Posted on 12/14/21

Reduce Your Risk And Increase Safety When Shipping An Exotic Vehicle

Reduce Your Risk And Increase Safety When Shipping An Exotic Vehicle

Even if there is only minor damage, it can still be very expensive to repair an exotic car. Owners will often go to great lengths to protect their vehicles during transport.

The following article will help you to ensure safety when shipping an exotic car. Your auto shipping broker will be more qualified to help you.

Preparing your vehicle

There are many things you can do during the preparatory phase to reduce safety hazards for your vehicle.

  • All mobile items and securely secured items can be removed. This will ensure that these items don't get in the car's interior during transport.
  • To reduce the risk of a fire, you can empty the tank of any excess fuel. Shippers recommend that you keep a quarter of your tank full.
  • You can take your vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection. It's important to fix any leaks or other problems as soon as possible.
  • You can also thoroughly research the shipping company to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and experienced provider.

Safe transportation overland

Most likely, your transport company offers either an enclosed shipping service or an open shipping option. An enclosed carrier is best if safety is your top priority. Also, choose a hard-side enclosed carrier.

The degree of protection provided by the truck against outside elements is what makes the difference. Open carriers will transport exotic vehicles with little protection from bad weather, flying objects, and animals. Although a soft-enclosed carrier is safer, your car could still be damaged by an object sufficiently large or in an accident.

Transport companies can only guarantee that your vehicle will be protected from the elements by using a hard-sided enclosed auto carrier. The hard shell will protect your vehicle against thieves and vandals.

Transport over oceans and seas safely

International auto shipping is more complicated than local because for two main reasons: dealing in customs and transporting the vehicle over water.

A ship is the best solution to this second problem. For shipping a large and heavy object such as a car, it is too costly to book an airplane.

You should decide whether your vehicle will be transported in a container, or by using the RoRo method.

It is possible to dedicate a whole container to your car, secure it, and then ship it anywhere in the globe. It will be treated in the same way as all other containers, and there is a chance of it being mishandled, which could cause damage to the car inside.

RoRo is a method that allows your car to be transported along with hundreds of other cars on a specially designed vessel. Crew members will do everything possible to ensure that the cargo is safe.

Due to various reasons, the vessel carrying vehicles has a 3% chance of being damaged. These are typically scratches and bumps. However, if your car is valuable, you will want to avoid them.

Both RoRo and container shipping have their advantages and disadvantages. Container shipping is recommended by most clients and companies if safety is important to you.

Any system in which people are involved is susceptible to human error. Safety-wise, the second option is safer because RoRo vessel crews are just as susceptible to making mistakes than container ship workers.

Premium services

Different levels of service will be offered by different auto transport companies depending on their price and the available options. Terminal to terminal transport is cheaper but more convenient than door-to-door services.

If you are interested in improving safety measures for exotic vehicles, it is best to choose the more expensive options. Each company should offer premium services that include enclosed transportation, frequent updates, and a higher level of insurance.

You can however customize the transport to your liking. While door-to-door transportation makes the process easier, it does not increase your car's safety. You can protect your car but not spend too much. Ask about each option and choose only the ones that will affect safety.

Equipment and special measures

All vehicles are not the same. Special equipment may be required to transport your exotic vehicle onto the truck if it is too close to the ground. To ensure that the car's underside is not scratched, the ramp must be longer.

If your container is being used, the strapping equipment must be adjusted to fit your vehicle's dimensions. You should have someone else do the job of securing your car, as any movement could cause it to hit the containers' inner walls.

Coverage for insurance

In the event of an accident, your insurance will cover your losses. You should verify the amount of coverage on your insurance policy. Your auto transport company will provide support for your transport.

Most cases won't allow you to recover your car's entire value with only the shipper's policy. You can search for additional insurance or use a third-party service if you need to be fully covered.

Some transport companies offer premium services that have higher insurance limits. However, you will likely need to contact an additional insurance company to obtain full coverage.