Posted on 02/11/22

Everything You Need To Know About Car Shipping Dates

Everything You Need To Know About Car Shipping Dates

Dates are approximate

You will receive dates for pickup and delivery when you ship your car. These dates are estimates and are dependent on several factors. These factors may have unpredicted changes that can affect the length of car shipping transit.
Traffic and weather conditions at the time your shipment is scheduled cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. It will be difficult to predict weather conditions if you schedule your shipment more than a month in advance.

Most shipments are delivered within one day of their estimated delivery date. These deliveries generally have a three-day delivery period. It is possible that it could take longer than one day depending on factors beyond the control of your carrier. It is important to plan to be available during your delivery window or to have someone nearby that can.

It is important to understand how seriously we take your shipment, and how hard our drivers work to deliver your car on time. It makes perfect sense that we would love to deliver your car on the delivery date that you originally requested. Happy customers are repeat customers. We want you to be that way. Making sure your vehicle arrives on time is the best way.

Make a plan.

It is important to plan your car shipment well in advance. The less notice a customer gives about their shipment, the more difficult it is to ship a car in the estimated timeframe. Although it can be done, the chances of it not happening will increase.

By scheduling your shipment well in advance, you will have a better chance of receiving the shipping dates you desire. It is advisable to schedule your shipment at least one month in advance.

It is also important to determine who will be present when the car is picked-up and who will be present when it is delivered. Any person over the age of eighteen who has a valid driver’s license can pick up and/or deliver your car. Although you can do both, it is possible to arrange for delivery or pickup at your destination. This can sometimes prove difficult due to how far away it can be from the pickup point. You should make sure that the person you choose is trustworthy and knows what they are doing. This guide can be consulted if they have any questions about auto transport.

You should also plan on being without your vehicle from time to time, depending on how far it is being shipped. You can either use ride-share services like Uber or public transport during this time, depending on your personal situation, or rent a car. If you only need the car for a few days, then ride-share or public transport is a good option. You might consider renting a car if it takes more than a week to ship your car.

Here are some estimates for car shipping times. These can change depending on many factors, including traffic conditions, season, availability of carriers, and other road conditions.

  • Cross-country shipments can take up to 12 days.
  • It takes approximately ten days to ship long distances between 1,300 and 2,500 miles.
  • Medium distance deliveries between 600 and 1,300 miles generally take seven days.
  • Moving short distances between 100-600 miles can take three days.

What time should I ship my car to?

Your car can be shipped at any time of the year. There are times when the car shipping industry is busier. It will therefore take longer and cost more to ship your vehicle during these times.

The fall is the best season to ship cars. Summer is the busiest season. Many people ship their cars to long vacation destinations. Spring is also less popular than summer. Winter can be unpredictable as many retirees choose to travel south during winter and ship their cars there. You won't have any problems booking your shipment at the time you want, as long as you give enough notice.

It is likely that you will get your vehicle cheaper if you ship it in the fall when there are fewer people around. You might also find it takes less time to ship your vehicle, but there are still uncertainties about shipping times.