Posted on 01/13/22

Prices For Auto Transport Summer Vs Winter

Prices For Auto Transport Summer Vs Winter

Car shipping is highly seasonal. We take many factors into consideration, especially when shipping your vehicle.

Most people need transportation services whenever they need them. They don't have time to wait for prices to drop or carriers to arrive in their region due to weather conditions. It is important to understand how the industry operates during the season that you ship your vehicle. This will allow you to maintain your sanity, as well as answer any questions about why your vehicle isn't moving as fast as you would like or why the price is so high.

Summer is more expensive, at least for the most popular routes

Summer is a busy season for car shipping. More people ship their cars in summer than at any other time of the year. The number of shipping companies available is relatively static. Companies start and close every day.

This is a highly competitive industry. Newer companies often have trouble finding customers during the summer months due to a lack of established businesses. A summer rush of customers can lead to higher prices. Auto transport trucks are able to pick loads along busy routes, so the asking price will be higher. The vehicle is more likely to be picked up quickly if it's higher in the summer.

Popular cities like New York, Miami, and Houston are all popular. But you'd be amazed at how many people move down south in the summer. Metro areas have more trucks than rural ones.

Everyone is shipping during the summer, mostly out of metropolitan areas. This gives carriers more flexibility in choosing which cars to ship and which ones not. Many car carriers use the money they have saved up during the summer and fall to get through the slower winter shipping season. There are fewer customers and therefore less money to spend in Winter...

Winter shipping tends to take longer, at least for rural routes

Because there are fewer people moving during winter, prices tend to fall and carriers have to take what they can. The number of vehicles transporting companies remains static as in the summer. Instead of customers fighting for space, trucks are competing for customers. Customers (and the brokerage firms that help them locate carriers) have more flexibility in what they spend.

Carriers are more determined to avoid empty trucks as the season progresses. Many routes are more difficult or inaccessible during winter shipping. This is mainly due to snow and ice, which can affect where loads can be taken. It can be more difficult for auto transport companies to find carriers willing to travel along certain routes. Many routes are completely un carrier-friendly.

It's easy to ship out of North Dakota and Wyoming in the summer because it's sunny. But, when the snows start, it can be difficult. Snow is treacherous for carriers and many have lost loads to it. These prices will rise if you don't wait. It's similar to how metro routes go up in summer if you don't wait.

Shipping a vehicle is a complicated process. It is worth getting quotes on auto transportation and speaking to someone who can help you understand the current situation in the industry.

There are literally thousands of routes that can be taken by different companies, so the way you ship, where you're shipping it from, and what you're shipping to will all impact the cost you pay. To get a quote from a reliable and trustworthy auto transport company, we recommend you fill out the free online request form. Our professional representatives are available to answer your questions and provide a free quote.