Posted on 11/18/21

Busting 6 Common Auto Transport Myths

Busting 6 Common Auto Transport Myths

Most people don't think about auto transport until they actually need it. People moving across the country, or buying a car long distance might have questions about how shipping works.

We are here to dispel the most popular myths about car transport. Below, you can see the difference between fact and fiction.

Myth #1 about Car Shipping: driving your car is cheaper and easier than shipping it

Many people believe it is cheaper to drive your car around the country than to ship it. This is false. It's not easy to travel cross-country, especially if you have children or pets. An auto transport company will ship your vehicle while you work, coordinate your move, and check off other things on your list.

Multi-day road trips can be expensive in terms of cost. The expenses can quickly add up, including gas, meals, overnight accommodation, and wear and tear to your vehicle. Shipping your car is often cheaper than driving it. Working with a reliable car transport broker who is committed to customer service will make it easy and stress-free.

Car Shipping Myth #2 - You can only ship your vehicle if it is running

Are you looking to ship a vehicle that is not running correctly? It's possible! No problem! Most auto transport companies will ship any vehicle or car as long as it can roll, brake, and steer. It is important to note that transporting an inoperable vehicle can be more costly because haulers might need a special trailer, equipment, and/or training to load, move, and unload it.

Move Car is a trusted auto transport broker that can provide straightforward information about car shipping. Contact one of our friendly agents to request a quote.

Myth #3 about Car Shipping: Always go with the lowest price

It's crucial to shop around when searching for a company that will ship your car. Avoid companies that promise fast shipments at significantly reduced prices. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the auto transportation industry. They often charge customers hidden fees or unexpected charges at the end. There are very few chances that the cheapest company will offer you the best customer service. This is especially important when you trust someone to transport your vehicle safely.

Myth #4 about Car Shipping: Your quote will depend on the distance you are traveling.

The distance your vehicle must be moved has an impact on the cost. A longer distance will result in a lower rate per mile. However, this is only one factor that affects your quote. Your vehicle's make, model, and size are all taken into account. Also, the preferred pickup and delivery times, locations, and the year are all considered. Additional details, such as if your vehicle is being shipped to a remote, difficult to reach location, or if you require a specific pickup date, will impact the cost. These additional arrangements will be necessary.

Myth 5: Car Shipping: It is a waste to read customer reviews about auto transport.

When it comes to finding the best place to shop, order pizza, or service your furnace, you are likely to trust the recommendations of your friends. As you know, not all auto transport companies are trustworthy. You should look for companies with many positive reviews.

Car Shipping Myth #6 - Booking directly with a carrier is more convenient than booking through a broker

Carriers' lifeblood, brokers provide them with work on an ongoing basis. Brokers have more power than a customer who is only a customer once and can influence the quality of service they receive.

Due to a limited supply of trucks and routes carriers might not be able to accommodate your pick-up and drop-off locations or timeline. A broker can help you determine the cost and delivery time of your car shipping.

To arrange to ship for your vehicle, auto transport brokers use a wide network of carriers to ensure you get the best price and service. They are more committed to customer relationships and offer consistent communication, from the first quote through the delivery day.

Move Car, an industry-leading broker in auto transport, is committed to providing top-quality car shipping services for vehicle owners. Request a quote now or call one of our agents to get started.