Posted on 05/07/21

How to Ship a Car That You Bought Long Distance

How to Ship a Car That You Bought Long Distance

When you are looking for a new car, there are many reasons to shop outside your local dealership. It's easier than ever to buy a car online. There are many reputable websites that sell used, new, and specialty cars. Sites like eBay and Craigslist allow you to buy directly from the owners. Next, what happens? You'll need to figure out how to ship your car after you have purchased from a distant seller. Shipping a car is easier than buying it.

This post will show you how to ship a car that you purchased long distance. Let's first talk about the buying process.

Why purchase a car from outside?

When shopping for a vehicle, there are many reasons to look beyond your local area or state. The greatest benefit to shopping outside of your state is the difference in price. Some areas, such as Miami, have more cars than qualified buyers. This means that car prices in these areas are more affordable than those in Los Angeles, where there are more people who are more wealthy and need a car. If buyers live in costly cities, they can find great deals by shopping elsewhere or booking their auto transport.

If price is not your primary concern, and you are looking for a particular make, model, or option pack, you might have to purchase from a distant seller. There has always been an active online marketplace for antique, classic, and specialty vehicles. Collectors and enthusiasts can often find the vehicles they are looking for by shopping far and having cars shipped to their homes.

Dealerships can now list their inventory online, and allow customers to buy cars with cash right from the site. It is now easier for customers to access cars in other states and cities using enterprise auto transport services.

Where can you look for cars if you're shopping long distances?

This is why buying a car in a foreign state and paying for shipping costs are so much easier than buying locally. It is actually easier in many ways. It's possible to look online at classifieds or visit the websites of dealers from other states. However, it is much easier to shop for cars remotely. Car buying websites like and allow you to browse an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles that are available for sale by both dealers and owners. You can also find great deals on auction sites, such as, which aggregates listings from several car buying websites.

You should not buy a car online. You should be cautious when buying a used or new vehicle online. However, it is possible to save a lot of money if you make the right decision. Accenture, a tech consulting company, conducted a survey of 69% of potential car buyers around the globe and found that 69% would consider purchasing a vehicle online.

How to purchase a car from an outside-of-state dealer

Many car buyers won't consider buying from out-of-state dealers because they don’t have the cash to pay. It's possible to obtain a car loan even if you don't buy from a local dealer. A loan from your bank may be more affordable than a dealer's. Although every lender has different requirements regarding how to apply and the loan's purpose, most lenders will allow borrowers to use a personal loan or car loan to purchase a vehicle and ship it home. Be aware that not all lenders will include costs for transportation and taxes.

Why shipping your vehicle is a smarter choice

This blog post has already mentioned car shipping several times. It's the easiest and most convenient way to transport the vehicle you just bought. You could fly to the seller and drive the car home. But shipping a car is more than just convenience. It is much safer to ship a car. Some of America's most dangerous roads are interstate highways. Shipping a car is a cheaper option that will save you money over the long term. Driving across the country can cause a lot of damage to a car, which could lead to expensive repairs down the line. It is much more expensive to drive across the country than people realize. Driving your car is not free if you do not value your time.

Car shipping when you buy from faraway sellers

It's easy. The next step after you have purchased your vehicle is to book transport. Move Car Auto Transport has more than 13 years of experience in auto shipping and can help you get your vehicle to its new location quickly and without any hassles. You only need to visit our online quote calculator. The website uses an advanced algorithm to provide a live quote and you can even book your transport directly from the site. We'll show you how much shipping a car costs.

Your quote will be determined by: 

The vehicle's size

Heavy vehicles and modified vehicles are more expensive to ship. Truckers use more gas and it can be more difficult for truckers to load oversized vehicles. These vehicles can be harder to fit onto standard trailers. Most likely, your car will not require special accommodations. Anything from small cars to large trucks can fit on the standard ten-car auto transportation carrier. However, you won't find out until you contact an auto transport company.

Bottom line: Shipping a car that is extra-long or wider than standard will result in a higher shipping cost. It may also take longer for a truck to pick up your vehicle. If you have any questions about the shipping cost or how your car's size will affect it, please contact us.

The distance it will travel

Shipping a vehicle or truck to the United States can be expensive. However, the cost of shipping a car over a longer distance is likely to increase. However, shipping costs will be lower per mile if your vehicle travels further. Distance won't always play the same role in your quote.

Drop-off and pickup locations

Your quote might be lower if your car is being shipped from a major metropolitan area that has a lot of truck traffic and is close to major highways. Sometimes, customers who have their car shipped may choose to have it dropped off at a more convenient location for haulers. This can lower the cost.

The options that you choose

Many people don't know that there are many options available when shipping a car. Open transport is the industry standard. This method of auto shipping moves cars using the same type of vehicles you see on major highways. These types of vehicles are vulnerable to the elements. However, cars and trucks are built to withstand the elements and daily road conditions. You can also choose from a variety of open transport carriers so you will get your ship date quicker if you choose this affordable car shipping option.

Closed transport is an option if you are buying a car from a distant seller or dealer that is classic, antique, special, or highly valuable. Closed transport protects cars from weather and road debris. Be aware that enclosed carriers are less common than open ones, so you may have to wait longer for your ship date.

The season

Like any other industry, the auto transport industry is subject to busy and slow periods. Prices drop when there is less demand for car shipping. Transporters are usually busiest in summer, so rates might be higher. It is important to consider the literal season because drivers may have to slow down due to adverse weather conditions. If you ship a car from north to south in winter, for example, you might get a higher quote because of increased traffic from snowbirds or more dangerous roads due to the weather.

Timing is also important

Shipping a car can take a while. Drivers are restricted in their driving distance. You can opt for expedited shipping if your car needs to be delivered quickly. This option will increase your cost but will allow the carrier to get your car on a truck quicker, which will mean it will arrive at you sooner.

Dealerships buy into long-distance selling

Although we briefly mentioned dealer sales, it is worth noting that many dealers have partnered with Move Car because they can ship cars anywhere in the world. Online shoppers are a boon for dealers as they have the opportunity to market to a new, large audience. You shouldn't assume you can't bargain just because you are buying online from a dealer. You can call the dealership to talk to a sales representative if you are interested in a particular car but would like to pay less. You'll be no worse off than before, and the worst they can tell you is no.

What to do when your car arrives

No matter how far you live, any new car that you purchase must be registered and insured as soon as possible. A local dealership may be able to handle the whole process. You may be able also to register your vehicle at a distant dealership. These details will need to be handled by you if you purchase from a distant seller or dealer in another state.

Before you purchase, you should check with your agent to make sure your policy covers new vehicles for a specified number of days. If you have the VIN and the purchase price of the vehicle, you can add them to your policy.

It is best to register and insure your vehicle as soon as possible. You will need the documents that your carrier required to pick up your car to insure and register it. Some states have limitations on how long cars can be unregistered. When you register your car, you will be responsible for the sales tax.

It's easy to purchase the car you want remotely. Have fun shopping! We will handle shipping.