Posted on 11/08/21

Cheap Car Shipping Tips That Could Bring You Back Money

Cheap Car Shipping Tips That Could Bring You Back Money

Are you looking for low-cost car shipping? Look no further if you are looking for cheap car shipping. We'll show you how to get your vehicle moved anywhere in the country for a reasonable price so that you can be confident that you made the right, affordable decision.

We have 11 years of experience in the auto transport industry, having delivered over 492,000 vehicles.

These cheap auto transport tips can help you save thousands on unnecessary costs and avoid costly mistakes, no matter if you are heading to Hawaii or back to the mainland.

Before we discuss cost-saving strategies, let's first talk about the factors that influence the price of shipping your vehicle. These factors are important in order to be able to accurately judge the price quoted.

What are the factors that affect auto transport costs?

Shipping Distance

The distance you have to transport your vehicle is the most important factor in determining how much you will pay for shipping. It will be cheaper to move your vehicle from New York to Nevada if you are moving it to another state. The reason this cost is higher than the distance is not surprising. Because an expert driver takes more time and is more skilled at transporting your vehicle safely, you're paying more.

Auto transport is still more affordable than people believe. You could drive a vehicle 300 miles at a cost of $588, with prices starting at $1.96 per mile for short trips (1-500 mi). This is a lot of money. It's usually more affordable than most people believe, especially if you plan ahead. Use our no-pressure, quote generator to see the cost of your trip based on how far it will take.

Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle is another factor that can impact the cost of shipping. Shipping costs for larger vehicles, such as trucks, are higher than shipping costs for smaller cars.

This is due to the space the vehicle takes up when hauling the freight, as well as the types of cars that the company you work with specializes in.

However, prices don't double if your vehicle is twice the size. This claim should make you skeptical.

Move Car works with thousands of insured and vetted transporters. Although smaller, local businesses may have smaller flatbed carriers or car haulers that can transport your vehicle, they might not be able to move your particular vehicle. Delivery times could also be slower. You should look for transparent pricing based on vehicle size.

Open vs. Enclosed Shipping

You must decide whether to ship your vehicle openly or enclosed when you transport it.

Open shipping means that the car will remain exposed to the elements after it is taken from A to B.

Enclosed shipping does the opposite. The vehicle is placed inside an enclosed auto hauler.

Open shipping is the most popular and most economical. It's also recommended for auto transport, especially if you are trying to ship within a tight budget.

If you own a rare or expensive vehicle or one that is in excellent condition and needs to be maintained, you may consider enclosed shipping. While enclosed shipping can be costly, it is an option if you are moving an expensive vehicle.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Shipping costs can be affected by the time of year. Even if it's not raining or snowing, your driver could still encounter these elements while he travels to your vehicle's destination.

These seasonal changes can affect the speed of your vehicle's delivery and increase the risk. When you are looking for cheap car shipping options, be mindful of seasonality. Also, know that you can save money if your shipping date is changed. Chat with our chat agents to find the best time for you to ship your vehicle.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Points

It's likely that a large truck will transport a vehicle from one state to another. These big trucks are unable to maneuver on narrow roads or in tight spaces. Be careful where you pick up and drop off your vehicle. Trucks can easily load and unload your vehicle by sticking to the major metropolitan areas. This may require some driving, but you could be able to save hundreds of dollars by picking the right pick-up and drop-off locations.

These factors all impact the cost of your car and the amount you can save. These are our top car shipping tips that will help you save money.

Cheap Car Shipping Tips

1. You can book your vehicle shipment ahead of time.

There are times when you have to ship your vehicle quickly. We have thousands of insured and fully vetted transporters who can help you ship your vehicle today.

Booking your vehicle shipment in advance can often result in savings, much like the difference between a last-minute flight and one that is booked months ahead.

You can reach one of our friendly booking agents by live chat at the bottom right corner if you have any questions. They will make sure your trip is planned no matter what time you want it to be.

2. If you absolutely have to, only use enclosed car shipping

Open transport is used to ship more than 90% of all vehicles. Open transport is often used to ship new vehicles from car dealers.

What's the deal? insurance reduces the risk of your vehicle being hauled. Working with insured carriers will drastically reduce the chance of you being out of pocket for damages. You can also add special tapes and covers to your vehicle to provide additional insurance that protects you against any potential damage.

We recommend open transport for most customers. You can save as much as 40-50% immediately.

3. Do not settle for less.

It's easy to choose the lowest-priced vendor when you are looking for car shipping. We've seen the difference between value and cost in our experience hauling over 492,000 vehicles, and with 382,000+ customers. Cost is the price you pay. Value is what you get. Sometimes, these are two completely different things. If you get a low-cost auto transport quote but the company doesn't have the right insurance or secured your vehicle, you might end up with a damaged car or a total loss. You could also be responsible for the entire bill. Move Car is a top-rated company that transports cars. They will not break the bank. You can be sure it will get there you want.

Our expert team will guide you through each step of your truck or car's move to ensure that you get the best possible price. We only require $0 upfront. You can always call us or click.

Request a quote using our car shipping calculator, or contact us via Live Chat or by phone.