Posted on 01/24/22

Four Common Issues In Auto Transportation And How To Avoid Them

Four Common Issues In Auto Transportation And How To Avoid Them

Every industry that transports goods from one place to the next will experience problems at some point. Logistics is a complex business with many moving parts. Sometimes things don't go as planned. The same applies to auto transportation. There are many reasons why auto transportation problems can occur. It is important to learn how to avoid these problems if possible.

Here's a list of four common problems customers can cause in auto transportation. However, we are not saying customers are always responsible for all the problems. As a customer, it is your responsibility to prevent problems from ever happening. This will ensure that you are aware of the potential problems and can prevent them from happening. As with everything else, being informed is key to a successful experience. This will allow you to get cheaper car shipping and save you time and hassles.

Last-minute bookings for auto transport

Sometimes it is necessary to schedule a shipment at the last minute. For example, you had a family death and need to wrap up the estate. Your brother-in-law left his car on your lap while he moved and couldn't bring it with him. You can book a shipment last minute for many reasons, but it can be problematic if you have a time-sensitive shipment.

It can take up to seven days to arrange a carrier to pick up your vehicle. This is called a dispatch window in the car transportation industry. Most companies will tell you that it takes time to find the right carrier. If time is important, they might not be able to find you a carrier in the amount of time that you require.

It's not the fault of the company - it's just how the industry works. However, next-day or same-day pickups are not uncommon. It is possible to find a carrier quickly on most routes. For shipments to rural areas or routes less popular, you may have to wait longer for your shipment if you book last-minute.

There are fewer carriers on less-popular routes, which means that availability is lower. Because of the large number of carriers, availability on popular routes tends to be better. A vehicle moving from New York to Miami is more efficient than one going from Texas to North Dakota. This assumes that both parties are paying the same rate.

We offer different levels depending on the time you need your vehicle picked up. Call us to speak with a representative about priority and expedited services.

Falsely describing your vehicle

We see vehicle misrepresentation every day in our auto transport business. The mistake most of the time is honest. For example, the customer did not realize that the pickup truck was a dual-purpose vehicle. They didn't realize that the car they are looking to ship had a dead battery. Misrepresentation can be caused by misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions, rather than willful intent.

However, that doesn't mean people won't try to trick us. This can lead to serious problems because what you ship is often the second most important aspect of your shipment.

Transporters that use auto transport only have so much room on their trucks. They must be careful when building their loads. A truck that can hold eight standard cars will be able to fit eight standard cars. If you order a shipment for Ford Focus but it is an SUV or minivan it will not be allowed to be loaded by the carrier.

This scenario is not common. We don't have many customers lying about the type of vehicle they transport. Customers will often claim that their vehicle is operational even though it's not. This is a very common problem, and many people don't realize it is an issue.

Why is this an issue? Why? Because carriers transport the vehicles they load onto their trucks. If the load they're trying to load doesn't start, it's impossible for them to do so. The driver will require a winch to load and unload their vehicle. Falsely describing your vehicle could result in it not being loaded. You may be charged a dry run fee if you waste the carrier's time.

Don't make yourself or your vehicle available

Avoiding common problems with auto transportation is crucial. It doesn't matter if you're talking about your car or your availability, it's crucial to have both when you place your order.

What does this all mean? It means you need to know when you are available for pickup or delivery. It also means you must be available to pick up your vehicle or have it delivered to you within the specified time. Your car is the same. You should not set your car's first available date if your vehicle isn't ready for you within a few days.

Because it allows us to search for the right carrier, availability is crucial. You and your vehicle must be available at all times within the window. For example, you need to ensure that you have the time to meet with the carrier or that you are not otherwise busy.

Every carrier will contact you to set up a pickup time and place. We will notify you by phone when we dispatch your vehicle. Please be available to release your vehicle to the carrier upon arrival once we have scheduled you for pickup.

Another problem is when people order cars online, but then need them shipped. We find out that they have not even paid for the car. You must pay for the car that you bought online before you can book your order.

The vehicle should not be left unattended

It is essential that your car be ready for loading when you ship it. This seems like an obvious requirement, but it's often not met with the vehicle's readiness. Carriers must wait until they have it loaded onto their trucks.

It may not seem like a big deal at times, but it can become a problem more often than it should. There are many reasons the vehicle might not be available for pickup. The car may not be ready to pick up if there are items in it, if the car is not paid for or if the vehicle is misrepresented.

This is related to the "misrepresenting vehicle" problem, which is the biggest auto transport problem we see. The second most serious problem is when the customer doesn't have their vehicle ready for shipping.

You must honor the dates you have given us when you place your order. We will do our best to locate a carrier in the timeframe you specify. 90% of the time, it is dispatched on time. You have to make sure you're ready to go.

Move Car will do it no matter what.

We can help you ship an old or broken car. You can fill out the online request form, or call us to speak with a representative. These are common problems that auto shipping professionals can help you avoid. As long as you are responsible, they can assist you in getting your vehicle ready for transport.

Give us a call, or complete our online quote form to see what Move Car could do for you. We offer affordable auto shipping rates and services. This includes multiple levels such as priority or expedited. We can move any vehicle, no matter its make or model.