Posted on 01/06/22

Moving Across Country Tips

Moving Across Country Tips

Here are the Best Tips for Moving Across Country

Move Car Auto Transport can offer some advice on moving across the country. We've learned a lot over the years. There are some things you should do and others that you shouldn't do. We've shipped more than two hundred thousand vehicles successfully and we can share some of the lessons learned.

First, you need to understand that your vehicle must be shipped in at least 9-10 vehicles. This means there should be at least 50 miles between your area and your destination. This is more common in areas with higher populations.

Here are some examples of real situations

There are currently 35 vehicles in the waiting system (not just for us) to move across the country from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. That's good. There are many vehicles to choose from, and there is a good chance of being assigned a driver for the week (if they are not too expensive). Of course, the best-paid cars are always first. It is not the first to be served. You can place new orders at any time. If the price is higher than those vehicles in the queue, these cars will be first.

Only cheap orders will be assigned if there are no better options nearby. Some routes are not cheap. These opportunities are often spotted by us quickly. If we can, we want to do so. If pricing conditions aren't ideal, it is a disservice for the customer.

Continue with the examples. There are currently 22 vehicles in the waiting system (not just for us) to move across the country from Los Angeles to Allentown. This is also a good thing. Although it's not quite as good as Philadelphia, it's still pretty decent. This week, we like the possibility of a driver taking that route.

Only 5 vehicles are available for cross-country moving from Los Angeles, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. This is not very good as 5 vehicles is not enough to carry a full load. It is possible to be uncertain if a carrier will travel to Pittsburgh this week. Maybe. Perhaps not. Because there are more than ten thousand drivers of auto transport vehicles on the roads, and they change their schedules daily, nobody knows. It may take longer for it to happen.

As of the writing of this article, there is only 1 vehicle in the waiting system (not just us) to move across the country from Los Angeles, CA to Scranton PA. This will only occur if the carrier is traveling through Scranton to get to another destination. It is best to make the trip worthwhile for the carrier by increasing your ante. To get him to agree, you can pay more. If you don't have the patience to wait for a driver, It could happen in less than a week. Maybe. Perhaps.

Plan Ahead for Your Moving Across Country Shipping

Rule number 1. You should not attempt to ship a vehicle from your own home. It is not always easy and often stressful. You should have a backup contact for either one or both ends of your auto transportation shipment. You should allow yourself plenty of time. Do not rush. People think they can keep their car until they have to leave, but they don't have a backup. Do not do this. Nobody knows when a carrier is going to load up for a trip of 3,000 miles across the country. This isn't like calling a taxi. It is important to plan ahead and consider the possibility of being inconvenienced on either end of your car transport. Sometimes you will need to rent a vehicle or get assistance from friends. You might be lucky if you don't.

None of the above examples were certain things. They are not. The best situation is from Los Angeles. There are 35 vehicles available and ready to ship. However, this does not apply if other vehicles are more expensive. You might want to wait if your vehicle is not listed in the top 50. A backup contact relieves stress.

It's a 50/50 situation in Pittsburgh, with 5 vehicles still waiting. Our tips for moving across the country suggest that you need a backup contact. You will need to have a backup contact for Scranton, where there is only one vehicle available.

Why Move Car Auto Transport?

Moving across the country can be costly. Our rates are competitive and strike a good balance between paying a fair amount to the carrier, who would otherwise take the vehicle, as well as making sure that our customers don't get scammed by other moving across the country brokers. Some brokers charge twice the amount for moving cars across the country than they should. The original auto transport quote calculator removes the pain from the process.

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