Posted on 11/24/21

The High Cost Of Mailing A Letter And The Low Cost Of Shipping A Vehicle

The High Cost Of Mailing A Letter And The Low Cost Of Shipping A Vehicle

It is amazing how cheap it is to ship a vehicle across the country. This is despite the vehicle's size and complexity. A trucker will need several people to transport a vehicle from one place to another. This helps to keep costs down. It may seem easy to find 8-10 vehicles in a large city like New York or Los Angeles. It becomes a lot more difficult to find vehicles in two cities that are well-known, such as Nashville and Tucson. Even so, the cost per mile isn't too different from major routes.

It made me think about how great a deal it was. So I decided to take a look at the cost of auto transport compared with other shipping costs that consumers usually incur.

What is the cost to send a letter?

The U.S. allows you to mail up to 3.5 ounces of the letter. The cost of a stamp to send a letter from Los Angeles, CA, to Newark NJ, is $.49. If you mail full 3.5 ounces of mail, it will cost you 1/9143 of a ton. It travels 2,450 miles and costs.27 ton-miles. We get $1.83 per ton-mile if we divide $.49 by.27-miles. Is that good or bad?

What is the Average Cost of a Car?

To give you an example, I calculated the cost to ship a Honda Accord (3,336 pounds or 1.668 tonnes) along the same route. Move Car's auto shipping cost calculator shows that the current rate is $1,169 for door-to-door service. This is the same price as you would receive with your letter. This is a cost per ton-mile of 29cs, which is 84% less than a postage stamp. It's not bad at all! It would cost $9,100 for your Honda Accord to be shipped at the stamp rate of one mile.

It would cost only $160 to ship a heavier vehicle like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which weighs in at 4,546 pounds or more than 2 tons. This will save you 24 cents per mile.

The last point, I did a similar calculation to determine the cost of flying a person (assuming 200 lbs or.1 tonne) over the same distance. For a non-stop flight on United, the average rate you can find and the book is $546. This is $2.23 per mile or 22% less than what it costs to mail one letter.

Consider that the majority of letters sent are less than 3.5 ounces (18 sheets of printer paper), and you don't have to mail them cross-country. This means you will pay significantly more than $1.83 per mile and more than what it costs to fly cross-country.

The cost structures for shipping low-volume, heavy letters are different from those for low-volume, heavy vehicles. This article will demonstrate the volume discount that you get when you "buy in bulk." It is possible to ship a vehicle anywhere in the United States for a very reasonable price.