Posted on 01/19/22

Auto Shipping Red Flags

Auto Shipping Red Flags

There are red flags for auto shipping. There is no other way. They are everywhere, in any industry. Sometimes things don't work out.

Auto-shipping red Flags have the same tendencies that red flags in any other industry. Certain companies should be avoided. What are these warning signs and how important are they?

If you don't have a lot of knowledge about shipping cars, these are not easy questions to answer. We know everything there is to know about car shipping. We understand what it takes to transport a car at the correct price, and how to spot red flags. We know the right way to do things, and we are willing to share our knowledge with others.

Continue reading to learn more about red flags in auto shipping. Find out how to spot them, and what some of the most common are. Get a quote for shipping with us to see how easy it is to move your vehicle.

How to spot red flags in auto shipping

It is the easiest way to identify red flags. This is great because it allows you to find the right information!

But, in all seriousness, you need to know what to look out for. It pays to compare prices in the auto shipping industry. This is the best way to identify potential shippers who are not up to your standards.

No matter who you book with, the car shipping sector operates in the same way. While some companies might have lower deposit rates, others may be able to offer trucks discounts that allow cars to be moved at a discounted rate. However, everyone uses the same tens of thousands of trucks.

It is important to find a company that knows their stuff and can do it at a cost you can afford. It is important to choose a company with experience and knowledge. Experienced companies tend to be the best in this business. Companies that are well run also tend to last.

Anyone can carve a niche within the industry if they offer great customer service... and avoid red flags.

No one guarantees pickup (or delivery)

Customers should be wary of any guarantee of pickup or delivery. It is absurd to think that shipping a car can be done with UPS. Any company trying to convince you otherwise is a red flag.

Why? It's not that type of shipping service. The auto transport trucks are used to move cars. These trucks are specifically designed to transport cars safely and securely. They can still be transported over the same roads and highways we use every day.

This means that auto transporters must deal with the same issues we face when driving. Construction, traffic, and detours are all possible. Also, must consider that they may need to stop often to pick up or deliver another vehicle.

You rent space on a truck when you ship a car, but they also need to be rented out in nine additional spaces. Shipments are often ordered according to where the carrier is going and coming from.

All of this combined will show that carriers cannot guarantee delivery or pickup times. They offer pickup and delivery windows that are often between 24-48 hours. They can navigate the U.S. Interstate Highway System and deal with any delays while still getting to you on time.

A company that claims they can guarantee a pickup and delivery date is either not familiar with the industry or flat-out lying.

Deposit prices

Low prices are a red alert, and we'll discuss why in a moment. Low deposit prices are also a red flag.

Sometimes, you won't even see the deposit price until after you speak to a representative. Many times, you will get a quote but it won't be the full price. The truth is, your price actually consists of two different prices: a broker fee and a carrier fee.

The broker fees are also known as the deposit. It is essentially a payment to the brokerage in exchange for their help with shipping your vehicle.

The remaining balance due to the carrier is covered by the carrier's fee. There are many ways to pay your carrier and you have the option of paying it at different times. These are the components of an auto transport quote.

If the deposit price is high but the carrier's pay is low, it is a red flag. Low deposit prices won't keep auto shippers in the business, no matter how much they might think so. A company that has low deposit prices is often struggling to book orders. These companies are often desperate for cash and will do whatever it takes to book orders.

The problem is not their deposit price. It's how they operate that causes their problems. Perhaps their cancellations are high due to their carrier prices being too low. They might have financial problems or lose their credit card billing ability.

Although there are many reasons brokers may charge low deposit prices for their services, they are always suspicious. The average broker fee is $150-250 with the majority hovering around $200. This is a sign that the brokerage is legitimate. It also shows that sometimes a low price can be too good to be true.

Shipping at a low price

Low prices are another thing to watch out for. It is money that moves cars in the car shipping industry. Because they have to make money, carriers won't accept loads priced too low. They will look for the highest-paying loads and book as many as possible.

Cars that are priced low will sit. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes, a lower price is acceptable and it takes a few months for the shipment to arrive.

This is not the case for most people. Low prices will only bring down your chances of getting the job done if you don't mind waiting.

Anyone who knows anything about the auto transport industry will know that money moves cars. It's as simple as that. They need to ensure that their prices reflect both the changing industry and the various routes' prices. Many companies have an automated method of doing this. It is possible to price every shipment separately, which can help ensure that the price is set consistently.

Some companies will go overboard with their prices. They know that it will move at that price, and they don’t care about customers who want it to move for less.

Low prices are generally a red flag. Low prices can indicate inexperience or lack of concern for customers. It's also important to Compare Prices so that you can see what the average range is and what it isn't. The majority of companies fall within the $100-200 range. Some may fall slightly outside this range, but it's generally close.

If you get multiple quotes that say it will cost $1000 for your vehicle to be moved from A to B and another quote that claims it will cost $750, then one of these is different. Also, make sure you read the cheapest method to ship a vehicle.

Too many negative reviews

The most important red flag you should be looking for is bad reviews.

Online reviews are easy to find, especially today. Google Reviews and Yelp are gaining popularity! It's now easier than ever for customers to leave reviews about different businesses on Google Reviews and Yelp! This is a fundamental shift in how we shop online and interact with businesses.

It's the same in car shipping. Auto transport reviews still provide a great way to determine if a company is right for you.

Companies with a lot of negative reviews should be avoided. Avoid companies with few reviews or old reviews. Although there are some shippers who don't care much about reviews, the majority of them understand their importance. If a company has only a few reviews, it may not be doing a good job or aren't very active in the market. It could lead to problems down the line.

Companies that have many positive reviews are a good choice. These companies are those you know that ship vehicles regularly for customers and are constantly improving their customer reviews. These companies provide excellent customer service and can move vehicles quickly.

Move Car will not flag you for auto shipping violations

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