Posted on 01/05/22

Luxury Car Transport

Luxury Car Transport

Exotic car transport is different from luxury car transport. Luxury cars can be transported in enclosed carriers while others can be moved in open-air trailers. However, most exotic cars should be shipped in enclosed trailers.

What is Luxury Car Transport?

There are many luxury cars to choose from, including midsize sedans like Cadillac ATS ($39,000 MSRP), and full-size sedans such as Aston Martin Rapide ($245,000 MSRP).

This is quite an impressive spread when it comes to luxury automobiles. It is recommended that the Aston Martin Rapide, and other similar vehicles, be shipped in an enclosed transport. These vehicles are too valuable for open-air transport. Is it really necessary to transport the luxury Cadillac ATS and other vehicles in enclosed trailers? We don't believe so. We don't believe luxury auto transport should be reserved only for more expensive vehicles. This is the norm and the delineation of traditional luxury vehicle transport services.

Who decides what a luxury car is?

It is subjective to determine which vehicles make it to the bottom of the luxury car ranks. Does it make a Mercedes-Benz vehicle a luxury vehicle just because it is a Mercedes Benz? Is it really possible to label the Mercedes-Benz Smart Car a luxurious vehicle? No. Neither the tiny C250 nor C300. They're nice. But luxury? C'mon man!

Think of Hyundai as luxury. It's not true. It's not true. The Hyundai Genesis feels very luxurious and plush. This maker can confidently claim they can create a luxury vehicle. There are no clear guidelines as to what luxury vehicles should be. It is obvious when you see it. It is, like all beauty and it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Amazing Advice on Where to Draw the Line in Luxury Car Shipping

Move Car Auto Transport would love to share four tips. These include examples of how luxury models and makes should be shipped: open carrier, enclosed carrier, possibly enclosed trailer, and finally enclosed transport. They are at the bottom end of the luxury car market.

Kelley Blue Book (KBB), luxury car owners who have less than $50,000 in vehicle value should ship their cars in an open-air carrier. It is about 40%-60% cheaper than enclosed high-end auto transport. Statistics show that open carrier shipping is very safe. The vehicle will arrive in a dirty condition, but it will be in the same physical state as when it left. We rarely see vehicles with a KBB of less than $50,000 shipped enclosed trailer. You should spend less on luxury auto transport.

Goodcarbadcar lists the top 20 luxury cars in America. There are also a few other popular models that are very expensive. Move Car Auto Transport, one of America's top luxury car transport companies, offers advice on which vehicle to ship.

Tip #1 Luxury Cars with a KBB Value less than $50,000 Should be Shipped, Open Carrier

This list shows that there are many popular SUVs and luxury cars under $50,000. It should not be a problem shipping open transport. We would call some of these vehicles very nice, but we will not argue that they are luxury cars. You should ship open, regardless.

Lexus NX starting at $36,485 MSRP

Acura RDX starting at $37,400 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter starting at $37,790 MSRP

Lexus ES starting at $39,600 MSRP

Volvo XC60 at $39,800 MSRP

BMW Series 3 starting at $40,250 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz GLC Class starting at $40,700 MSRP

BMW X3 starting at $41,000 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz C Class starting at $41,400 MSRP

Cadillac XT5 starting at $41,695 MSRP

Tesla Model 3 at $42,900 MSRP

Audi Q5 at $42,950 MSRP

Lexus RX starting at $43,670 MSRP

Infiniti QX60 starting at $44,000 MSRP

Acura MDX starting at $44,300 MSRP

Tip #2 Luxury Cars with KBB Value $50,000- $74,000. Quite Possible Ship Enclosed Carrier

Auto-shipping customers should weigh the pros and cons of using enclosed transport services over open carriers. The range is between $50,000 and $74,000. While we recommend shipping enclosed to ensure safety, there are still some people who prefer open-air shipping. You should consider shipping enclosed carriers if you are closer to $75,000

Open transport drivers are reluctant to commit to vehicles under $75,000 due to liability concerns. Because the shipping cost for a car is almost the same, the carrier will most likely pick up a Honda Accord and Toyota Camry rather than an Audi A6 and BMW Series 5. The Camry and Accord are less likely to be damaged and ship quicker. This level also allows enclosed transport to be shipped.

Infiniti Q70 starting at $50,300 MSRP

Acura MDX starting at $52,100 MSRP

Lexus GX starting at $52,355 MSRP

BMW Series 5 starting at $53,400 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz E Class starting at $53,500 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz GLE Class starting at $53,700 MSRP

Acura RLX starting at $54,900 MSRP

Audi A6 at $58,900 MSRP

BMW X5 starting at $60,000 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz CLS Class starting at $69,200 MSRP

Lincoln Navigator at $73,205 MSRP

Tip #3 Luxury Cars with KBB Value $75,000- $99,000 Most Likely Ship Enclosed Trailer

Seriously, people, if your vehicle is valued between $75,000 and $99,000, why not spend 50% more to protect your investment. You shouldn't go cheap on something as precious. Aside from the obvious reasons mentioned in tip number 2, an open carrier driver is unlikely to want to travel near such a costly vehicle. It is better to have enclosed luxury car transport.

Cadillac Escalade starting at $75,195 MSRP

Lexus LS starting at $75,300 MSRP

Tesla Model S at $76,000 MSRP

Tesla Model X at $82,000 MSRP

Audi A8 at $83,800 MSRP

BMW 7 Series starting at $84,645 MSRP

Lexus LC starting at $92,300 MSRP

Tip #4 Luxury Cars with a KBB Value of More Than $100,000 Most Definitely Ship Enclosed Transport

Luxury vehicles worth $100,000 must be shipped enclosed. These vehicles should only be handled by highly trained luxury car transporters. It is not possible to transport the vehicle openly. They wouldn't even consider it.

Maseratti Quattroporte GTS at $137,980 MSRP

BMW Alpina 7 at $139,350 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz AMG SL 63 starting at $154,450 MSRP

Acura NSX starting at $157.500 MSRP

Maseratti GranTurismo at $162,880 MSRP

BMW i8 starting at $164,295 MSRP

Jaguar XE SV at $187,500 MSRP

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 650 at $199,900 MSRP

Bentley Mulsanne at $361,500 MSRP