Posted on 11/10/21

8 Tips To Avoid Hassle And Have Your Car Shipped Fast

8 Tips To Avoid Hassle And Have Your Car Shipped Fast

Sometimes, you have to ship a car quickly. It doesn't matter why you are in a hurry. You could be trying to sell quickly. You might be on a tight deadline or have just received your PCS orders. Perhaps your vehicle is used for work, and you don't want to go without it. It doesn't really matter why you need fast car shipping. What matters is being able to get it when you need it.

Move Car, like most auto transport companies, offers expedited car shipping. Move Car offers expedited shipping, which is unique because it includes guaranteed pick-up times, door-to-door service, and the option of shipping personal items inside your vehicle for no additional charge. We can't change the laws of physics to get your car to its destination today, but we are like all auto transport companies. It takes time to ship a vehicle.

Is it possible to speed up shipping a car? This is an interesting question that we are going to address in this post. Although a trucker is limited in its ability to cover so much distance in a single day, there are steps that can be taken to speed up the car shipping process. Your car will arrive at its destination quicker if it's picked up sooner.

These are the things you should know in order to get your car to its destination quickly:

Shipping a car by air is the fastest and most efficient way to do it.

Air Freight! Air Freight! You might consider shipping your car on a cargo plane to get it there quickly, such as across the country in just a few days.

What fast car delivery is for the ground

A vehicle traveling on roads will generally get to its destination faster if it is riding in an open car and traveling along major interstate highways. This means that you have options when it comes to expedited car shipping. This will be discussed in more detail later. However, it is important to remember that fast car shipping does not refer to the speed at which a vehicle can travel between pick-up and drop-off locations.

The benefits of expedited car shipping

Prior to ordering expedited shipping for your vehicle make sure that you are really in need of it. While we are happy to coordinate expedited shipping services for customers, we want to ensure that you choose the right shipping method for your specific needs. You will pay more for expedited shipping than you would for standard shipping. This is something to keep in mind when you are looking at your options. Here are the top benefits of expedited car shipping.

Shipping a car fast:

  • Your pick-up time will be guaranteed.
  • One suitcase or box can be shipped with personal belongings, but not more than 100 lbs. You can store one suitcase or box with personal belongings (under 100 lbs.) in your car trunk at no additional cost.

Continue reading if you are still unsure if expedited shipping is right for you. You have options before and after you book expedited car shipping. These steps will allow you to pick up your vehicle faster and get it to its destination quicker.

How to ensure your car arrives at its destination on-time

Shipping a car is a time-consuming task. We want to make sure you get your vehicle shipped quickly. These are 8 ways to make car shipping easier on your list.

  • Look for a company that delivers cars on time

Reputation is important when choosing an auto transport company. You could end up paying more for your vehicle than you anticipated if the company you choose has a poor track record in punctual deliveries and low prices. Move Car has over a decade of experience and has delivered more than 391,000 vehicles.

  • Book your transport in advance

Don't delay if you are certain that you will be needing car shipping very soon. You can only have so many places on each carrier. It is best to speak to one of our representatives as soon as possible to make sure your vehicle is in one of the available spots. Although you won't be able to guarantee a ship date like expedited car shipping, you might still get faster service.

  • Be clear on what you need

When you book auto transport, communication is essential. While your customer service representative will need to know the type of vehicle you have and its destination, it is also important to communicate what timing you require. Although they might not be able to accommodate all your wishes, they may be able to grant some if you communicate those desires clearly.

  • Handoff your vehicle in the vicinity of a major city

Although door-to-door shipping is the best option, it can be slow depending on the location of the doors. You may be able to have your car picked up in a certain timeframe if you agree to hand it off. These locations have more trucks, so it may be possible to move your car faster and make more stops.

  • When you book car shipping, please describe your car.

You can almost guarantee that your shipment will not happen soon by misrepresenting your vehicle at the time you book. Vehicles that are large or modified or have a lot of running can require special equipment and handling. If your trucker arrives without the right equipment and knowledge to handle your vehicle it won't be allowed to go on the truck. Make sure to tell your auto transport company all details about your vehicle so they can provide you with an accurate estimate.

Other car shipping factors to consider

There are many factors that can affect both pick-up and delivery times and shipping time. Some of these factors can be fixed. Take, for example:

Distance: Your shipment will take longer once it is picked up the further you drive. Your auto transport company cannot do anything to make this happen. Move Car is open with customers about the time it might take to ship a shipment.

Traffic: Although experienced truckers are familiar with the fastest routes, traffic can be a problem if accidents or other unavoidable events occur.

Weather: Seasonal weather fluctuations can affect how quickly vehicles are picked up and delivered.

You may be able to get a pickup date sooner if you are leaving your vehicle in a busy area with truck traffic. It's also possible to receive your vehicle in major metropolitan areas. There are more trucks visiting these areas so it is easier to find space on a carrier for your vehicle.

Season: does not refer to the seasons of the auto transport industry. In general, companies are busiest during the summer, fall, winter, or spring. However, this can lead to faster car shipping, contrary to what one might think.

Shipping with Move Car

We understand that customers sometimes need their cars to arrive quickly so we offer expedited car shipping. We offer quicker pick-up times for customers who have shared their urgency. Our scheduling process is stress-free and flexible, regardless of the time frame. We will do our best to make your auto transport experience great.

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