Posted on 12/21/21

What You Need To Know About Shipping Times For Cars

What You Need To Know About Shipping Times For Cars

It doesn't matter if you are moving your vehicle 500 miles within your state or 3,000 across the country, an auto transport carrier can make it easier than driving it yourself. There are some things you need to know when planning your car shipping.

  • What time will it take?
  • How far in advance should my booking be made?
  • What is the best time to ship a car?
  • Which is the busiest hour?

We are here to help you answer all your questions.

Car Shipping Time Estimates

Most people's first question is "How long it will take to pick it up?" When will it arrive? Auto transports typically cover 500 miles per day. If you ship 500 miles or less, it will be delivered in 2-3 days. For shipping across the country, expect transport time to take approximately a week. Remember that carriers are subject to unpredictable circumstances and can't control things like inclement weather or truck breakdowns. Car shipping estimates are only that... estimates. If this is your first experience with an auto transport company, our guide will teach you everything you need to.

You can reduce the chances of getting frustrated if you plan ahead. Plan to leave the car unattended for a few days, and then arrange for a rental, ride-sharing, carpooling, or bumming rides with friends.

Friends are always there to help you. A common question is whether or not you must be present for the pickup from the origin point as well as the delivery of your car to its destination. Thankfully, no! It is not necessary to have someone you trust, who is at least 18 years old, available to pick up the vehicle. It only takes 30 minutes so it is not unreasonable or difficult to ask. They know that you would do it for them. You can buy a car anywhere in the country, or even fly to your destination. And you know that someone else will ship or receive your vehicle.

When is the best time to ship a car?

Once you've sorted out the logistics of shipping and receiving your car, it is time to plan when. Sometimes you just need to be there when you are needed, like moving for work, deploying, or shipping a vehicle to college. You might have the option to choose the month or the season when you ship your vehicle. Information is power, no matter what. Let's now talk about when is the best time for shipping a car.

Fall is the best time to ship a vehicle. The best choices for faster delivery and lower rates are September, October, and the first half of November. Although the summer rush is over and the snowbird migration has not yet begun, you won't have to deal with as much weather. Because it isn't a rush season, there are fewer shippers to compete with, which means that rates are lower as more transporters try to fill loads. Shippers still seek loads, even though the holidays aren't here, and they don't want to miss out on time with loved ones.

Many people move during summer because of the school year. Summer is the busiest season due to this influx and beautiful weather. Because you are competing with other customers to use the limited space available on your transport vehicle, being busy can also make it more expensive. You may have to pay more to get haulers to take your vehicle, whether you are shipping in the summer or winter. It could be worth paying more to incentivize haulers to pick up your vehicle or to take a car to a new place that is not well-traveled or subject to turbulence in winter.

It takes time to ship your car across country

You've decided that shipping your car across the country is a possibility. You've also chosen the season and know who will be available for pickup and delivery. Now it's time to get a quote and book your vehicle.

Now for the final question: How far in advance should you request a quote? Move Car is committed to providing you with the best information. Although other transport brokers recommend that you get quotes at least a month in advance, Move Car understands the volatility that can occur. We will not quote you more than 14 days in advance. A week is enough time to get current pricing and still have plenty of time to plan.

To find out how much shipping will cost, use our online quote calculator. You can use our online booking form or call us to speak with a customer service representative. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule a transport company.