Posted on 12/21/21

Shipping A Car In The Summer

Shipping A Car In The Summer

The busiest season for the auto transport industry is summerWinter snowbirds, who moved to warmer climates in Florida, California, and Arizona in winter, return to Wisconsin, Maine, and Michigan in milder temperatures.

To make it easier for their children, families moving locally, within the state or country will wait until school ends. After college, many vehicles are sent home for summer vacation. The busiest months of the year for car shipping are May and June. Auto-shipping requests stabilize for a few weeks, but they do not level off.

The biggest party of the summer is Independence Day. Auto transport companies want to enjoy the Fourth of July with their families, friends, food, and fireworks. However, this can lead to a backlog of vehicles that are waiting to ship. This takes almost two weeks to fix. After the backlog has been cleared, there is a steady stream of vehicles being shipped across the country. The car shipping industry experiences another boom when college and school resume their normal operations. This is only a part of the seasonal fluctuations in auto-shipping.

Summer vs. Winter Car Shipping

It is certain that there will be a significant difference between shipping your vehicle during the summer and winter. There are many factors that can affect how long it takes your vehicle to reach its destination and how much it will cost to transport it. You should account for possible fluctuations, especially if this is your first shipment of a vehicle.

Summer weather is great for transporting cars. Auto carriers don't need to worry about snow and ice in northern climates. The competition for space on car transportation is fierce because of all the families who are moving during school holidays. Yes, you will get your car. You might need to increase your offer to make it more attractive to the carrier. You'll eventually get your car shipped.

It can be more difficult to ship a vehicle in winter, depending on where it is going and starting from. You might be surprised at the number of options available if you are moving your car from a relatively mild climate to another. You might need to be patient if you are moving your car to an area with inclement weather.