Posted on 02/02/22

Toll Roads And Auto Transport Services

Toll Roads And Auto Transport Services

Most people don't know much about toll roads or auto transport services. They may not even be aware of how they can impact prices. It's fine, it's not your job.

Toll roads are an important part of the infrastructure in certain areas and maybe even your own. There are toll roads in major areas like Long Island, New Jersey, and San Francisco.

It is important to understand whether toll roads or auto transport services will affect your route. Tolls will always add cost to your shipment, especially if you have to travel on multiple toll roads.

What you can expect from toll roads and auto transportation

Car carriers will try to find the cheapest route when shipping cars. This is for both their and your benefit. Carriers who have to pay tolls on the routes they operate end up spending more. This can hurt their bottom line and impact your price.

Florida is the state with the highest number of toll roads. This is a problem for some because it is one of the most popular places to ship a vehicle. I-75's "Alligator Alley" section is known for its high tolls. Alligator Alley runs from Tampa to the Miami area.

Many carriers will avoid Alligator Alley when possible. They often stay in Tampa or Miami, and do not run between them. This will reduce your costs.

New York State, in particular the New York State Thruway, is another area with toll roads. The Thruway is a network of tolled highways that run through Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo. It also runs into Pennsylvania. This corridor is very important for auto shipping, especially in the summer.

It is possible to add hundreds of dollars to your shipment by paying tolls in New York and Miami, depending on how far you are traveling. The more time a carrier spends on a toll road, and the more tolls they must pay, the more expensive it will be. This is particularly true in New York State.

Are there any tolls if I switch routes?

Many carriers will try to find routes without tolls. Toll roads and auto transportation are best when there are fewer toll roads.

Some cannot be avoided, however, especially in New York and Florida. Texas is another important one. Tolls are imposed on sections of nearly every major Texas interstate, especially in the Fort Worth area. The toll road restrictions can also limit the ability of a carrier to efficiently transport cars.

What can you do? Talk to an agent to discuss possible routes. Although agents can only control so much, they can help you discuss how toll roads could affect your price. You may be able to move your pickup or delivery location if you feel that toll roads are driving up your auto shipping cost too much. Your shipment's cost will drop if the carrier does not have to travel on toll roads.

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