Posted on 01/13/22

What Is The Cost To Ship A Car

What Is The Cost To Ship A Car

Do you want to know how much shipping a car costs? You're in the right place!

We have provided a breakdown of the factors that can impact shipping costs and services. Learn more about shipping a car and how much it will cost to ship one. You can also get a quote by filling out our online form or calling us toll-free at any time.

What is the cost to ship a car?

The average cost of shipping a car within the continental U.S.A is about $1,000. The lowest price hovers around $700-$750, while the highest average price is in the $1200-$1,300 area. For distances greater than 1,000 miles, the average cost of automobile shipping is $0.60 per mile. For shorter routes, it costs more per mile (around 1 per mile).

The cost of shipping a vehicle depends on many factors, including the chosen transportation method, the season, distance covered, and vehicle size. There may be companies that charge flat fees for car shipping. However, you should always read the fine print to see if there are any additional charges.

Factors that Affect Shipping Costs for Cars

There are many factors that will affect the cost of shipping your vehicle. What are you shipping to or from? What type of vehicle are they shipping? How is the vehicle in its current condition? This and other factors will affect the car transport cost. American Auto Shipping can provide you with the best quotes from the top companies for absolutely no cost.

Distance: From and to what point are you shipping?

Your car transport cost will be influenced by the distance between your pickup location and your delivery location. The more distance you ship, the higher your shipping costs. Shipping costs are usually calculated per mile. Longer distances tend to be more expensive so companies typically price their shipments per mile. While shorter distances tend to be cheaper but will cost more per mile than longer ones, longer distances will cost you less per mile.

Type of Vehicle: What type of vehicle are you shipping?

Shipping what you are shipping is just as important as shipping where you are shipping from. To determine how much space they need, shippers will need to know the exact details of your vehicle. Shipments of larger vehicles are more expensive because they take up more space. Most vehicles have dimensions already. If your vehicle is a van or a pickup truck it may be necessary for carriers to know its dimensions. This applies to any vehicle that is larger than average.

Maneuverability: Does the vehicle work?

Shipping costs will depend on the condition of your car. A winch can be used for loading and unloading your vehicle if it doesn't start but it can still move, brake, and steer. Although vehicles can be loaded onto trucks by driving them on the road, they cannot be unloaded if they aren’t running. All carriers don't use winches and those who do tend to charge more for it.

You should inform your agent if your vehicle isn't running. They may send a truck that can't load your vehicle. This could result in you having to pay dry run fees. False representations of a vehicle can lead to serious problems.

Transport Type: How do I want my vehicle shipped?

Open transport is the most economical way to ship a vehicle. Enclosed transportation will increase the cost of your shipment. It can increase the cost of shipping large pickup trucks or vehicles that have been modified to be larger than their stock counterparts.

Origination: Do you ship from a major metropolitan area?

For several reasons, major cities and their metropolitan areas are more popular than rural locales. First, larger cities have more carriers. There are also more customers. It makes it cheaper because the carriers don't need to travel too far to pick up or deliver the vehicle. Rural shipments will be more affordable if they are close to major highways. Prices tend to be higher if you live in the middle.

Seasonality: Which season is it?

Surprised? The seasons can and will have an impact on auto transport services and the cost of shipping your car. Spring and fall are the "stable" seasons. Summer and winter, on the other hand, can be more volatile when it comes to shipping a car. Shipping services are more expensive on major routes during summer when there is a lot of demand. Winter months see a decrease in demand, which can lead to lower costs for shipping a vehicle.

Other factors that impact automobile shipping costs:

  • The vehicle's condition If it is not in working order, you will have to pay more for shipping.
  • Additional services - You can increase your vehicle's shipping costs by approximately $250 to $550 if you need expedited shipping or additional insurance.
  • Route: Direct routes, traffic jams, and road closures all have an impact on the price.
  • Numbers of vehicles It will be more expensive to ship more cars, but you may be able to get a discount on the total cost.
  • Seasonality Prices rise during peak car shipping seasons. Because trucks fill up quickly in summer, this means that there is a lot of competition to find trucks to load the cars and transport them. You will pay $200-$350 more during the summer months than you would in the winter. The winter season is more expensive, but it can take longer due to weather conditions.
  • Failed delivery Sometimes car owners forget to contact the courier during the delivery window. This can lead to a missed delivery. Surcharges can add up to several hundred dollars when this happens.

