Posted on 10/25/21

The Most Popular Collector Car Auctions In The USA

The Most Popular Collector Car Auctions In The USA

It's been a dream of yours for a long time to collect cars, and now you are ready to get started. There are only a few options to collect a collection. There are many ways to build a collection of collector vehicles. You can read classified ads, subscribe to auto websites, look around local car lots, or attend classic and collector car auctions in the USA.

You should know that not all classic and collector car auctions in the USA have the same quality. You will likely find closed auctions that are restricted to authorized dealers, public auctions in your area, or government auctions if you search for car auctions. These types of auctions can offer great deals, but you won't find any hidden gems.

These auctions are very different from the more commonly used car auctions in America. These high-profile auctions are not the place to go if you want a family car. These auctions are only for serious collectors and will feature hundreds, if not thousands, of classic and rare cars. In-house experts compile detailed information about each block to ensure buyers are fully informed.

Collector and classic vehicle auctions go beyond the sale

Collector and classic car auctions, unlike other types of car auctions in America, are ticketed events that allow you to not only view amazing cars but also network with other enthusiasts. These auctions are hotbeds for automotive culture. While the people there may not actually be there to bid on the cars on the block, they share a passion for rare and unique cars.

High-end auctions celebrate the whole automotive lifestyle. You might find speakers, memorabilia to sell, exhibitors, and other entertainment. Even if you don't have the money to spend at these auctions, the experience of being there, surrounded by other enthusiasts, is often worth it.

These must-attend car auctions in America

It makes sense, to begin with, the largest and most prestigious car auctions in America if you have never been to a classic or collector auction. These are the auctions that serious collectors, as well as mega-fans of specialty vehicles, make it a point to attend.


Barrett-Jackson's legendary collector car auctions attract enthusiasts from all over the country for almost five decades. This auction gives buyers access to some of the most desirable and sought-after cars ever made. Barrett-Jackson hosts The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions in Palm Beach (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada), and Scottsdale (Arizona). These events are often streamed live on their website. Regardless of your ability to watch these events remotely, you should definitely consider attending one of these auctions. These include celebrity appearances, test rides, and symposiums.

Gooding & Company

Gooding & Company is a renowned automotive auction house that specializes in antique cars, classic cars, and racing cars. It hosts three distinguished auctions each year in Scottsdale, Arizona, Amelia Island Florida, and Pebble Beach California. There, beautiful vehicles from prestigious estate sales and other sources are offered for sale. The auction house is known for only selling the best vehicles in a select few categories. The auctions are lively with record-breaking sales prices. You can also tune in live via Gooding & Company HD webcast.


Although Bonhams Motoring is not the only purveyor for automobiles, it does claim to be the largest auction house that sells classic cars, motorcycles, and other memorabilia. These auctions are often held in conjunction with world-famous automobile enthusiasts' events in beautiful locations. Bonhams auctions are loved by buyers for their connoisseurship, and the company's global reach. Although British Bonhams has offices in the USA and hosts car auctions there, the company's automotive experts can source their auction inventory from all over the globe so that you can find rare vehicles at these auctions.

The Mecum Auction Company

The Mecum Auction Company is a leader in classic and collectible car auctions for over three decades. They host events across the US every year and offer more than 20,000 cars to buy each year. This family-owned auction house was founded in order to provide an exceptional auction experience that brings together car enthusiasts and helps people find the cars of their dreams. It currently ranks number one worldwide for the volume of vehicles sold and number one in America for the number of annual auctions. The world's largest collector car sale is one of them, and it is held every year in Kissimmee (Florida).

RM Sotheby's

RM Auctions partnered with Sotheby's to create RM Sotheby's. This auction house, which specializes in classic and collector cars, offers only high-quality, blue-chip vehicles. The auctions of this company are not just a place where you can buy cars. RM Sotheby's, the official collector car auction house for Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin, collaborates on important events such as the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance and Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este and Luftgekuhlt and co-hosts Formula 1.

Worldwide Auctioneers

Worldwide Auctioneers is the best place to start if you are looking for prewar cars, vintage European racers, or mint condition American muscle cars. Worldwide Auctioneers is unique because its owners are both chief auctioneers and automotive specialists. This means that their inventory has been carefully curated, and buyers can feel confident that they are making a sound investment. Although the company is smaller than the others, Worldwide Auctioneers' philosophy values quality over quantity. The company aims to provide buyers and sellers a fun, relaxed, and personal experience, which is quite different from the large collector car auctions in the USA. You can even test drive the vehicles prior to auctions by attending elegant preview receptions and personal inspections.

What you should know before attending a collector car auction

Although classic and collector car auctions can be exciting and fun, it is easy to become overwhelmed if this is your first time attending one of these events. To have the best experience possible here's some information.

Pre-register to Bid

You might end up waiting in line for hours to complete the paperwork if you wait until auction day to register to bid. There are many classic and collector car auctions across the USA that allow buyers to register online in advance. You'll be able to spend more time looking at the cars if you do your paperwork online.

Do your research on the cars that interest you ahead of time

The best car auctions provide lots of information about the cars on the block, as we have already mentioned. Although you might believe you know all there is about your dream car, have you ever done some research to find out what it would be like to own one? It's a great time to find out if the car you love is easy to maintain or prone to causing problems for its owners. Consider whether a different make or model is a better choice if you find that this is the case.

If you win, you should know how to transport your car.

The first step is to win a classic or collector car auction. If your bid is selected, you will need to be able to get your vehicle home. Move Car has more than 10 years of experience in handling rare, exotic, classic, and luxury cars. We also have the ability to handle collector cars for those with high-end collections. We offer expedited shipping to ensure your car is picked up quickly. Also, we provide enclosed transport to ensure your vehicle is safe from damage on the roads. You just need to hand the keys over.

Get an insurance quote ahead

Get a quote from your insurer before you bid on any collector or classic car. Once you have finalized the purchase, your specialty vehicle will be covered. Your auto transporter will ensure your vehicle during shipping, but it is a good idea if you have your own insurance.

Stay until the end of the auction

Sometimes, the auction ends with the best deals. Although this is not always true, the crowd will usually have thinned a lot by the end. You have a greater chance of winning if there are fewer bidders.

Add the fees to your offer

Don't forget to include the fees of the auction house, which can often be 10%, any local, federal, and state taxes that you will need to pay, as well as the cost for transport and insurance. You could end up spending more than you are comfortable with.

Auctions don't end until they're finished.

The auction catalog's descriptions and photos are meant to elicit feelings of desire, which can help bidders get over the line once auction day arrives. Remember that not everyone is reading the catalog. It is not a good idea for you to fall in love with a car before it has been actually sold.

The best way to find your dream car, or start building a collection is to attend classic and collector car auctions in America. Move car will make it easy for you to get your winning lots home, whether you are looking to buy a special car or fill your garage with them.

Contact us for a free shipping estimate when you are ready to ship your new classic or collector car. We make it simple to safely ship valuable cars at a time that suits you.