Posted on 04/04/22

Auto Transportation Scheduling

Auto Transportation Scheduling

After a customer's auto transport, we love to receive online feedback. It not only lets us know how we are doing but also informs future customers what they can expect from the auto transport process. Potential customers often base their expectations on the services they have used in the past to help them research their options. Many customers mistakenly assume that scheduling auto transport is the same as booking a flight through an airline. However, they are surprised when it is not.

Auto Transport Scheduling

Marie, a customer who wanted to review our service online, had an expectation regarding transport scheduling. Marie had never shipped her car before and assumed that by placing her order ahead of time, she would be given a schedule. Jason was her Move Car Customer Support Representative. He was always available to answer any questions she had while waiting for confirmation.

Many customers find it difficult to understand that auto transport schedules can be more flexible than other transit schedules. Every auto transport run is different based on each customer's address. This is because drivers can't micro-manage their driving times in order to meet preplanned schedules. Most carriers will confirm availability within 24 to 48 hours of customers' pick-up time. Even then, these times are only estimates.

Although we understand that customers may prefer to receive estimates within 24 hours of pickup, rather than a fixed time in advance, the reality of affordable auto transport doesn't permit exact scheduling. We prefer to tell customers what they can reasonably expect from our door-to-door transportation service. Marie, our customer said: "This is my first and most likely only experience with car transport. But it all turned out exactly as Jason promised."

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