Posted on 01/18/22

Florida Ultimate Guide To Moving

Florida Ultimate Guide To Moving

The Sunshine State, Florida may seem like a great idea. It has a lot to offer, including its beautiful weather and friendly people, Southern charm, growing economy, and amazing weather. Although tens to thousands move to the state each month, nearly as many people choose to leave.

Fact is, every state has its pros and cons. Some people might find Florida doesn't suit their needs. It all depends on you.

You need to do your research before you move to Florida, or anywhere else. What cost might there be? This blog will help you make a decision about moving to the Sunshine State.

Why Florida is a Great Idea

Most people think that Florida is filled with snowbirds and retirees. However, there are a lot of young people living in Florida. There are many wonderful perks to moving to Florida.

First, Floridians won't be required to pay state income taxes. Housing costs are also significantly lower than those in other parts of America. There are many outdoor activities available, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Also, you'll receive discounts at some of the top attractions in the state. Enjoy the year-round warm weather and make new friends with Florida's friendly residents.

What are the Cons of Moving To Florida?

Each state has its negatives, and Florida is no exception. Some people find the heat, humidity, or unpredictable hurricane season to be a problem.

Florida, as a state is flat and has no mountains, valleys, or forests. You will also find large insects, snakes, and other creatures in Florida. It is home to a higher percentage of tourists than in other states and has high insurance costs.

Florida's Best Places to Live and the Housing Market

People move to Florida to live at a slower pace. Florida is a popular choice for retirees. However, there are many families who enjoy the benefits of living in this state.

These are some tips to help find the best property deal for you before you move.

  • You should wait to buy a family home or condo until the fall or spring offseason.
  • You should make sure that you can live on the property for at least a few years before you buy. If you decide Florida isn't for you, this will ensure that you don't get stuck with a house worth less than you paid.
  • Renting is a good option. Do your research on Florida tenant rights to avoid bad landlord behavior.

The best places to live in Florida are subjective. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you are looking for. Florida offers many great options for neighborhoods.

Some of the best places to consider are:

  • Pensacola -- This is a military-friendly community close to the Gulf Coast. It also has beautiful beaches.
  • Jacksonville - The most populated city of Florida, Jacksonville offers culture, hustle, and bustle.
  • Tallahassee - It's not as close to the beach but has a college feel and is best suited for a younger generation.
  • Orlando - Central Florida's hot spot for career development and opportunities in Orlando.
  • Clearwater -- This is a popular town in Florida for those who want a slower pace of life and retirees.
  • St. Petersburg -- This is a diverse city in the Tampa Bay region, perfect for singles and families.
  • Tampa - Enjoy an incredible local sports scene, festivals, and restaurants, as well as beach life
  • Fort Myers Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Fort Myers is a close-knit community for ex-pats and provides a great location to explore the rest of the state.
  • Sarasota - This is a smaller community that has a higher living cost, but it offers access to the best beaches in the region.
  • Fort Lauderdale - This is the ideal city for families, and has a vibrant job market.
  • Key West is a place rich in history, tradition, and an unmatched character. It's also one of the few places in the United States that have never experienced a freeze or a frost.

You will need to consider your individual needs when choosing the type of home that you want and whether you are looking to rent or purchase. Despite the fact that the Florida housing market is subject to fluctuations due to the increasing number of people moving into and out of Florida, it is still very favorable.

What is the cost of living in Florida?

The best thing about moving to Florida is that you don’t have to pay income taxes. Florida is the 13th most desirable state in the U.S.

Florida is well-known for its financial stability, as well as a growing economy due to the tech boom. It's important to mention that Florida has 6% sales and a very high gas tax.

Although Florida's housing and rental costs are lower than other states, they can still be quite expensive in major cities like Miami. A one-bedroom rental can cost you on average $1,995 per month. This averages out to $1,147 per month in Tampa.

January is the best month to offer on a Florida home. The median home value in Jacksonville is $186,000. It's slightly higher in Tampa at $216,000. Central Florida and Orlando have an average of $219,000.

Florida's Job Market

It's a smart decision to search for and find the right job before you decide to move to Florida. There are many exciting jobs available in Florida, especially in the tech sector.

There are many opportunities in the local market for tech, tourism, international trade, healthcare, marketing, sales, and aerospace and aviation.

It's important to hire a Florida recruitment agent that is familiar with job placements in your field.

Do not settle for the first job you get. Relocating is hard enough without being unhappy. You don't want to be unhappy at work!

Floridian Schools and Universities

It's a good idea to research the schools in your area before you decide on a neighborhood where you will settle when moving to Florida. There can be a difference in education quality between public schools depending on where you live.

It is important to decide whether your children should attend public or private school. The zip code that you choose will determine whether your children attend public school or if your district uses a lottery to place them.

Keep in mind that Florida is home to a large Hispanic community. This could mean that your child might be able to participate in bilingual education. It is also a benefit for them.

The best public school districts are in Florida's St John's County and Hillsborough County.

The Sunshine State hosts some of the best universities in the country for tertiary education. These include the University of Florida and the University of Miami. Florida State University and Florida Institute of Technology are just a few.

Moving to Florida: Shipping your possessions

Renting a truck to transport your belongings to Florida is a cost-effective way to move. You can also hire a driver to transport your items. However, this is an additional cost. It's much cheaper to rent a truck and have it delivered to a Florida location.

These factors are usually the basis of the total price for a rental truck: mileage fee, fuel cost, damage, protection fee, and any other taxes.

How will you transport your vehicle(s) from one place to another if you hire a UHaul? This is a legitimate concern, but it is easy to solve. To transport your vehicle to Florida, you can hire an auto shipping agency.

Many auto shipping companies offer a doorstep-to-door service. The company representative will pick up your vehicle from your residence, transport it across the country and drop it off at a prearranged address or your home.

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