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Move Car voted #1 in Illinois as the best auto transport services company.

Car Transport Illinois Near Me

Illinois is home to the "Windy City" as well as a number of smaller towns. It's a great place for families looking for great suburbs to live in. Chicago is the third most populous US city, and it is also the twenty-fifth-largest state. This makes it an attractive destination for people looking to relocate. Chicago is the third-most populous US city. It also has world-class highways. Relocating takes planning and a lot of work.

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A car shipping service is one of those things that can be planned ahead. When you choose a reliable Illinois auto shipping company, your car will be delivered to any location in Illinois. You can rest assured that it will be taken care of. Illinois is a major transport hub, with excellent highway systems. We can help you schedule car transportation services to Joliet or other cities in Illinois.

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Car Shipping Service Companies Near Me

Are you looking for Illinois auto transport companies? Did you know that almost 45,000 Illinoisans moved out of Illinois between 2017-2018? Do you think about moving? This type of move can be difficult. We also understand how confusing it can be when you don't know how to get your primary mode of transport to your destination. We have helped thousands of people move their cars from Chicago to Chicago with our car shipping company. We can ensure that your car arrives at the destination you prefer.

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Tips for Handling Auto Transport Illinois Companies

These are some tips to keep in mind when shipping your vehicle to Chicago, CA Naperville.

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The city's parking rates: Keep in mind that parking fees in the city can be quite high when compared to other jurisdictions. You can avoid sticker shock by planning ahead and researching where you want to park. An Illinois car transport company can help you plan your trip.

Check to make sure your Illinois car shipping service can deliver your car to your desired delivery address. Due to the close proximity to Chicago, some Illinois car shipping professionals may prefer to deliver your car in the city rather than to the suburbs. It is a good idea to talk with your Illinois auto transport company before you leave. You don't want to be surprised by high delivery fees or no options at a local depot.

Fighting for affordable Illinois auto transport rates. Due to the close proximity to Chicago, you might be able to negotiate lower rates. Most car shipping professionals have a drop-off or copick-up point in the city. It's centrally located. Consider how this affects the rates you pay for your business. You might get a lower rate for picking up or dropping off your items in Chicago than if you tried to negotiate the exact location in smaller cities.

Chicago is a great city that offers many activities for both residents and business travelers. Many smaller towns in Illinois offer a slower pace and more entertainment. You can explore both the larger cities and smaller towns with your car, so you can go at your own pace.

For more information about car shipping to Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Transportation website. We will ensure that your car arrives in the smallest and largest cities around you.

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Long Distance Illinois Auto Transport Company

For long-distance auto transport, the terminal to terminal shipping option is preferred as it is cheaper and requires less scheduling. If your vehicle is too damaged or too far from a terminal, we can still deliver it to you.

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To allow the truck to reach your destination, it will need sufficient roads. You can meet the truck driver in a parking lot of a local supermarket if you live in a residential neighborhood with narrow streets.

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Cheap Car Transport Options for Illinois

An open carrier is a great option to reduce the shipping costs of your car. These carriers are used extensively in the industry and can transport your vehicle anywhere on land. Open carrier auto transport is cheaper than enclosed carriers.

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Terminals can also be a great way to lower your auto shipping costs. While it takes more effort and time to ship your car to the terminal, it is a cheaper option than door-to-door.

If you're facing financial difficulties, our Illinois car shipping discounts may help you. Call our office to inquire about these discounts. You can also take advantage of seasonal offers. These seasonal offerings can be accessed over the phone.

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Luxury and Classic Cars for Shipping in Illinois

Enclosed carriers are the best way to ship antique, classic, exotic, or luxury cars from Illinois. This car shipping method is highly recommended for many reasons. Enclosed auto transport companies are the best if you need your car to be delivered quickly to Illinois. They can transport only your car and deliver it directly to the destination.

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Enclosed trailers are a great choice if safety is your primary concern when shipping cars. There's no risk of your classic or luxurious vehicle being damaged by the elements during auto transport. You will be informed of their exact location every day so that you don't have to worry about them. Also, you can plan to receive them promptly. Before signing the final inspection report, inspect your vehicle thoroughly.

