Posted on 01/28/22

Cross Country Auto Transport

Cross Country Auto Transport

Transport Your Car All Over the Country: From Start To Finish

Cross-country car transportation is a method of shipping your vehicle throughout the United States. Where should you begin when searching for cross-country shipping services? This article will provide a quick overview of the details you need when moving cars across the country.

Move Car boasts a vast network of carriers that runs from coast to coast and borders to border. We can ship your vehicle across the United States from almost any location. These are the steps required to move a car across the country:

Step 1: Request a Car Shipping Quote

A quote is the first step to auto transport from one state to another. We don't want you to do business with competitors but getting multiple car transport quotes will allow you to locate companies that can help cross-country. To get an instant quote, fill out the free car shipping form. We can help customers move cars around the country.

No matter if you decide to ship with us, once you have chosen a cross-country auto transport provider, it is time to book your shipment. Many companies require that you call a phone number to speak with a representative. Others will let you fill out the information online. Move Car can assist you online or by phone. We are happy to accept any of these options!

Step 2: Get your vehicle ready for transport

Follow our auto transport guidelines to ensure that your vehicle is ready for transportation. It is important to disclose information about your vehicle, such as its condition and whether it has been modified, run, or driven. You will need to mark damaged vehicles prior to shipping. A winch will be required for vehicles that are unable to roll, brake, steer or start. This will increase the cost of shipping. Modified vehicles will be more expensive to ship than stock vehicles. They are likely to weigh more or have heavier components. You can get all the details from our cross-country vehicle transport specialists.

Step 3: Schedule your vehicle pick-up

It can be daunting to ship a car across the country. But with a cross-country auto transport company, it should not be. Rely on your shipper as often as possible. They are your guide through the car transport world and will assist you from beginning to end.

Once your order has been placed and the shipping dates have been set, it is time to move. Your auto transport company searches your local area for a truck or carrier to transport your vehicle across the country. We do that, along with all cross-country auto transporters. You can reach us at our toll-free number anytime to speak with an agent and get your shipment underway.

After they have found cross-country service for you they will give you a pickup window. If the carrier is near, they will give you more details on where to pick up your vehicle. After the driver arrives, the driver and you will inspect your vehicle. Then, the vehicle is loaded onto the cross-country trailer and shipped across the country.

You will always have the information you need to track your shipment. These details will include information about the carrier as well as the driver's phone number and name. You can either talk to your driver or let us do it for you. You can talk to your cross-country auto transport representative about additional information. They will also be able to discuss payment options and answer any questions.

It can take up to two weeks to ship cars across the country. Make sure you're prepared to be without your car for at least this time.

Step 4: Get your vehicle to the destination

It is now time to deliver your vehicle. It is not easy or quick to move cars around the country. The trucks that are used to transport them are large. They cannot reach every address they are shipping to or from. Your carrier will talk with you about alternative locations and then you will meet them at a predetermined location to pick up your vehicle. These are usually large parking lots located in front of massive bix-box or strip malls. You can also have someone you know or a relative pick up the vehicle for you if you are unable to be there.

After your auto transport vehicle has arrived, both you and the driver will inspect it again to make sure there are no new damages. It is very rare for your vehicle to be damaged in transit, despite it being shipped across the country. You will need to pay your driver at delivery. You can pay cash on delivery (COD) most of the time, but you may be able to discuss other payment options such as Zelle and Cash App with your driver if needed.

What is the cost to ship a car across the country?

Consider the following when calculating shipping costs:

  • Distance- This is the core factor that will determine how much you'll pay. Longer distances are more expensive.
  • Vehicle specs (model, make, height, length, etc.) Larger vehicles are more expensive because they take up more space on the truck. This can lead to fewer vehicles being loaded at once.
  • Vehicle condition –vehicles that do not run, roll, or brake will be more expensive than fully operational vehicles
  • Types of transport (i.e. door-to-door transportation and terminal shipping, expedited vehicle shipment) - Enclosed or expedited shipping will be more expensive when moving cars across the country. You should choose the best transportation option for your vehicle.
  • Time and date of the year -Summertime shipping tends to be more expensive than winter shipping, as summer demand is higher.
  • Drop off and pick up locations -Major metropolitan regions are generally easier to ship from than rural areas. This means that shipping costs will be lower.

