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Move Car's 15,000+ network of carriers and industry knowledge provides the service and capacity you require now

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Move Car's 15,000+ network of carriers and industry knowledge provides the service and capacity you require now

Value-driven rental car logistics solutions

The rental car industry today is very different from what it was a few years back. Rental car companies have seen unprecedented changes, including the sale of inventory, relocations of large parts of their fleets, and innovative ways to rebuild their inventories. Many agencies have changed their business strategies to meet consumer demand and adapt to the economic speed.

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It's crucial to have a reliable logistics partner to help you meet the challenges and future unknowns.

rental car logistics

Extensive rental car industry experience

Because our team members have been in the industry, we know what it is like. Now they are at Move Car. Each member of the team has at least 15 years of experience at top car rental companies. This knowledge will allow you to get the answers you want from people who know exactly what you are looking for.

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Move Car works with large players like Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz as well as smaller and medium-sized rental car agencies. To ensure that communication is smooth and customer service is top-notch, each client has a dedicated account team.

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15,000+ nationwide carrier network

Move Car is able to handle any volume, no matter how small or large. "How many trucks are you able to send now?" This is a question we hear all the time. We respond with "as many" because Move Car has a nationwide network of 15,000+ carriers that is fully vetted, ready to roll.

15000+ nationwide carrier

Services for car rental and remarketing of auto transport vehicles


Meet seasonal demands

Move Car Auto Transport can manage your fleet transportation needs and position you for success in meeting the demands of tomorrow.


accelerate blank load

We specialize in large quantities of blank loads. We will give you VINs to track your units once they are collected.


improve transit visibility

Our custom progress reports and daily communications will let you know where your units are while they're in transit. You can also see when they are grounded so you can better manage your inventory.


Decrease cycle time

Our average pickup time is less than 48 hours. This means that your units are picked up quickly, which will reduce cycle time.


capitalize your residual value

Move car help to capitalize on high residual value


save money

We can manage full truckloads cost-effectively with Move Car's technology-based pricing engine and capacity.

Move Car is the perfect partner for rental car agencies.



Move Car was founded in 2010 and arranges shipments for more than 140,000 vehicles each year. We are able to handle large-volume loads for the rental car industry.



Since its inception, Move Car has been driven forward by technology. To improve our digital services and make renting cars more efficient, we have a software development company.



We are the first company to offer an online rate calculator that allows for instant quoting and a portal specifically for enterprise clients. Move Car is a pioneer in innovation, putting customer needs first.



You can expect quick responses and accountability from a single contact point. To meet customer expectations, every account team is supported and assisted by logistics experts and customer service specialists.

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