Posted on 02/03/22

Day To Day Worries For A Car Transport Driver

Day To Day Worries For A Car Transport Driver

You may not think about your car transport driver when you ship a vehicle. It's OK, kind of. It's part of being a customer or a consumer. You just expect them to do their job. Although some people may feel more compassion for them than others, shipping cars is an extremely difficult job.

Today we are going to break with tradition and concentrate on the concerns of a car transport driver. We might be able to shed some light on their freight choices, how they work, and what they charge.

Car transport drivers are often worried about.

" It wears upon you.

David Green, a veteran driver and trainer at Werner Logistics, says the same thing. Danny Smith of Big G Express says that you're worrying. He has a mortgage payment and an insurance payment. And he's not making any money.

They refer to "detention", the time a carrier spends waiting. Although they don't actually transport cars, these two share the same basic concerns as a car transport driver. Because carriers make money hauling freight, detention is a serious concern.

It goes beyond that. Truckers are also less respected, especially fleet drivers. Although the auto transport industry is more dependent on fleets than it is independent, they are still there.

Failing to respect your fleet can lead to lower retention rates and fewer hires. Drivers who aren't respected by their employers can be forced to work longer hours. Worse working conditions can be caused by the fact that drivers are required to work for a president or manager who has rarely sat in long-haul trucks.

It's not all that important. Regulators play an important role in the dissatisfaction of owner-operators, like many drivers who transport vehicles. Many drivers point out that regulations make it difficult for them to work and make a living. This is in fact the biggest concern of a car transportation driver.

Some people worry because they are unable to spend time with their family and friends. Others cite a lack of money.

What can customers do to help car transport drivers

As a customer, you have no control over your driver's travel arrangements or compliance with regulations. That's fine. You can't solve all of the problems the industry faces by yourself.

You can make it easier for your carrier.

First, be kind to them whenever you can. When they ask, do your best to help and be available to them when they need it. If you are paying COD, have your payment ready for delivery. If your pick-up or delivery address is not accessible, you can work with your car transportation driver to locate a suitable location for pickup or delivery.

Make yourself available during your pickup window. Do not place restrictions on your carrier, especially regarding pickup and delivery times. These are difficult enough to manage and can cause serious disruptions to a carrier's schedule. It is important to be aware of the daily challenges drivers face. It wears you out.

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