Posted on 12/22/21

The Real Cost Of Shipping A Car

The Real Cost Of Shipping A Car

We get most questions about shipping a vehicle.

There is some good news to share with you right away: there is a strong auto shipping market that has reduced the cost of loading your vehicle onto a trailer. It's easier than ever to arrange auto shipping with an online broker such as Move Car Auto Transport. This option is available to everyone!

You may still be curious about the cost. We'll soon get to the bottom of that number. Before you think about the cost, consider the costs of the alternatives. You may spend more money than you think, even though you are spending less.


Driving is cheaper than shipping, people assume. When you consider all costs associated with a road trip, whether it is hundreds or thousands of miles, the economics of driving start to change.

  • Gas - It all depends on the type of vehicle you drive, how far you travel, and what gas prices are currently at, so you could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to fuel your car.
  • Food-Food costs can quickly add up when you eat three meals per day while on the road (plus snacks), especially if you travel with several people.
  • Lodging- Whether you are willing to pitch your tent on your trip, or pay for hotels and motels, it can be expensive.
  • Wear and tear Long drives can add miles to your vehicle's value and cause it to need maintenance (oil changes etc.) sooner.
  • Time You can fly across the country in a few hours, but driving the same distance takes many days. You have a limited amount of time and will need to spend a lot of it when you go on a road trip.
  • If One Thing goes wrong! You can't drive a car if one thing goes wrong. If you have more than one problem, you'll be in the negative.

Add all of the costs and you can see how expensive it can be to drive to another state. It is also important to consider the risk of driving. You, your passenger, and your car are all in danger on the roads, no matter how skilled or inexperienced you may be. You might also be afraid of driving for long periods as you make your way to your destination. When you think about the cost of shipping a car, keep this in mind.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs vary depending on many factors.

  • Make/Model – The bigger the vehicle, it will take up more space on a trailer. A truck, SUV, van, or any other large vehicle will cost more than a sedan or compact vehicle.
  • Trailer Type Most people transport their vehicles on the backs of open-air auto trailers that look like the ones you see all the time on the highway. An enclosed trailer can be used to transport your vehicle, which is a popular choice for collectors. However, it will cost more.
  • Route The more time a vehicle hauler takes to transport your vehicle, the higher the shipping cost. Costs can also be affected by the pickup and dropoff locations. If you need to pick up or deliver in an isolated location, far from major highways or populations centers, this could increase the cost of shipping your car.
  • Schedule You have the option to pay more for your car to be picked up and delivered earlier, within a few days of scheduling. You can also choose to wait up to a week for pickup.
  • Availability There are times in the year when there are fewer vehicle haulers available. In these cases, it will be more expensive to schedule one.
  • Condition If you need to ship a vehicle without running, the hauler will need to manually get it on and off the trailer. This takes more effort and costs more.

Remember that vehicle haulers can transport multiple cars on the back of their trailers when calculating the cost of shipping a car. This means that the cost of fuel and driver's time is split among all those shipping their cars. Because you share the financial responsibility, you will often spend less when you go on a road trip and pay the whole cost.

How Much Will Your Shipment Cost?

Move Car Auto Transport makes it easy to get a quote for shipping a car. Our car shipping calculator will give you an instant quote. This innovative tool was created in 2000 and is still the fastest and easiest way to find out the cost of auto shipping. This way you don't have the luxury of guessing about which option is best - you can use real numbers to determine for certain.

This is how it works: First, you enter the type and trailer of the vehicle you wish to ship. Next, you select the pickup and drop-off locations and the vehicle's running condition. We then give you shipping cost estimates broken down into three levels.

  • The Standard Tier - This option is the cheapest. A vehicle hauler will usually assign shipments to you within 1-8 days of your first availability.
  • Expedited tier This pricing tier is middle-range (and highly recommended). A vehicle hauler usually assigns the shipment within 1-4 days of when you make it available.
  • Rush Tier This is the most costly option. A vehicle hauler usually assigns your shipment within 1-2 days of the first time you make it available.

Vehicle haulers usually travel approximately 500 miles per day. The total shipping distance can be divided by 500 to get an estimate of shipping time. Transporters must also make stops to pick up and drop off cargo, which can add days to the shipping time.

The Best and Cheapest?

Shipping options that are the cheapest don't always mean they're the best. Sure, you pay less. You may pay less, but you don't want to trust your car to someone with poor records or a shipping company that doesn't care about customer service. To be extraordinary, auto shipping does not have to cost a lot. Be aware of high prices that appear too good to be true. Auto-shipping is a cost-effective way to get your car. You might take a huge risk when you search for the lowest possible prices for something as valuable and costly as your car. It is better to choose a company that balances quality, affordability, consistency, and dedication.

Move Car Auto Transport, High-Value Shipping Options

Move Car Auto Transport is an innovator in auto shipping and a standard-bearer. We can help make auto shipping more valuable. We do everything possible to make shipping a car affordable. We only work with the best vehicle haulers in this industry. Your vehicle will be in good hands because you're getting the best service.