Average Car Shipping Prices Per Transport Type

There are three types of transport trucks in the car shipping sector: flatbed, enclosed, and open.

Open transport trucks are the most economical way to transport a vehicle. Open transport costs up to $400-$500 less than enclosed transport when transporting the same vehicle on the same route.

Open transport carriers are preferred by the vast majority of car owners. For those with custom cars or classic cars, the premium shipping option is available.

Open transportation works best for those who ship a vehicle that they drive every day. Closed transportation works best for vehicles that are not driven daily. Open transport truck drivers unload and load vehicles by driving them onto and off the truck. Many enclosed trailers come with liftgate elevators that allow for loading and unloading. This reduces the risk of damage by allowing the vehicle to not be driven onto and off the truck.

Flatbed transport is an available service for vehicles that are too large or heavy to fit in a standard trailer. This service is ideal for vehicles with heavy equipment and modified vehicles.

Average Car Shipping Prices Per Distance Traveled

Keep in mind that longer trips require more fuel. This means that car shipping services will be more expensive. After comparing and calculating the shipping costs for 3 different car sizes over 5 distances, the following table shows the average cost of car shipping. It also includes current offers and prices.

These figures are subject to change, and may not reflect current trends in auto transport. This is a rough estimate of the average cost for each type of transport. Use our Auto Transport Estimator to obtain a quote.

                                Average Cost        Open transport          Enclosed transportation

150 miles                $470                          $350                                  $590

550 km                    $750                          $550                                  $950

1,000 miles            $1,150                      $900                                  $1,400

1,050 mile              $985                         $720                                  $1,250

2,750 km               $1,300                       $1,050                              $1,550

Shipping costs will increase for larger cars. Each car you buy will cost you an additional $100. Shipping an average car costs $850. A truck costs nearly $1,100, while an SUV will cost you $920. Enclosed shipping adds $200 to the average cost.

You should also consider whether your car's journey involves cross-country or in-state travel. This will affect the cost of shipping. Surcharges such as overnight charges, fees for leaving the state, toll roads, and gas all play a part in the final quote that you receive.

Shipping to or from difficult-to-reach locations (i.e., places that are far from interstates) will automatically make the shipment more costly than those to major cities with easy access. The average cost of shipping a vehicle cross-country is $1,300. A trip within the state will cost you $500 (for 150 miles).

Average Car Shipping Prices Based on Vehicle Size

Type of Vehicle       Average Weight (pounds)          Estimated Cost per 1,000 miles

Minivan                        4500                                                        $0.96

Midsize SUV              4300                                                         $0.86

Pickup Truck for the

mid-sized driver       4300                                                        $0.86

Cars of mid-size      3500                                                         $0.75

Compact car           3000                                                         $0.59

Larger cars are more expensive to transport because they take up more space on the truck. A heavier vehicle also has a lower fuel consumption. It will therefore cost less to ship small cars, such as a Ford Escape and a Kia Sportage, than a Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet Silverado.

The following table shows an overview of OPEN transport costs to ship a car or SUV.

Distance (miles).         Truck              SUV               Car

150 miles                      $400                  $380               $350

550 km                         $650                   $580               $540

1,000 miles                $1,070                $920              $850

1,100 mile                  $900                  $770                $750

2,750 km                  $1,200                $1,100             $1,050

These are the average costs for shipping an SUV or truck via ENCLOSED transport.

Distance (miles).            SUV             Truck

150 miles                           $490              $600

550 km                              $780               $940

1,000 miles                     $1,250            $1,490

1,050 mile                      $990               $1,280

2,750 km                       $1,370              $1,620

Average Car Shipping Prices By Freight

While most car transport companies use trucks, there are also other options, like trains, airplanes, and ships. If you're shipping your vehicle to an international destination, it will cost you up to $100,00. However, it is much cheaper if you ship your car within the country (i.e. Hawaii or Alaska). However, air freight is still more expensive than shipping your vehicle by truck. Air freight is an option if you want to move quickly while moving overseas.

You will spend less than $1,000 to ship your car by train (route and railway company dependent, of course). Due to rising fuel costs, it is an economically viable and practical method of transport.

The cost to ship a car can vary depending on how far it has to go. This is a great option for places like Hawaii and Alaska.

Disclaimer: These price ranges are subject to change. These prices are only indicative of costs associated with automobile shipping. Prices may have changed due to gas price fluctuations or other factors. Use our online auto transports calculator to get a price quote.

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