Posted on 12/15/21

Domestic Car Shipping For Military Families

Domestic Car Shipping For Military Families

You may receive permanent change-of-station (PCS) orders, regardless of whether you are in the Army or Air Force. You and your family should plan how to get your privately owned vehicle (POV), to your new station when that happens.

If you're currently stationed in the United States and are being transferred to another base, the military will not pay for transport of your POV. With a few exceptions, overseas shipping of POVs may be covered. However, Uncle Sam does not pay for domestic transport.

There are a few options. You can drive your POV from your current home. Your vehicle can be towable behind a moving truck. You can also hire the services of a quality vehicle transport company.

Travel Allowances

According to Military One Source, a website maintained by the Department of Defense, there are certain travel and relocation allowances to assist with moving. These can include per diem reimbursements for lodging and meals on your way to your new station. The government will also pay for household goods transportation to your new residence. The government will pay a certain amount to relocate your goods based on your family status and rank.

The article "Will the Military Move My ...?" explains the steps involved in moving a military family. Amy Bushatz, the author of this article, says that the type of company you hire to move your family depends on the contents of the boxes. The website provides detailed information on what items can and cannot be shipped via the movers hired by the military. For safety and sanitation reasons, certain items, such as food and batteries, are usually not allowed to be shipped.

You can also get 95% reimbursement from the Military Constructive Cost (GCC) if you move personal property yourself. Some prefer to do it yourself.

Driving Vacation

It's understandable that you don't want to load your moving truck and move your POV across the country. We have two options. Either you drive your POV to your new residence or your contract with quality auto shipping.

Driving cross-country with your family can be a lot of fun if you have the right conditions. Turn your long-distance drive into a mini vacation. It can be educational, too. It's a rare opportunity to see tourist attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Elvis' Graceland.

Sometimes, however, the right circumstances don't allow for mini-vacations. It's possible that you are in a hurry to reach your new base. You may feel rushed to get there, especially if it is winter. Maybe you don't like the idea of being stuck in a car for long periods.

Ship your vehicle

You have the option to use Move Car Auto Transport, regardless of your reasons for not driving your vehicle across the country.

Move Car Auto Transport has been providing vehicle transportation services for more than 30 years. This company has a lot of experience in moving military POVs. They offer discounts for military families and veterans.

You must meet certain criteria in order to ship your vehicle.

  • The vehicle must be owned or leased by a member of the military, or a dependent.
  • You must give written consent to transport the vehicle if it is leased.
  • Except for a motorcycle, it must have at least four wheels.
  • You must have the vehicle legal to be operated on public roads.

Move Car Auto Transport offers many options to move your vehicle:

  • Open Air
  • Transport enclosed
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Door to Door
  • Exotic Luxury and High End
  • Electric Vehicle Shipping

Types of Transport

Open-air shipping is the most cost-effective way to ship your car. This option allows you to load your car on an open-air trailer along with other vehicles.

Enclosed car transportation means that your car is loaded onto an enclosed vehicle, which offers protection against the elements and road debris.

You can drop off your vehicle at the transportation hub at your destination and pick it up at the terminal at your final destination.

The most convenient option for shipping is door to door. This option is the most convenient because your vehicle will be delivered to your home at the end of the move.

Exotic, luxury, and high-end shipping follow many of the same principles that enclosed transportation. However, there are a few extra bells and whistles like air ride suspension to prevent chucking, and a hydraulic lift gate for loading and unloading.

The large rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers electric vehicles often makes them heavier than conventional gasoline-powered cars when it comes to shipping them. To prevent any movement or short circuits that could lead to an explosion, the battery must be securely fastened before being transported.

Some shipping companies charge more for electric vehicles than they do for gas vehicles. However, Move Car Auto Transport offers the lowest shipping costs for military families regardless of what type of vehicle is being shipped.

Military life is a noble one. Your service is what keeps America strong and safe. Move Car Auto Transport will transport your POV safely and quickly to your new location.