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Reasons For Exotic Car Transport

Don’t Risk the Safety of Exotic Cars

Move Car Auto Transport understands your love for exotic cars and how much you have waited to make the purchase of your favourite exotic car you have long waited for. Therefore, we offer the facility of luxury car transport with immense care and safety.

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You will hear claims of a number of auto shippers about their expertise in exotic car transport. However, you need to know that Move Car is one of the leading auto shippers in the country that handles the process of exotic car shipping for individuals and even dealerships across states. This trust is because of the immense care we put in shipping of luxury and exotic cars from the very beginning till the end to deliver these special cars safely to their intended destination.

We have a wide network of vehicle shipping carriers that includes safety compliant vehicle shipping carriers capable of covering the shipping process throughout the entire United States. Our pride is our long history of delivering exotic vehicles safely to their destination without making any compromise on their safety. We make use of our customized approach while shipping exotic vehicles that involves in-house customer service, real-time tracking, and double insurance coverage.



Careful Exotic Car Shipping

Highways are not safe for exotic cars even at the best of times.

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You are more likely to get involved in an accident if you choose to drive your exotic vehicle across states on your own. Exotic car transport is the most feasible way for transport of luxury and exotic cars.


Careful Exotic Car Shipping

Safe from Exposure to Elements

Obviously, you want to have your hands on a completely clean car as it comes out of the manufacturing facility.

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Exotic car transport will prevent exposure of your exotic car to the elements and bad weather situations.


Safe from Exposure to Elements

Interstate Safety Compliance

Dedicated compliance team at Move Car is always on duty to check the safety compliance of trucks used for luxury car

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 transport and makes sure that every single truck in our network is in its best shape to take the responsibility of shipping luxury and exotic vehicles.


Interstate Safety Compliance

Avoid Additional Miles with Exotic Car Shipping

When you drive your new exotic car all the way to your home, you will be adding additional miles without any reason.

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Driving it across states is already a tiresome job, additionally, you are putting your new car at risk of involvement in road accidents. Exotic car transport will help you avoid all these things.


Avoid-Additional-Miles-with-Exotic-Car -Shipping

Why Move Car for Exotic Car Shipping


Loads of Experience in Exotic Car Shipping

Move Car Auto transport is proud of its years of experience in delivering exotic cars across states safely. We earned the title of leading car shippers because of immense care and safety we give to your exotic and luxury cars during the shipping process.


Friendly Customer Car and Claims Team

Our dedicated  teams for customer care and claims handling make sure that every customer is fully satisfied and happy with our services. In case of any issue, our teams tend to resolve any kind of issue as immediately as possible to benefit our customers.


Only Approved Carriers for Exotic Car Shipping

We take the entire process of exotic car transport very seriously and leave no space for any kind of mistake or compromise on the safety of these vehicles. Therefore, we only work with carriers that are approved by state authorities to work for shipping of vehicles.


Totally Insured Luxury Car Transport

Once you confirm the booking of exotic car for shipping, your car will be equipped with insurance cover against any transport damage. We also carry contingent cargo insurance to make your vehicle totally covered with insurance in case of any damage.

Recommendation for Exotic Car Transport

At Move Car Auto Transport, we know how valuable your exotic car is for you. This is why we recommend enclosed car transport for your exotic car. Enclosed car transport is the safest mode of car shipping offered by Move Car.

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We also offer enclosed trailers with hydraulic gates for low ground clearance vehicles. These trailers will pick up the vehicle from a specified location and drop the car safely at its intended destination and that too with the most affordable exotic car transportation cost. With our door to door transportation, our trucker will come as closely as possible in terms of safety.


Why Only Move Car Auto Transport for Exotic Car Shipping

Move Car is a pioneer of the vehicle shipping industry. We have loads of experience in exotic car shipping and a wide network of 4000+ shipping carriers that are always available for luxury car transport across states.

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We  offer a free shipping price calculator that helps our customers in getting an idea about our transportation charges. Additionally, our customer support team is available 24/7 to help our customers and answer their queries. Move Car is a proud partner of a number of largest dealerships across states and provide these dealerships with safe and smooth transportation services.


When it Comes to Exotic Car Shipping, Move Car is the Only Choice

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