Posted on 01/03/22

Cross Country Road Trip Games

Cross Country Road Trip Games

Are you planning a family road trip? Perhaps you are on your annual vacation or you and your family have moved for the better. Family road trips offer the opportunity to bond with your family and have fun, no matter what occasion. These trips can lead to long-term headaches. It could be you, your spouse, your children, or even your pet, all squeezed into one car. It can be thrilling, or it could be exhausting. Our cross-country travel experts at Move Car Auto Transport put together this list to keep the family entertained on their family road trip. These road trip games for adults and kids will keep you entertained, even if your cell phone is not available.

I Spy

"I see with my little eye" There are few road-tripping phrases more famous than this. For generations, "I spy" has been a staple of family road trips. It is a simple game that can be played for hours and keeps everyone alert while they watch out the windows. You can also play "I spy" anywhere from two-lane rural roads to busy interstates. It's easy to play. You start with one player as the spier. This person will say, "I spy with mine little eye, something blue." Everyone else in the car then must search for it. You and your family can decide which objects are allowed in the car. They call out whoever believes they have found the right item. If they are correct, they become the new spier.

License Plate Games

License plates are usually in plentiful supply on most road trips. Make it a game of license plates: The first person to collect all 50 states wins. Rule number one: no double-dipping. Only the first person to spot the Hawaii plate in the left lane gets to cross it off their bucket list. All others must wait. Multi-day trips to multiple states are possible with the license plate game. It is easy to locate roughly 20 states. What about finding a Maine plate west of the Mississippi or an Idaho plate deep south? This is when things get more difficult. You can modify the license plate game to keep it fun. Every person who spots a plate not yet seen on a given day earns a point. A point is awarded to the person who spots the day's most outrageous vanity plate. There are many fun modifications. Printing out lists is a great way to keep your kids and spouse happy while driving. It can be hard for adults to remember all 50 states.

Horses and Graveyards

Depending on where you live, there may be a lot of horses as well as graveyards. Horses and graveyards are two mainstays of cross-country driving. Horse and Graveyards is a game where your car can approach a horse. This could be a real horse, bumper stickers with horses, or any other type of horse. The first person to shout "That's my Horse!" gets one horse point. What about a whole herd? You might decide to make a rule that only one point is worth for herds of horses, depending on how wild you want your car. The next step is the graveyard. Your car will approach a graveyard and the first person to shout "Graveyard!" receives his or her horse point. Everyone else loses any horse points they have accumulated since the previous graveyard. The winner of Horses and Graveyards will be the one with the most horse points at the end.

The Animal Point Game

The animal point game, which continues the theme of animals, is a great way to keep everyone entertained on the road. As you begin your journey, your family should brainstorm any animals that you may see along the way and how many points each one is worth. The rarity of an animal is usually what determines the point value. One point is awarded to cows, horses, and birds. Deer and Hawks are worth 10 points. Llamas are worth 25 points. Exotic animals in zoos: 100 points Blue whales are worth 1000 points. It is important to determine how you plan to score large numbers of the same animal in one place. It is not a good idea to give 500 points to someone who passes a feedlot on the highway. Ask your children hypothetical questions like "How many points does it cost to spot a Sasquatch?" or "How much is it worth to spot a woolly mammoth?" If you and your family make a trip to Yellowstone, or other places with many different animals, the animal point game can be especially enjoyable. The animal counting game is similar to "I spy", but keeps your children looking out the window, away from their tablets and phones.

The Quiet Game

The quiet game is a great way to keep your sanity while on long road trips. You can prepare for the game by purchasing different prizes (snacks are always a good choice) for your winners. You'd expect the rules to be as they are. The prize goes to the person who speaks for the longest time. If you convince your family members to play along, this game will work. The peace and tranquility you will experience are priceless if your family can agree to it. Play a round with the quiet game, play a favorite song or a family book on tape, then relax in your car.

Movie Matching Games

The movie matching game may be the best friend you have on the open road if your family is well-versed in pop culture. One variation uses only movie titles. If one person speaks a movie title, the next person must then say another movie title that has at least one shared word. For example, if someone says Avengers Endgame then the next person could say Game Night. Next, you might hear Night at the Museum. Someone who can't find a movie title that matches this rule loses one of their three lives. The person who has lost all three lives is removed from the game. Do you want a simpler version of the movie match game? Match the first letter from each title with that of the previous title. Example: Avengers Endgame. Edge of Tomorrow. Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory. Yes Man. Take a break from the above games and play a few rounds in a movie matching game. This will keep everyone thinking clearly and creatively during those long, straight flights through flyover country.

Make your road trip easier: Send your car(s)

Do you have multiple cars in your family that is needed to move across the country? The family that drives together stays sane! If you don't need to, don't break up your whole group into several cars. You can enjoy the trip together and can help each other parents in case of problems. You can consolidate your cross-country road trip with extra cars.

There are many benefits to shipping all cars except one. This allows you to bring your entire family together. It saves you hundreds of thousands of miles on your other cars. It also reduces the driving time for everyone in your group. It gives you peace of mind. You can be sure that your vehicle will arrive safely when you ship it with a reliable car shipping company. Shipping your vehicle is an easy way to get your car from one place to another.

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