Posted on 01/28/22

Can Traffic Improvements Lower Car Transport Costs

Can Traffic Improvements Lower Car Transport Costs

The American Transportation Research Institute (an independent organization) is responsible for conducting research that will improve transportation experiences. They conduct research in many different areas. One such category is how truckers could save money by improving their traffic flow. This will impact car transportation costs for customers. This is something they do on a regular basis.

To " monitor...key performance measures on our freight transportation system," the ATRI uses GPS data from more than 1 million trucks. In other words they use GPS data for studying how trucks move around the country. You can also find their annual list of worst bottlenecks by clicking the link above.

These bottlenecks are not just areas to avoid, but also provide insight into why they exist. This gives us insight into the reasons for these bottlenecks and possible solutions. This would be a huge boon to car transportation costs as well as the companies that pay that cost. Continue reading to learn how.

Congestion and car transport costs: The link

Although fuel may not be the biggest factor in the shipping cost of a car to you, it is a major one. Idling trucks use a lot of fuel. The ATRI concluded that congestion alone contributed over $15.74 trillion to fuel costs for carriers.

This is a small amount on a truck by truck basis. There are tens to thousands of trucks out there hauling everything and anything. Bad traffic costs add $15 billion to the cost of transportation. Some of that burden is felt most strongly in the car shipping industry.

ATRI mainly focused on Atlanta's Spaghetti Junction, the intersection of I-85/I-285 just north. This interchange consistently ranks as the worst or worse in the U.S.

The industry could save more than 1.6 billion gallons annually if the interchange were made to flow freely, at 55 mph on average.

This would have huge implications for car transportation costs, considering Atlanta is one of the country's top auto shipping hubs and it sits just north of another one. It would be a great way to reduce car transport expenses year-round if every carrier can save money on I-85 and I-95.

Unintended consequences (or perks depending)

It is difficult to reduce traffic congestion at Spaghetti Junction. To open the gap, would require major infrastructure improvements. The problem is not likely to be solved, at least financially, right now.

An 11% increase in truck fuel economy is not a laughing matter. Although we try not to suggest what cities and states should do regarding their infrastructure, this is something that you need to consider.

Another thing to consider: A reduction in traffic congestion at Spaghetti Junction could also lead to lower GHG emissions. According to estimates, the change could lead to a 17% decrease in fine particulate matter and a 5.5% reduction of smog-forming NOx. It also reduces CO2 emissions by 8%.

That's a pretty good way to save the planet.

Imagine this being applied to all bottlenecks across the country. Traffic issues can be found in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Reduced congestion will lower fuel costs and reduce GHG emissions. This is a win-win situation, right?

We need to get back to the question of who is upgrading the infrastructure. The U.S. faces a type of infrastructure crisis. Many of its roads and bridges are either failing to pass inspection or have been deemed unreliable. It's not just the congested interchanges that require upgrading. It's all of America's network. There is too much work needed to improve the network and not just the poor interchanges.

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It's still speculation at the moment about how improving traffic flow could reduce fuel consumption. It would be a good idea, especially if Spaghetti Junction was fixed. Until then, however, things will remain the same as they are.

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