Posted on 04/04/22

Here Are 10 Tips To Prepare Your Car For Auto Transport

Here Are 10 Tips To Prepare Your Car For Auto Transport

Are you planning to ship your vehicle across the country? You may be wondering how to prepare your vehicle for transportation. Auto transport is not something that most people do every day. This means you might not know what you should do to ensure your vehicle is ready to go for the cross-country trip. You, as the owner of the vehicle, are responsible for getting your car ready for transportation before the driver arrives. This is all you need to know in order to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

1. Wash your vehicle

Wash the vehicle's exterior first. Although this may seem counterintuitive as you will be shipping your vehicle across the country, the purpose of washing your car is to document its condition. It is important to inspect your vehicle and note any dents or scratches. A clean vehicle will make it easier to spot imperfections.

2. Take photos of your vehicle

After you have cleaned the car thoroughly, take photos of the exterior. Before you hand your vehicle over to transport, be sure to take photos of any scratches, dents, and paint chips. These photos can be used as proof of the vehicle's condition in case it is damaged during transportation. These photos will be used to verify the condition of your vehicle when it is being picked up for shipping.

3. Take Out Exterior Accessories

You should remove any exterior accessories from your vehicle before you ship it. They could be damaged in transit. These accessories include:

  • Bike racks that can be removed
  • Rooftop boxes and luggage racks
  • Retractable antennas
  • Spoilers made to order

4. Perform any necessary maintenance

You will need to inform the car shipping company about your vehicle's current condition before you ship it. It requires special equipment to transport inoperable cars. You should inspect your vehicle for any mechanical or leakage issues. Also, make sure you check your battery and ensure that your tires are properly inflated.

5. Take a picture of the Odometer

Before shipping your vehicle, you will need to record the mileage. Once it arrives at its destination, take a photo of the odometer. You will be able to rest assured that your vehicle was not used for pleasure rides during transportation.

6. Empty your Gas Tank

Your vehicle should not have more than a quarter of a tank of gas. Extra gas can lead to extra weight, which can increase shipping costs. Because carriers must meet specific weight requirements, they prefer to have your vehicle with a quarter tank of gasoline or less.

7. Disable alarms and remove toll tags

A car alarm that doesn't work is the last thing a driver wants. You can prevent this from happening by disabling your car alarm before shipping. You won't have to pay tolls while your vehicle is being transported on a trailer. However, your tag will likely still collect the fee. Before shipping, remove or deactivate toll tags.

8. Take Personal Items

Personal items cannot be packed in your car by most car shipping companies. These items are not covered for theft or damage. Before you hand over your car, make sure that all personal items are removed. These items include sunglasses, charging cables and water bottles as well as jewelry and GPS devices.

9. Collect your Vehicle's Documents

You will need to show proof of ownership before you give your vehicle over. You can avoid any delays by having your paperwork ready in advance. These documents are required:

  • Information about vehicle registration
  • Insurance proof
  • Documentation of sale or proof of ownership
  • Original vehicle title
  • Valid ID

10. Additional Keys

To load your car onto the carrier, your transport driver will require keys. If you don't have any keys, this is the time to get an additional set. It is not a good idea to give away your only set.