Posted on 04/27/22

Do I Drive My Car Or Use Auto Transport When I Move

Do I Drive My Car Or Use Auto Transport When I Move

When moving, one of the most difficult decisions is how to transport the vehicles. Auto transport is now available to people who want to avoid the stress and hassle of driving long distances, and instead let professionals handle the job.

Driving your own car is the best option for short-distance moves. However, if you are moving long distances like California to Texas, or Illinois and Florida, auto transport can be a cost-effective option.

You must consider non-financial considerations when deciding whether to drive your car or use car shipping services. All factors must be considered when making the right decision.

Driving your car is expensive

You don't need to drive a traditional car. Your first instinct will be to drive your car no matter how far you drive. For short-distance moves, this is often the best option. Driving yourself is a good option if you are able to make the trip in one day.

California, Florida, and Texas are large enough that the trip may take longer than one day. Moving across the country over a long distance can be costly. These are the issues to consider before you make the decision between driving your car or auto transport.


For longer trips, gas prices are always higher. These days, the cost of gas is much higher than ever. Cross-country trips can cost anywhere from $200 to $300 depending on how far you drive and the range of your vehicle. For example, a 1,000-mile trip from New York City to Florida would cost $215. The average SUV gets about 20 MPG and the average price is $4.30 per gallon.


As of late 2021, the average price of a night in a hotel in America was $100. You'll pay more for something better than the average. Hotel rooms that are cheaper can have their own problems. You will need to spend two to three nights at a hotel if you plan on driving 300 miles per hour for a long-distance trip.


Because everyone has different options, food costs can be difficult to predict. Travelers know that it is more expensive to eat out on the road. You can expect to pay $30 per person per day for food.

Auto Transport: The Advantages

Are the costs of driving your car more expensive than shipping? It depends on how far you need to travel, how big the car is and what type of transport (enclosed or open). The time of the year that you need to ship the car is another important consideration. There are many benefits to auto transport beyond the cost.

Wear and Tear

Auto transport can be used to save hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles on a vehicle. This prolongs the time required for the next mileage-based maintenance visit. This is particularly important for older vehicles.


Although most people can drive long distances safely, there is a greater chance of being in a collision or being hurt. Long trips can be made more dangerous by factors such as the terrain and the number of urban areas you will encounter along your route.

Time and convenience

Long drives are a great way for people to spend their time. If you have the time, the roads are clear and the weather is good, road trips can be a great way to pass the time. They can be a hassle if you drive long distances in flatlands, dense forests, and without any sightseeing, or if you are driving through congested urban areas.

Snowbirds, or reverse-snowbirds, are another group that turns to auto transportation. They travel long distances up to twice per year. Many people choose auto transport because they are tired of driving the same long distances every year and want to reduce the mileage.

After careful consideration of all factors associated with your move, the best decision is made. This is a topic worth considering as auto transport has become more common and allows people to avoid long-distance driving.