Posted on 01/18/22

Top Things To Know Before You Move To Texas

Top Things To Know Before You Move To Texas

Texas has welcomed 367.215 new residents from July 2018 to July 2019. These numbers include both new births and people who have moved from another state.

If you are thinking about moving to Texas, you are not the only one. Others have made this big move. This led to Texas becoming the state with the highest number of fastest-growing cities.

But what is it that makes the Lone Star State so attractive? What are your options?

This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions. So make sure you continue reading!    

Why move to Texas

Texas has everything, except the tax burden. It is the second-largest state in terms of land area, with Alaska being smaller. It has a population that is significantly larger than other states and smaller than California.

These aren't all the great things about Texas. We'll be discussing the top reasons to move to Texas.

Home to millions of small and large employers

Texas has a lot of job opportunities. Texas is home to more than 1.78 million small businesses. These small businesses employ more than 22% (or 391,600). These small businesses are always looking for new talent.

These SMBs include the 57 Fortune 500 companies with their headquarters in Texas. These large corporations can be found in nearly every niche imaginable. Many are in the oil and natural gas sector, while others work in aviation and communication.

These are just a few examples of the diverse and thriving economy in the Lone Star State. It's possible to find work in your chosen field of expertise with the help of so many successful industries.

Texas has its Silicon Hills

Although it may not be as impressive as San Francisco's Silicon Valley Austin is still making waves within the tech sector. Apple recently spent $1 billion on its Austin expansion.

Google also launched its project to create new offices in Austin. The search engine giant's Data Center in Midlothian TX is another added bonus. Not to mention Tesla’s recent Austin expansion.

Before Apple and Google, tech giants had HQs or offices here in Austin. You can find HP, Cisco, IBM as well as eBay, Facebook, Intel, etc.

More than just hills

Texas welcomes more than 70 million visitors from outside the state each year. It boasts beautiful geography, rich heritage, and spectacular architecture. We can't forget about the delicious barbecue (and other culinary delights) the state has to provide.

Texas also has the Big Bend as well as the Guadalupe Mountains which are two of the largest national parks in the US. These 14 areas are also protected by the National Park Service.

There are many top-ranking educational institutions

The US News and World Report review 24,000 public high schools in the United States. 1,485 was one of the top-rated schools in Texas and received passing grades.

These educational institutions had graduation rates of between 90% and 100%. Many of these graduates also had college readiness scores of over 90%.

These are all signs that the Lone Star State is a great place to start a family.

Low tax burden

Texas is one of the seven states that doesn't impose income tax on its residents. These taxes have been explicitly prohibited by the Lone Star State. This is just one reason why people and businesses choose to settle in the state.

This is why Texas remains among the five top states with the lowest taxes.

Lower Cost of Living

Texas's cost of living is many points lower than the national average. Except for transportation, everything is less expensive than the entire country. For instance, the median home price for Texas is $195,000 while it is $231,000.

Top Places to Live in Texas

Austin is one of the most desirable places to live in Texas. There are many other options, such as Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Here is a quick overview of the best places to settle in Texas.


Austin is the hub of most Texas activities, whether they are work-related or not. This is the capital of the Lone Star State, and it offers the most job opportunities and action.

The average income is $70,000. Although it has a higher standard of living than the US and a wider range of salaries, the difference is often more significant.

Austin, which has more than 250 parks, is an excellent choice for families who love the outdoors.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth has many amenities but also offers a suburban lifestyle. It also preserves the cowboy lifestyle. It has lower housing costs than Austin and a lower average income.


Houston lies in the heart of Texas oil, gas, manufacturing, and health care sectors. Despite this, the median home sale price in Houston is still much lower than in other metropolitan areas. It is also more affordable than the average US home.

San Antonio

San Antonio has managed to preserve both its Spanish and Old West heritage. It has done a great job of incorporating modern life. It can offer a great option for those who want to live an active lifestyle or prefer a more peaceful one.

How to Move To Texas

A professional mover is often recommended for Texas moves, such as moving from Texas to Florida, or any other state. If you intend to move all of your belongings, this is particularly true. A DIY move can be cheaper, but it could also pose a security and safety risk.

Now is the time to decide what you want to bring to Texas. These items include equipment, furnishing, appliances, and personal possessions.

Remember to also consider your preferred method for auto transport.

How to Choose a Moving Company

The US's moving services sector is worth $14.2 billion. This should give you an idea of the number of professional movers available. But, not all moving firms are allowed to operate outside of their state.

Interstate licensure is a key thing to look out for in movers. The moving company that you choose should have all permits necessary to enter your state as well as Texas.

Also, make sure to verify the validity of the license, insurance, and bond. You can be sure that your belongings will be safe and sound throughout the entire journey. The mover's insurance should protect you in the event of damage to your belongings.

How to transport your vehicle(s) to Texas

There are three options for car transportation: you can drive it, transport it to a carrier, or ship it.

It may be possible to drive your vehicle if you have only one vehicle and live in a nearby city to TX. If your drive is less than two hours, you should consider this route.

Driving for more than two hours straight can increase your chance of being in a crash. Crash risk of 1.8x higher for those who drive more than 8 hours per day is the result.

Transporting an automobile on a carrier vehicle can be even more dangerous. You must first rent the correct carrier equipment. It is also your responsibility to attach your vehicle to the car transport trailer.

Incorrect setups can cause damage to your car, your trailer, and any other vehicle you are hauling. If the trailer moves while you are driving, others could also be hurt.

Shipping your car is the fastest, most efficient, and easiest car transportation method. There are no driving responsibilities when you ship your car All you have to do is tell the auto shipping company when you would like them to pick up and drop off your vehicle.

Moving to Texas is made easier by professionals

You can see that there are many reasons to move to Texas. There are many potential employers there, as well as good schools. The cost of living in Texas is also lower than the US average. It can get very hot in Texas so be prepared for it.

Do you want to know more about shipping your vehicle from Texas? Our team Move Car will be happy to assist you. Contact us today to get your free car shipping quote.