the whole experience for our customer is as easy and as comfortable as a ride-sharing service. All you have to do is confirm the booking for the shipping process of your vehicle and sit back comfortably because auto shipping experts are handling the job.

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We have years of experience in auto shipping, this experience has made us capable of making our services even better, and we are always striving to make this process totally free of hassles for our customers. Therefore, we have made it easier for our customers to order the shipping process of their car. They can simply visit our website and get a price quote by entering details through our on-site price calculator. Another method to get a price quote is contacting us through a phone call or paying a visit to our office. 

You just have to tell or enter the details of your vehicle, the timeline of the date when you want to have your vehicle delivered at the right destination, the pickup location and the drop off destination, and the shipping mode for your vehicles like open auto shipping or enclosed auto transport. Once you have given the details of the shipping process for your vehicle,  you just have to make the payment transaction or choose the method for payment and rest is on us. We will make sure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely and as quickly as possible


Standout Features of Move Car’s Shipping Process

Some standout features of our shipping process are easy price estimation or a shipping quote, timely shipping progress updates, safety insurance, friendly customer support, a wide network of shipping carriers, safety compliance checks, and inspection of shipped vehicles before loading and after unloading.

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In our effort to make the vehicle shipping process easier for average consumers, we have transformed our working and services to fit the specific requirements of our customers. This is why we make sure that our customers stay relaxed and free of any hassles during the whole process. This is why we make sure that they get timely updates from our centralized system and the trucker so that they know what is the progress of shipping process for their vehicle and when it will be delivered at the specified location. Another feature of our service is our friendly customer support. If there is a question or confusion in the mind of our customers, our customer support representatives will try their best to resolve the issues and answer the questions of our customers properly. People who want to ship their vehicle using

Move Car’s shipping services can get an easy quote for the shipping process of their vehicles through our on-site shipping price estimator or by calling our customer support. Additionally, we make sure if a vehicle is damaged during the shipping process because of any reason, the customers get compensation through safety insurance. We have a wide network of shipping carriers that are ready to take on the shipping tasks, so arranging a truck for shipment of a car is quite easy for us and saves our customers from the frustration of waiting for a considerable amount of time.


How Our Calculator Works

Our instant quote calculator works in 3 steps.

Enter Vehicle Information

Step 1: Enter Vehicle Information

Enter accurate details of your car including model and make to help us give you a precise estimate.

Pricing may vary depending on whether the vehicle is operable or not, how delicate it is, and how much care it needs.

Enter Location

Step 2: Enter Exact Location

Enter the exact address of where you want the car picked from as well as the location where you want to get car delivered.

We ask you to enter an exact address for our algorithms to be able to give you an exact all inclusive amount. 

 Look At The Calendar And Prices

Step 3: Look At The Calendar And Prices

Our instant quote calculator will show you our schedule for the month and the prices for each day.

This will help you fit the car shipping into your budget and time frame. Choose your days.

The precision of our Instant Quote might take you by surprise, so be ready to stay on top of everything!

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions, Move Car support teams, and our representatives are always here to help you.

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If you have some general questions regarding the process, terms, and how cars are shipped at Move Car, you can always go through FAQs to find answers. 

Likely, most of your questions have already been asked by several visitors, and so, answered on our website already.

On the off chance that you still don't find the information you are looking for, have a chat with our online representatives right here.

If you're looking to track your order or vehicle, you might want to check the Order Status.

If your queries remain unresolved, our customer care team is at your beck and call. 

Just give us a call and we'll be at your service. Our representatives will be happy to walk you through the process and keep you updated.

shipping a vehicle through one of the most reliable auto transport and car shipping companies is exactly what you need.

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