easy car shipping

Easy car transport, with a swipe.

We are changing the way shippers and carriers communicate to move car across the country.

$0 Up Front | Full Premium Insurance Coverage | Hassle-free | Instant Price.


Where can we pick up and deliver your vehicle?

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We are changing the way shippers and carriers communicate to move car across the country.

An ever-growing network of auto transportation at your fingertips.

ever growing network


Tried and Trusted

Our Carrier partners have been transporting cars for almost a century.


Modern, but Simple

We've spent thousands of hours testing the app and getting feedback to make it as simple as possible.


Complete Visibility

Unrivalled visibility means that you will always know where your vehicle is, from point A or point B.


Fair and Competitive Pricing

Our pricing calculations, which are based on machine-learning algorithms, are fair, upfront, and competitive.

Car shipping with Move Car

Your car delivery, streamlined

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It's never been easier to ship cars across the country. It takes just a few taps and swipes to send your car across the country with Move Car.

shipping cars with move car

You can manage your business from the palm of you hand

You can manage your fleet, load, and minimize downtime. Your business should be as mobile as you are.

manage business in palm

Small Business, Large Capabilities.

Move Car's simple solutions will give your small business the power to control your supply chain with no hassle

small business

always available

Always Available


Move Car's hauler network grows constantly and is available 24/7.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Trusted and verified haulers
  • Customer service available 24/7

Centralized and Comprehensive


Move Car's all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to optimize your supply chain.

  • Dashboard with detailed analytics
  • Transparent
bidding system

Competitive but Fair

Instant booking and quoting are possible without the need to make phone calls or use emails.

  • Historical Price Trends
  • A bidding system in real-time

Supply Chain

Move Car allows you to manage all of your car shipment orders from one place. You get more action and fewer clicks.

supply chain


Are the carriers vetted?

What kind of support can I expect from the Move Car team?

The Move Car Platform

Move Car's automated platform will help you grow your small business. No more phone calls or bills of lading.


Pay what you want

Move Car gives you instant quotes up to two weeks ahead of time and keeps you in complete control.

pay what you want


What kind of carriers are in the network?

Is my shipment insured?

Unrivaled Uptime 24/7

The app allows you to book, track and manage car transports 24/7. Problems? Give us a shout or give us a chat. We will be there.




How does instant pricing work?

How can Move Car maintain a competitive pricing structure in the market?


Optimizing Large-Scale Supply Chains

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Move Car optimizes supply chain performance, allowing large-scale operations for greater efficiency. Move Car work more efficiently than ever.

simplifies supply chain

Move Car simplifies your supply chain

Move Car offers the power and visibility of a fully-fledged business with its 24/7 tracking and exceptional visibility.