Posted on 12/14/21

International Classic Car Transport

International Classic Car Transport

You may be a car enthusiast or a collector of classic cars and need to ship them internationally. Let's look at the best international classic vehicle transport options and some of the reasons classic cars might need to be shipped overseas.

What are the Options for International Car Transport?

RoRo (Roll on, Roll Off) shipping is the primary method of ocean-going cargo for international classic car transportation. Containerized shipping on a container vessel is another option. International classic car transport can also be done by air. However, it is extremely expensive and very fast.


  • RoRo shipping- RoRo, which stands for Roll-On, Roll Off, is a special cargo shipping option for wheeled vehicles. RoRo cargo vessels feature a huge internal cargo compartment. It's similar to a garage with ramps and ample storage for tracked and wheeled vehicles. Cars and other vehicles can be driven onto the ship and unloaded at the destination by driving them off the vessel.

    RoRo shipping is a great option for classic car transport. However, it exposes the car to other cars and the car could be more vulnerable to vandalism since it will be visible from the cargo ship.
  • Container shipping- For extremely valuable classic cars, containers shipping is often preferred. Many classic cars fit into a standard 20' or 40" cargo container. These can then be loaded onto a container ship like any other cargo. This shields your car from the elements and gives it extra protection. For added convenience, you can also ship parts and accessories into the container along with your car.
  • Air shipping - Shipping by air is very expensive. It can cost up to $10,000 for a single-way trip. It is safe and very fast. In most cases, cars shipped by air can arrive in as little as one day. Airfreight is the best option for urgent shipments. However, this service will cost you quite a bit.
  • Why are Classic Cars Shipped Internationally?

    You may be wondering why a classic car needs to be shipped overseas. There are several reasons why a classic car would need to be shipped internationally.

  • Auto shows and expos Sometimes, an owner or manufacturer of a car may want to display a particular model at an auto show. It may be necessary for the car to be shipped internationally via ocean-going freight, or air freight.
  • Personal use A person moving to another country might want to take their old vehicle with them. However, it will need to comply with emission and quality standards and may have to pay taxes.

    Rarely, an individual may import a vehicle for personal or temporary use. This is dependent on the laws and regulations of the destination country.
  • Classic car sales - There are some classic cars that are extremely valuable and are sought after by many people. Collectors of classic cars often buy vehicles from foreign sellers and arrange international classic car transport services so that the vehicle can be returned to their country.
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