Posted on 01/05/22

Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transport

Amazing Advice on Exotic Car Transport

Exotic car transport may not be for everyone. It is impossible. Take a look at the MSRP for most exotic cars. Exorbitant. The top 1% are not to be ignored. The top.1% are those who can afford luxury cars. This is a world most people can only imagine.

The funny thing about this is that they are often far away from their exotic cars and people. It is rare to see one on the roads. It is quite cool to see one. You can't take your eyes off of a cool exotic vehicle. It is alluring.

Just like us, the rich wear their pants one leg at a while. They face the same problem when it comes to auto transport. Which company can you trust to transport an exotic car?

You might be reading this because your exotic car is being transported. First, you should know that 99% of car carriers won't want to go near your expensive and beautiful vehicle. Why? Because of the high liability that car shippers face. Many auto transport companies carry policies that cover physical damage up to $100,000 and $250,000, but not enough coverage to cover exotic cars. Only a few carriers have policies that are half-million dollars or more.

Tips for exotic auto transport

Tip 1: Make sure that your automobile insurance policy covers your vehicle. Don't risk something that is so important. You should consider your policy umbrella coverage in the event that the carrier's insurance is not sufficient or makes it difficult.

Tip #2: Before you go out to pick up your exotic vehicle, ask any exotic car hauler for their insurance certificate. Do not look for liability coverage. Instead, check out the coverage for physical damage cargo. Keep looking if it isn't enough to cover your vehicle's value. Move Car Auto Transport will provide our customers with the insurance certificate for any exotic car carrier upon request.

Tip 3: Exotic car transport costs will be higher than any other vehicle. Your super-stylish car will not be touched by many vehicle shippers. This is a niche segment of the car shipping business. You could argue that if you have an exotic car, you pay more.

Tip 4: Send your exotic car enclosed transport. Exotic cars typically have a ground clearance of fewer than 4 inches and must be transported in an enclosed trailer. An Open-air carrier will not allow a vehicle to sink and cause damage. The open carrier will not touch your vehicle if they have any sense. This job is best left to a lift-gate, and an enclosed car transporter is required. Enclosed transporters are more expensive by nature. Even more, are those who are willing and able to take on a costly exotic car. You get what you pay for.

Famous Exotic Cars

What are some of the most famous exotic cars on the road? What cars might you spot cruising down New York's Fifth Avenue or Chicago's Magnificent Mile? Autobytel lists the most famous and fast exotic cars that can be legally operated on American roads. The Dodge Viper is the hottest, but it's still quite expensive! To the $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron.

2017 Dodge Viper -- $88,895

2016 BMW I8 -- $140,000.

2017 Audi R8 V10 PLUS -- $191,150

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R - approximately $200,000

2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed -- $240,300

2016 McLaren650S -- $273,000.

2017 Lamborghini Centenario -- $1.9 million

2017 Bugatti Chromer -- $2.5 Million

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It is foolish to save hundreds of dollars on shipping an exotic vehicle. Many brokers and carriers lack the experience to handle expensive vehicles. Before you trust anyone with your exotic car, do your research. Good luck and follow our tips!