Posted on 12/30/21

Is It Safe To Ship A Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Is It Safe To Ship A Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic

This question has been asked a lot lately so we decided to answer it. It's possible to transport a car in the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to be prepared and cautious during such a difficult time. Continue reading to find out how to protect yourself, your vehicle, and your shipper. Also, discover why this might be the best time to ship a car.

Auto Transport and Coronavirus

The CDC recommends that people remain at home as much and as far as possible avoid contact with others. They also suggest that people keep at least six feet from other people. It's best to avoid auto transport with these precautions in mind. It's not necessary, especially if you have to drive.

You will make many stops on the road when you drive your vehicle, especially long distances. These stops can be for fuel, food, lodging, sightseeing, and other necessities. These stops are part of any road trip, but they can also be a risk to others or to Coronavirus. You shouldn't be driving long distances at a time where you feel safest.

Car transport between the lower 48 states is a smart choice. In most cases, a vehicle transporter can transport more than one dozen vehicles simultaneously. This is a group of people who aren't out on the streets, waiting at cash registers or sharing bathrooms. It's safe to say that shipping your vehicle in the Coronavirus pandemic is safer for you and everyone else.

Why ship a vehicle during a pandemic?

You might wonder why you would ship an auto during a pandemic, even if it doesn't pose a significant risk. Good question. It turns out that the Coronavirus effects actually increase the demand for auto transport services. Here are some examples:

  • Take a car home from college Many students were forced to rush home when college campuses shut down. Now that graduations have ended, many students will need to find a vehicle somewhere else. It may be worth shipping it, considering the risk involved in long driving.
  • You can take up residence in another area - The Coronavirus is more severe in some areas than in others. If you are able to, it might make sense to move to a cabin or vacation house. It is also a good idea to own a vehicle if you plan to stay for a long time.
  • Help your family and friends There are many people in need right now. Shipping a vehicle to a friend or relative to who you are giving it to will save you time and drive. It's possible to do a good deed for someone who truly needs it, without causing you any inconvenience.

Transporting a vehicle safely

You should be careful when shipping a vehicle. Before shipping your vehicle, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean it. To kill any potential dangers, you can wipe down the interior with disinfectant. To get your vehicle on the trailer, the vehicle transporter will need access to the vehicle briefly. Make sure you clean the interior thoroughly and keep it safe.

When you meet up with the vehicle hauler, it is important to take the same precautions. You should use the same protocol as to when you are out in public. Ideally, you will wear gloves and masks. Keep at least six feet from each other. Instead of handing out paperwork or keys, place them on the car's hood and walk away. After the interaction, wash your hands.

Common Myths about Auto Shipping during Coronavirus

We mentioned that we have been receiving a lot more questions later. Some people also mentioned myths that were both understandable and incorrect about the pandemic. There is no evidence to suggest that international auto shipments are more dangerous than domestic ones. While vehicles shipped overseas should be cleaned with disinfectant, they shouldn't be considered more dangerous than vehicles that are only domestically driven. Vehicles made by foreign automakers and vehicles that heavily rely on foreign parts should be treated the same. All vehicles must be treated equally during the pandemic.

Move Car Auto Transport – Your Partner during the Pandemic

Car transport can be stressful enough. To make the process simple and secure, you can use this online vehicle shipping calculator to find out the costs of haulers who will take your vehicle anywhere in the country. Take some time to read more about us. Please visit our blog for more information about safe auto transport.