Posted on 04/22/22

Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Do you need to ship your car? Are you curious about what it will cost to ship your car? Check out our 2022 car shipping cost calculator!

This calculator will allow you to estimate the cost of shipping your vehicle based on its destination and shipping method. To get started, use our calculator.

How does the car shipping calculator function?

Let's say you are curious about how our car shipping calculator works. The calculator works by simply entering information about your car, as well as the route you plan to take it. This is how it works:

  • First, enter the make, year, and model of your vehicle. Next, choose whether your car will be shipped within the United States or abroad. Finally, you'll also select the type of service you need, such as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal.
  • After you've entered all the information, the car shipping calculator will give you an inexpensive auto transport estimate of the cost to ship your car. The estimated cost of shipping your car will be based on the distance you travel, the vehicle's weight, and the service you have chosen.
  • Remember that the estimate is only an estimate. The actual cost of shipping your car depends on many factors. These factors include the car's size and weight, the route taken, and any special shipping requests (such as expedited shipping).
  • We recommend getting quotes from several car shipping companies to get a better idea of the cost. This will help you get a better idea about what you can expect to pay.
  • Remember that shipping costs are only one aspect of the overall cost. When you're on a long-distance road trip, gas, food, and lodging will all need to be included. When planning your trip, make sure you include car shipping costs in your budget.

Factors that could affect your car shipping price

Shipping your car can be expensive depending on several factors. These are the most popular:

  1. The distance the car must travel before it can be shipped
  2. The car's size and weight
  3. Type of vehicle (e.g. SUV, sedan, etc.).
  4. The condition of the vehicle: whether it is running.
  5. If the car will be shipped to a commercial or residential address
  6. Any special requests or requirements (e.g. expedited shipping, white-glove             service, etc.)
  7. The shipping cost is usually based on these factors. It is important to get as much information as possible when you request a quote. You can get a more accurate estimate by providing more information.

How to prepare your car for transport

There are some things you should do before you start packing your vehicle for transportation.

  • You must first make sure your vehicle is clean. This includes both the interior and exterior. It's common for transport companies to refuse to transport vehicles that are dirty. Therefore, it is important to ensure your vehicle is clean before you start.
  • Next, make sure that you have removed all personal items from the vehicle. This includes clothes, electronics, as well as anything that might be damaged in transport.
  • You will also need to disable alarm systems and other electronic devices that might go off while you are transporting. They could pose serious risks to the transport company.

These tips will help you get your vehicle ready to go for transport.

What to expect during shipping

There are a few things you can expect when you ship your car. Your car will first be inspected for damage from transit. This inspection is vital to ensure your car arrives at its destination in the exact same condition it left.

The second step is to load your car onto a transport vehicle. The carrier will transport your car to its destination. Your car will be protected from any possible hazards and elements during this period.

Once your car has arrived at its destination, it can be unloaded and taken to you. The car can then be unloaded and brought to you.

Car shipping is safe and efficient. You can be confident that your car will reach its destination in good condition and on time.

What is the cost of shipping a car?

Shipping a car is expensive depending on its size, weight, and distance. Shipping a car within the United States costs $0.50 per mile. There is an additional fuel surcharge of $0.30 per gallon.

The Car Shipping Calculator estimates that shipping a 4-door vehicle costs $300-$1000 per 1,000km (this is excluding transportation in winter). The cost of moving the vehicle from New Jersey to California will be between $500 and $700.

Shipping a vehicle overseas can be more costly and cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. The cost of shipping a vehicle overseas will vary depending on whether it is shipped via container or rolled onto a ship. To ship a vehicle to another country, you may have to pay import/export taxes and fees.

For more information about car shipping costs, please contact your local auto shipping company.

Here are some tips to help you save on shipping your car

There are a few ways to cut down on car shipping costs. Consider shipping your car in the off-peak season. This time of year, rates are usually lower so you can save money on your total cost.

Consolidating your shipping shipments is another way to save money. If you are shipping multiple cars, you might be able to group them together for a discount. This is usually more cost-effective than shipping each vehicle individually.

Before you make your final decision, compare prices from different car shipping companies. You'll be sure to get the lowest possible shipping cost for your shipment.

Instant car shipping

Move Car offers a range of services, including pickup and delivery scheduling and cargo policy coverage. We provide hassle-free vehicle shipping. Get a quote today by contacting us.

Shipping terms

Move Car is one of the most respected and reputable car shipping companies in America. Move Car is based in California and offers nationwide service.

Car carrier

Large trucks are designed to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. Car carriers usually have two levels. Each level can hold up to four vehicles.

Transport enclosed:

This type of auto transport uses a covered trailer to protect vehicles from the elements during transit. Although enclosed transport is more costly than open transport, it is usually worth the extra expense for vehicles of high value.

Transport open:

Open transport is the most popular type of auto transport. It uses an open trailer to transport vehicles. Open transport is more affordable than enclosed transport so it's often the best choice for budget-conscious customers.

Door-to-door shipping:

This type of car shipping involves the vehicle being picked up and delivered at a particular address. Although it is usually more convenient than terminal to terminal shipping, door-to-door is generally more costly.

terminal-to-terminal shipping:

This type of car shipping involves dropping the vehicle off at a shipping terminal and then having it picked up at the destination terminal. Although it is usually less expensive than door-to-door shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping can be more convenient for customers.

Shipping insurance

Transport insurance that covers vehicle damage. Shipping insurance is usually included in the shipping costs, but some companies may offer it as an additional.

Before you agree to ship your vehicle, it is important to verify that you have insurance. You could be held responsible for damages that occur during transit.

Delivery window

When a car shipping company will deliver your car. Delivery times are usually given within days or weeks depending on the distance and the time of the year.

Move Car is one of the few companies that guarantee delivery dates. Move Car allows you to choose the delivery date of your vehicle or a window of two days.

Express Shipping

Express shipping is a type of car shipping that guarantees delivery within a certain timeframe, usually within 24 hours. Although it is more expensive than standard shipping, express shipping is great for urgent shipments.

Express shipping is not available from all car shipping companies. Make sure to ask for it when you get quotes. Move Car is one company that offers this service.

Standard shipping

Standard shipping is the most popular type of car shipping. Although it does not guarantee delivery, it usually delivers in seven to ten business days. Standard shipping costs less than express shipping but is not suitable for urgent shipments.

Third-party service:

This is a type of car shipping in which a company contracts with another company for the shipment of its vehicles. The cost of third-party service is usually lower than that of carrier service, but it is more reliable as the shipping company is not in control of the shipment.

Ask about the company's insurance coverage and experience if you are considering third-party services. To track your vehicle's shipment, you should also obtain the contact information of the third-party company.


This type of car shipping is used to transport inoperable vehicles. Winching is the process of loading the vehicle onto a trailer using a winch (a motorized cable that pulls heavy objects)

Although winching can be more costly than regular vehicle shipping, it may be necessary if your car cannot be driven onto the trailer. Winching is an option if your vehicle is not in use.

Move Car provides winching services at an additional cost. Our team includes professionals who are trained to load inoperable cars onto our trailers.


We hope you found this information helpful in answering some of your questions regarding car shipping. We are happy to answer any additional questions.