Posted on 01/27/22

How To Get The Best Springtime Auto Transport

How To Get The Best Springtime Auto Transport

As we've already mentioned, the vehicle shipping industry is seasonal. Popular routes are more expensive in summer due to high demand and less in winter due to lower demand. You can also find the opposite for less-popular routes. Summer shipping can be less expensive on less-popular routes, while winter shipping can be more costly for the same reasons. Springtime auto transport is something we haven't discussed much.

Understanding springtime auto transportation services

Shipping a car is more interesting in spring and fall than it is in summer and winter. This is a time when prices are in flux and the most popular routes are still being established. This is why it's not unusual to see vehicles too cheap to move immediately.

Brokers work with carriers to negotiate the best rates and keep your prices down. Brokers are a crucial part of the industry because they do this. The problem is demand. Trucks can accept the highest-paying loads as soon as there is more demand along popular routes. Once the spring shipping season begins, this trend will take shape. This isn't as evident or as pronounced as it was in summer when the volume is at its peak. It's worth keeping an eye out for.

This shift causes some brokers to get behind the curve in pricing. This results in vehicles sitting on the board longer than they would in the winter.

It's not dramatic, it's more gradual. In the industry, the first day of spring is not important. It's much more complex than that. It's easy for companies to fall behind in the pricing of particular routes. A route that costs $400 in winter could go up to $500, or even $600, come spring. A company that doesn't keep up with their prices means that more cars won't move when they need.

Get ready for your springtime auto transportation

It's crucial to do your research if you want to ship a vehicle in springtime. As the season progresses, prices tend to increase along the most popular routes. You should compare prices to find the best deals. Although low prices may seem appealing, they can often lead to you spending more time waiting for your vehicle to be picked up.

Although some companies may resort to low-ball tactics in order to win customers, this is a dying art. It seems so. Low prices are more often an honest error than something intentional. Although we don't know the exact outcome, it is likely that you will end up spending more to move the vehicle, or it will sit there at a low price while other carriers ship the shipment. Here price comparisons are really helpful.

Talking about your shipment is another way to help you prepare for springtime auto transport services. Customers often book but don't ship for several weeks. Because prices change, this can cause problems in spring. Keep your pickup date in mind. You can get quotes as early as you like, but they may change due to the season.

Move Car offers the best price

Move Car will help you with your auto shipping needs, no matter where it is. We can help you with springtime auto transport, no matter when it is. To speak with a live agent, give us a call. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide a quote, and offer advice on shipping your vehicle.