Posted on 11/16/21

Saving Money on Your PCS Discounts on Movers And Military Car Shipping

Saving Money on Your PCS Discounts on Movers And Military Car Shipping

Permanent change of station (PCS), or permanent relocation, is a natural part of military service. It can also be very expensive.

The cost of moving and storing your family's belongings, military car shipping, or getting settled in a new house can quickly add up. This is especially true if you have to deal with frequent transfers. The average military family will have to deal with at most one PCS every four years.

Moving can be expensive, even with benefits. A family can end up in debt if they have to move several times a year. It is possible to make it through relocation without losing your savings. This is possible by being efficient and taking advantage of any military discount or money-saving opportunity.

This guide will show you how to save money and get discounts that make your PCS more affordable.

What type of move are your plans?

There are many ways to move, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. The type of move you choose, whether it is a Personally Procured Move, a partial PMM, or a Transportation Management Office, Full Move, will depend on your family's situation, your needs, as well as your financial situation at the time your PCS order was issued.

PPM This type of movement allows you to pack and ship your belongings as if you were a civilian, and the military will reimburse you. This is a great option if you want to have full control of your move, are thrifty, and have ample time to plan and organize. A PPM does not necessarily mean that you will drive your vehicle to the next duty station. However, you will pay for shipping costs.

A partial PPM: You pack and move some items, but the military will pick the moving company and schedule the move. This option is great if you prefer to pack your own boxes so that nothing is damaged or lost during the move. However, you don't want to drive the truck.

Full Move: This type of motion allows the military to handle almost all details, except for shipping military cars. The move will be completed by you taking inventory of your belongings and keeping an eye on the movers. TMO Full Movers is the best option if you work with a great moving company.

When it's time for a move

Although moving is expensive, a PCS does not have to drain your savings. These tips will help you save more money on your move, no matter what type it is.

Select the DIY option

It is possible to save significant money by handling the relocation yourself, and then get reimbursed. Assuming you have enough time,

Make a moving budget

Your first draft doesn't need to be exact. To get an idea of the amount you will spend, create your first round moving budget by comparing estimates from storage companies, movers, and auto transport companies. Cross-country military vehicle shipping could cost you around $1,000. Remember to include costs for moving into your new home. Keep track of all expenses as you get closer to the date.

Transfer accounts to national providers

You may have to move to a different state if your bank or insurance provider isn't in operation. This can lead to having to go through a lot of hoops and risk costly mistakes if changes don't happen on time. Even if you don't intend to deal with another PCS in the future, it is a good idea to use insurance and banks that are available in all 50 states.

Learn what reimbursement covers and doesn't cover

Your family center will have people who can help you understand what reimbursements will and will not cover so that you don't get blindsided by unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.


Exercising more than your PCS Weight Limitation can lead to severe financial consequences. It's worth getting rid of any items you don't use anymore. You might be able to sell the larger items you don't need.

Before you move, make sure to insure your belongings

You will need to replace your possessions if they are lost or broken.

Huge savings on your military move

It's hard enough to move without worrying about the cost. Researching military discounts and getting estimates from moving, storage, and shipping companies that offer them should take up some of your time. These are some of the deals that you should be looking into before and during your PCS relocation:

Storage companies

If there is a time gap between your move and the arrival of your new home, you will need to store your belongings. If you are moving to a new location with a different climate, but don't want to part with your seasonal gear, it may be worth storing some of your stuff.

CubeSmart offers a 10% discount to active military personnel, in addition to any other promotions applicable to your storage unit. When you access your unit for the first time, be sure to show your military ID.

SMARTBOX offers a 20% discount for active military personnel using the code MILOFF20.

Oz Moving & Storage offers discounts for active-duty personnel as well as veterans. For local moves, you can receive a 10% discount for local movers and a 5% discount for long-distance moves.

PODS - Military members receive a 10% discount and PODS will process DITY weight tickets.

Moving companies and truck rentals

You'll likely rent a truck if your move is a PPM. There are discounts available for truck rentals, which can take the pain out of this expense.

Penske: One-way rentals are eligible for a 10% discount and an additional 10% discount if you present your veteran or military ID. Penske has a hotline that you can call to get assistance with DITY moves (1-844-487-6777)

Budget - Military personnel who travel with orders may receive 20% off their truck rentals using the code USMIO.

Estes SureMove: Military Members can get $100 off any DITY move that costs $600 or more

UHaul: Although this company does not offer a military discount, its representatives are allowed to provide discounts if you ask.

Shipping military cars

If a PCS move is made overseas, reimbursements are available for military car shipping. However, if you consider the wear and tear that comes with driving cross-country, it may be worth paying out of your own pocket to ship your vehicle.

Move Car makes it simple by streamlining pickup, delivery, providing you with updates around the clock on your vehicle, as well as handling all the details so that you can get settled in. Active and retired personnel are eligible for a $75 discount.

You can claim Monetary Assistance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT) if you are not interested in military car shipping and your vehicle is being driven across the country.

Moving companies

Many national and local moving companies offer discounts for veterans and military personnel. You may get a discount if you book over the phone rather than online.

North American Van Lines This company offers discounts up to 50% for American Legion members as well as Veterans Advantage members. Talk to a representative for additional discounts.

1-800-PACKRAT: Active and Retired Military can enjoy a 10% discount using the code MILIME10.

Uship: Get up to 50% off on moving services with no transaction fees

U-Pack: This company offers discounts, but does not publish the details. You will need to speak to a representative.

Zippy Shell Speak to a representative to learn more about military discounts.