How long does it take to ship a car across the country?

The time required to travel the distance will determine how long it takes. Shipping cars from coast to coast takes between 10-14 days. On average, car transport trucks travel 500 miles per day. These are only estimates and there are many variables. A shipment traveling between 1,000 and 1,500 miles will take approximately 2-3 days.

Weather, traffic, and other factors will all affect the delivery time. Transporters have limitations on the distance and speed they can drive. This factor is also considered when considering travel time. The transport service will likely take longer than the time it takes to drive your car to its destination.

You can also enjoy a stress-free transportation experience that allows you to focus on other aspects of your day. You can also request expedited delivery or pickup services to get faster shipping.

Here are some guidelines for how long it will take to ship your car across the country.

  • From the East Coast to Midwest (2-4 Days).
  • From the West Coast to East Coast (5-7 days).
  • From the North to South (2-4 Days).
  • From the West Coast to Midwest (3-5 Days).
  • You can also consider these things in order to accurately estimate delivery time:

  • It may take longer to deliver your vehicle if it is required to be transported on a weekend.
  • Before heading to the delivery address, the driver must make stops at other locations.
  • The law allows drivers to drive up to 70 hours per week. They must stop when they exceed the daily driving limit. This allows them to stop, which contributes to safer transport.
  • The shipping process can take up to an hour for pickups and delivery.
  • Weather and traffic conditions

What is the cheapest way to ship a car across the country?

Open auto transport combined with the terminal to terminal services will most often be the best way to ship your vehicle across the country. Open trailers can transport up to 10 vehicles simultaneously. This allows them to save substantial money on fuel, transport, and oil. Terminal-to-terminal service does not require that carriers stop as often. This can lead to faster shipment. You can also consider shipping services between the late fall and the late spring (the offseason) for even lower prices.

However, terminal-to-terminal shipping services may not be the best. These services are often more affordable, but they are difficult to find as there are fewer terminals closing. Terminal shipping can be more expensive than the normally less costly door-to-door services. Terminal storage fees are added to the cost of door-to-door service.

You can also lock-in premium shipping prices by booking ahead. You might also be eligible for a discount. You can contact us via email, Live Chat, or phone. We are happy to provide information about your options and offer our friendly assistance!

Do You Want to Ship Your Vehicle Over the Country?

This is not a decision you should take lightly. You have to consider many factors before you decide whether you want to ship your car or drive it. Before you decide whether to ship your car across the country or drive it, consider these factors:

  • Driving distance If you plan to drive your own car, it is a good idea to map the route in advance. You may not be aware of certain factors, like road infrastructure, roadside amenities, traffic patterns, topography, etc. It is up to you to decide which route is the most convenient, safest, and easiest. Also, consider mileage. This will affect how much fuel you use and how much you pay for it. Remember to eat on the way. These extra costs can make auto transportation services more expensive. Compare your estimates with prices from our online car transport calculator to determine which method is the most cost-effective for moving your car around the country.
  • Seasonal Considerations Will you drive across the country in the winter or summer/spring? If you're moving to the north of the country, it is important to consider the exact date you wish to ship your vehicle. Driving in adverse weather conditions can be very difficult. You may have to deal with icy roads, cold winds, heavy snowfalls, and other challenges. These conditions can not only put your safety at risk but also create major delays. Cross-country shipping can be a safer and more convenient option than traditional shipping, especially if enclosed transport is chosen to protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Time lost - To drive your car across the country, you will need to take a lot of time (at most 4 days). This is not cost-effective, especially when you consider that you can transport your car with an automobile transport carrier, and then fly to the new location by yourself. You can also resume work the next day.
  • Shipping Costs If you want to save money and have the best experience, having your car shipped is the best option. For more information on factors that influence shipping costs for cars, see the above.

Request An Auto Transport Estimate

Are you ready to get started? Use our online car shipping calculator to get a quote and find out the cost of shipping your vehicle.