Posted on 12/27/21

The Spirit Of Door To Door Auto Transport

The Spirit Of Door To Door Auto Transport

What does Door to Door Auto Transport mean?

It would be like a taxi pulling up to your home or apartment. Wouldn't it be great if a door-to-door car transport service called to let you know they are outside? You could even wear your pajamas and slippers while the driver delivers your car keys. Next, wave and say "thank you" and wait for him to do the same when you deliver your car. In reality, auto transport is not door-to-door.

An auto transport vehicle is supposed to be as close to your home as possible. This could mean that it is within a few miles of your apartment or house. Although it is rare to go further, sometimes this makes sense. A car carrier is massive. This is a large truck and not a small taxi. Auto transporters typically carry between five and ten vehicles. They require additional space to maneuver or turn around. This is illegal and they may not be allowed to drive on residential streets.

What Should The Car Transporter Be Worried About?

The car transporter is not only concerned about being pinned in a narrow space for turning around but also the low-hanging branches of trees on residential streets. The top rack may have vehicles 12 or 13 feet above the ground. Therefore, the auto transporter is concerned about scratching other cars' roofs. It doesn't really matter if you claim there aren't any low-hanging branches in your area. He won't be able to know this in advance and may waste his time trying. He should assume that there are low-hanging branches, and he should avoid going to your street, and, of course, your front door. We beg your understanding.

But I Ordered Door To Door Transport

Yes, we do. Move Car takes care to classify our door-to-door transport services in accordance with the "spirit" of door-to-door car shipping. It might look like parsing at first, but it is not. This is because there is a reason. Many auto transporters use terminals that are often 20-50 miles (or more) away from customers. This can add up to 40-100 miles round trip, which is quite an inconvenience. We do our best to avoid this hassle for our customers. It is quite possible to meet a car carrier within a few miles of your home if you look at the alternatives. It is true that it is door-to-door car transport.

What Happens Normally in Door to Door Auto Transport?

Move Car Auto Transport will assign your vehicle to a carrier. We instruct the driver to pick up and deliver your vehicles as close to your addresses as possible. First, the carrier will search Google Maps for your address. The carrier will then search for an area where he can park his car transport truck safely to unload your vehicle. You can find him in grocery stores, shopping malls, Target, and other places. You get the idea. He then calls the origination contact to agree on a meeting place. Most people can understand why the car driver chooses a different address. It isn't practical. Things usually work out well when the parties agree on a time. The entire scenario repeats at the destination.

Personal Logistics Of Door To Door Transport Services

To meet the driver of the car, most people bring someone. This makes it easy. What if your contact doesn’t have a driver to take them to their meeting? The majority of people use a Lyft, Uber, or Taxi service. The cost of a taxi, Uber, or Lyft is typically between $10 and $15. Before you actually set foot, we recommend waiting until the driver confirms that he reached the destination. Drivers are frequently late. It is not unusual for drivers to arrive late by hours. You can still be there while the driver unloads your car at the meeting place. He will be patient. A tip for a hardworking man or woman is appreciated greatly. He's no different from the waiter that you tip last Saturday.

What if you have no other options?

Sometimes customers have no choice but to drive their vehicle to their address. In these cases, a carrier may offload the vehicle and drive it there. He will then need to be taken back to his vehicle.

This is something we advise our female customers to avoid. We advise caution. It is prudent to not meet with female customers alone. If they do meet, ensure that it is in a public place and well-lit. Over 200,000 cars have been shipped and we have never had a female customer be accosted. Let's be street smart and decrease the chance.

Sometimes, there are no other options. Your grandmother might be 90 and not be able to drive. There are no taxis around her area. Guess what? Although we love Grandma, she shouldn't be your contact. Please find someone else. A neighbor. A friend. A brother-in-law. What about the mechanic who has helped you so many times over the years? You can pay him $50 and get your car. You might also find that Grandma would appreciate it if you thought about it.

Drivers of Door-to-Door Car Transports:

Door-to-door car transportation is unique in that you do not have to pay for the actual vehicle transport until it has been completed. You can pay the driver at delivery with cash or money order. For the former, get a receipt. Don't forget to review the vehicle condition report at both ends.

Door to Door Transportation

Move Car Auto Transport makes it easy to hand your vehicle over to the best vehicle haulers. We offer car shipping services in the spirit and convenience of door-to-door transport.

We make it simple to arrange door-to-door transport before that happens. We revolutionized the auto transportation industry 15 years ago with the creation of the first online car shipping calculator. Customers like you can arrange door-to-door auto shipping within minutes thanks to this revolutionary innovation.

It works as follows: Type in the make/model of the vehicle you wish to ship, pickup and dropoff locations, and whether or not the car is running. Also, choose the type of trailer (open-air, enclosed). The calculator will provide you with quotes from professional vehicle transporters who have been thoroughly vetted for safety, quality, and consistency.

After you have found a hauler that suits your needs and budget, schedule the shipment and agree on the pickup date. As we mentioned earlier, the hauler will drive as close as possible to your door. The hauler won't drive down residential streets or disrupt your neighborhood. Instead, the vehicle driver will find a place close to you that is convenient and safe for both of you.

It works the same way on the other side. The vehicle hauler, you (or anyone authorized to receive your vehicle), will choose a place where a large vehicle can park and unload. This may not be the exact address you intend to park your car, but it will be close. You will have a vehicle to take you to wherever you need it after you pick up the car.

Move Car Auto Transport – Making Auto Transport Simple

We strive to make auto transportation door-to-door as simple as possible. We are proud of our 5-star reviews from TrustPilot, Google+, and Facebook. Use our free car shipping calculator to find out if you are ready to arrange door-to-door transport or just curious how it works. Instantly receive no-obligation quotes directly from the nation's best vehicle haulers. Contact us if you have any questions.

We strive to make auto transportation door-to-door as simple as possible. We are proud of our 5-star reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot.