Posted on 12/15/21

Do Car Transport Services Search Your Car When You Ship It

Do Car Transport Services Search Your Car When You Ship It

You are now ready to ship your car. Your car may be sent to a neighboring state, across the nation, or across the ocean. You might be curious about how auto transport companies approach vehicle inspections depending on where your vehicle is landing.

When shipping your vehicle, it's normal to ask questions about the vehicle. Perhaps you are feeling nervous about someone inspecting your car, empty or full. All auto transport companies will inspect your vehicle's exterior. An auto transport company can inspect your car from the outside to record its condition prior to it arriving. The transport company can protect itself from any false damage claims by recording the vehicle's condition.

Inspections of interior vehicles are another matter.

What is the likelihood of an Auto Transport Service inspecting your Vehicle?

Many auto transport companies don't care about what your car looks like. When a vehicle is traveling to Hawaii or other international destinations, quick interior vehicle inspections are common. An auto transport company will conduct an inspection to check the vehicle's interior. Unclean vehicles pose a risk.

Your vehicle's interior can be damaged if you have any loose items, such as electronics, air fresheners, or miscellaneous items. If your car is hit by uneven terrain, loose items can cause damage to your vehicle's interior. You can maintain your vehicle's interior by removing unnecessary items such as air fresheners, and safely storing away essential items like electronic equipment.

We will be discussing car theft during auto shipping in the future, but for now, we'll just say that every driver wants the possibility of theft to be minimized. GPS units are an interior accessory that is common in vehicles. If you choose open-carrier transport, removing an accessory such as a GPS unit could lead to theft.

An exterior inspection of a vehicle is more important to a vehicle shipping company. To lower the risk of your vehicle being stolen or damaged, you should spend the most time inspecting its interior.

Customers who use auto transport often have questions about interior inspections when they plan on packing personal or household belongings in the vehicle. You must first determine whether this is legal before you start packing items in your shipping vehicle.

Is it illegal to transport items in your car?

When evaluating whether personal items can be packed in a vehicle you are shipping, the Department of Transportation is the best reference. The Department of Transportation has yet to issue a statement stating that vehicle shipping companies are allowed to ship personal or household goods stored in a client’s vehicle. If you plan to pack personal or household items in your vehicle, don't despair. You can legally store personal items in your vehicle. These practices are subject to different rules by auto transport companies.

What are some basic rules for shipping a vehicle with personal items inside?

Although it is technically legal to transport personal or household belongings in your vehicle, shipping and storing illegal items in your car may be illegal. When packing personal belongings in your car, auto-shipping companies will often communicate a weight limit. This rule typically applies to items between 100 and 150 pounds. Personal items can be packed in your car as long as you stay within the 100-150-pound weight range. Many auto transport companies will require you to keep your car within the 100-150-pound limit.

The "below-the-window" rule is the practice of storing personal items below a window's view line in your vehicle. The risk of theft is minimized by adhering to the "below-the-window" rule. Thieves can be tipped off by tall piles of personal items on open-carrier transport trailers. "Below the window," doesn't just help vehicle owners. Overpacking can cause obstruction to the driver's seat. To move your car from one place to another, drivers must have an open driver's seat.

When you meet with an auto transport company, it is a good idea to discuss personal item weight limits. Ask for a vehicle weight limit. Additional fees are often charged for exceeding this weight limit. The auto shipping company will request that personal items be secured before they ship. It is a good idea to store personal items in your trunk. You can store items in different sections of your car's interior, but make sure to put them in sealed containers or boxes.

Do I have to be concerned about possible thieves in vehicle shipping services?

A professional and reliable auto shipping company will reduce the chance of you having to deal with unscrupulous activity. It is important to conduct background checks on any auto transport company you are considering. Some companies can be dangerous. Third-party thieves could steal personal items from your car. You can reduce theft risks by following the guidelines, such as the "below-the-window" rule and choosing enclosed auto transport.

Car transport companies won't cover personal items in your car because their main concern is the safety and condition of your vehicle. It is important to find a reliable and professional auto shipping company because personal items in your vehicle will not be covered. Although your personal property won't be covered by insurance, a reliable auto transport company will make every effort to ensure that your personal property is safe and in good condition.

What can I do to find out more about Storing Personal Items in a Vehicle I'm Shipping

It can be difficult to choose one company when there are so many auto shipping companies. Move Car Auto Transport has the experience and professionalism to ensure a smooth vehicle shipping process. Call Move Car Auto Insurance to discuss personal items and vehicle shipping.