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Illinois Special Discounts

We also offer discounts to seniors and students who are looking for auto transport services. Similar discounts are available for military personnel. You may also call us to inquire about seasonal offers if you are not in one of these categories. If you ship your automobile at the right time, everyone can benefit from this Illinois auto transport company.

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Auto Transport Safety Measures for Illinois

There has never been an instance of a car being damaged in transit over the years. A few bumps or scratches are not possible due to the safety protocols and designs of our carriers.

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Weather and flying pebbles can cause problems when you use an open car carrier for car shipping. These problems can be easily fixed with enclosed auto transport. These are risks that all drivers take while driving their cars. There are insurance policies that can help you recover losses regardless of the size or complexity of your shipment.

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How do I request a price estimate

Anyone who asks for price estimates will be glad to receive them. You can either use our form or call our number in the upper right corner.

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Our phone has the advantage of being more private and taking less than five minutes to complete. This is a great way to quickly and accurately get a result.

Many of our customers were able to get a better deal if they called us directly. You can give us more information by calling us directly. This may allow for negotiation and adjustments depending on your budget and auto transport needs.

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Registration of Vehicles in Illinois

These steps are required if you want to register your vehicle in Illinois.

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  • Visit the nearest Secretary of State office.
  • Bring the vehicle's title, proof of car insurance, an odometer report, and one 190VSD form.
  • You will need to pay the registration fee and the title fee.

For all Illinois residents, it is essential to register your vehicle at the SOS office. You can also renew your registration if it has expired.

You should ask about the registration requirements for certain vehicle types such as snowmobiles and custom-built vehicles.

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New Illinois Residents and Vehicle Registration

All new Illinois residents have a 30-day grace period for vehicle registration. Before you can license your vehicle or get it titled in Illinois, you must have Illinois-issued auto coverage.

To register your vehicle in Illinois, you must submit this documentation to your office.

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  • An application for an automobile transaction
  • Document proving residency within Illinois borders
  • Original registration and title documentation for the vehicle.
  • Documentation that details the vehicle (make, year, identification number, purchase date and whether it was new or used).
  • The tax form that applies to your purchase situation, regardless of whether it was purchased directly at an auto dealer or from a previous owner.
  • You must provide proof of payment for taxes and registration.

If your vehicle is electric, you may be eligible for a reduction in the registration tax.

If you applied for vanity license plates or personalized license plates, your Illinois license plate will be issued to you at the end.

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How do I register a car in Illinois?

Illinois law provides that a resident who takes possession of a vehicle has 20 days to register it with local authorities, regardless of its provenance (whether it was purchased, given as a gift or inherited).

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Although car dealerships will submit paperwork on your behalf, you are responsible for submitting registration paperwork if the vehicle was purchased from one or more owners.

In Illinois, the first step to vehicle registration is obtaining an Illinois auto insurance policy. It is then followed by submission of a number of documents to the SOS office:

  • Completed form of the official Vehicle Transaction Document
  • Signed by the previous owners, the title of vehicle
  • If applicable, names and addresses of lienholders;
  • A disclosure document describing the odometer signed by both the older owner as well as you;
  • Tax form to be used for tax transactions
  • Registration and payment of tax fees
  • Owners of electric vehicles can request a reduction on their registration fees.
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Military and Illinois Car Registration

To avoid being fined by law enforcement officers, army personnel who are not based in Illinois should have proper insurance and register their vehicles in their home state.

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While serving in the armed forces, you can become an Illinois resident. You will need to complete the registration process for a new vehicle.

You can register your vehicle with the SOS if you're an Illinois resident who works for the military.

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License Plates For Illinois Registered Vehicles

If requested, all registered vehicles are issued standard license plates by the SOS office in Illinois. Anyone can request a customized plate or specialty license plate by paying an additional fee.

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After submitting your application, the time it takes to receive the specialized plates is 60-90 days. You will be able to drive your vehicle with a temporary permit. This temporary permit is valid for 90 days and must be kept in the area designated for rear license plates.

You must file a second application if you do not receive your permanent plates by the due date. You will then be issued a temporary permit which you can use until you receive your permanent plates.

You can transfer your license plates to another vehicle by paying an additional fee. This fee must be noted on your application form in order to benefit.

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