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To propel your business forward, innovative technology is combined with top-quality service

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To propel your business forward, innovative technology is combined with top-quality service

Transport and logistics services that are industry-leading

Move Car Auto Transport is a sports coupe equipped with a twin-turbo V8 motor. Performance is our core value. We provide customer-centric supply chains solutions by leveraging the most advanced technologies and employing top logistics minds.

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Move Car is a technology-forward company that has innovated since the beginning to make car shipping easier for customers.

industry leading

Enterprise portal

Move Car's portal for enterprise customers can help you reduce transportation costs and delivery time, increase your team's productivity, and offer a better customer experience.

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  • Online booking made easy - API integration, customized ways to order orders in just a few clicks

  • You can track performance by receiving order updates and running detailed reports to monitor sales performance.

  • Digital signatures - Digital BOL to capture records names and signatures from origin and delivery

  • Transparency in Order - Get a complete view of all orders and track them with full tracking

enterprise portal

Move Car can take care of all your vehicle shipping requirements

We are able to handle all types of moves, including manufacturer to dealer, dealer-auction, auction-to-auction, dealer-dealer, dealer-consumer, consumer-dealer, and consumer-to-auction after repossession.


Flexibility and capacity

Move Car is the most extensive network in America and can handle all of your vehicle moves. Over 15,000 drivers are vetted and available to haul your loads.

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What shipping method do you prefer? Our vast network can provide open and enclosed shipping, expedited shipping and door-to-door transportation. We also have the ability to store and marshall your goods and offer custom solutions.


From a single unit to full-load capability

We have been in the retail consumer market since 2010 and have built a strong reputation for single-unit moves. Businesses can benefit from our expertise in handling one- and two-vehicle moves.

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Move Car can also handle large volumes of multiple full loads for cars, trucks, and inoperable or powersports vehicles. Each month, we average more than 13,400 units. No load is too small  ot yoo large.

full load capacity

Delivery and pricing that are reliable

Move Car uses a dynamic market-based pricing engine to provide consistent and accurate quotes. It analyzes carrier capacity, seasonality and historical data.

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You need speed and efficiency when you are ready to move one vehicle, or 100. Move Car's extremely fast pickup and transit times make it possible to reduce cycle times and get units on your lot faster.

reliable pricing

Industries we serve

Move Car uses a consultative approach to learn your business goals, day-to-day challenges, and tailors services to speed up your time to market. These industries are our clients:

Groups and dealerships for automobiles

We have worked with many dealerships. Move Car provides technology solutions specifically designed for dealers. These include home delivery with leads generation, managed transport services, and self-serve shipping.


Rental car companies

Move Car is constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of the rental car industry for vehicle relocation.

rental car company

Financial institutions

Move Car, with its knowledgeable staff, can be your transportation resource to repossessions, off-lease vehicles, and other needs. We have relationships with many financial institutions, including GM Financial, as well as repossession companies, credit unions and credit unions.

financilal institute

Fleet management

We offer transportation logistics services for fleet management companies to move units from their locations to their customers. Move Car is a proven leader in this area, with a track record of efficiency as well as affordability.

fleet management

Manufacturers of OEM and new cars

To keep up with changing requirements, our experienced account teams build long-lasting relationships and maintain close ties with manufacturing clients. All Move Car carriers are thoroughly vetted and meet all OEM requirements.


new cars

Auctions and consignors

Auction transportation is a time-consuming business. Move Car provides both speed and efficiency, as well as the technology to increase savings and support traditional and virtual auctions on the market.


Move Car is the ideal auto transport partner for dealerships



Move Car's reputation has been built by providing exceptional customer service to both individuals and corporate clients in the automotive, moving and relocation, auction, and OEM industries.



Move Car has been a technology-driven company from day one. To improve our digital services and make car shipping more efficient, we have a software development company.



Move Car, a pioneer in the sector, was the first to offer an online rate calculator that provides instant quotes and an auto transport portal designed for business partners. We are ready to launch new services.



Move Car is able to meet any unique deadlines or requirements thanks to its trusted 15,000-carrier network​. We serve all 50 US states and some parts of Canada.

auto logistics

Move Car is the best choice for logistic services in Amarica

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